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Is Ariana Grande Still Alive

Is Ariana Grande still alive?

According to her twitter account she's in London at the moment.

Ariana Grande is currently a singer producing killer songs that top the charts everywhere.She started off performing as an actress for the musical "13" with her friend Elizabeth Gillies. Grande and Gillies both auditioned for the new Nickelodeon show Victorious in 2009. They were both chosen for the roles. Ariana Grande was picked for the role of Cat Valentine. After 4 years on Victorious the show ended because the lead "Victoria Justice" wanted to pursue her own music career. Ariana packed a punch though. She released her first album "Yours Truly" in late 2013. The Way and Right There topped charts in America everywhere. In 2014 Ariana returned to Nickelodeon to star in the Spin-Off Series of Victorious and iCarly, "Sam and Cat". She stayed there only for 1 year because of her rising music career. Just 1 year after releasing Yours Truly, Ariana Grande released her second album "My Everything". Soon she was topping charts and getting the cover of magazines and now has over 26 million Twitter followers. My Everything had 4 singles on the billboard HOT 100, Problem, Break Free, Love Me Harder, and One Last Time.

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What's Ariana Grande iq?

around the range of the average IQ for a 5-12 year old

Probably not because she's had relationships with guys (Nathan Sykes, Big Sean) and she's currently dating her stage dancer, Ricky.Even in her music videos she's seen romancing boys.However, she's definitely a supporter. Her brother, Frankie Grande is openly gay.

What makes Ariana so interesting to people is that she went from being on a Nickelodeon television series where she wasn't even the lead on the show to getting her own spin-off series and then launching her own music career. The Nickeloden show that launched her career was Victorious and the lead star of that show, Victoria Justice, was launching her music career at the same time and didn't even come close to the attention that Ariana received. Victoria's single "Gold" was a chart topper on Radio Disney while Ariana Grande's first single collaborating with Mac Miller, "The Way" not only topped the major charts (pretty much all of them) but also became a summer hit. From there she went on to release a hit debut album followed by a successful second album - both within a year of each other. She's been compared to a younger Mariah Carey, but she's also an extremely talented as a singer and even though she's covered "Emotions" there are still a lot of differences between the two. Most young television stars really struggle making the transition work between acting and singing sometimes or taking on new projects because they have so many young fans, but she's done it flawlessly and her previous character "Cat Valentine" is kind of a distant memory from the person she is now.

I don’t think there is anyone in the mainstream pop world with a better voice than Ariana Grande.If you watch her live videos, I’d bet you wouldn’t spot any mistake at all. She has enormous control, range, and subtlety in her voice, PLUS a way of singing that’s instantly recognizable.Let’s take this video as an example.Take a look at all the tricks she can effortlessly pull off on stage!Belting (distorted/non-distorted)Adding vibratoImprovising intricate vocal runs, WELL articulatedMixing head voice and chest voiceSeamlessly transitioning between falsetto and chest voiceUsing various degrees of power in her high notesShe can surely compete with most divas like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, maybe Mariah Carey etc. And Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift… I’m not saying those girls are bad singers, but Ariana puts them all in the shade with superior range, control and pitch. Just compare two live videos and you’ll see it.Also, take her age in consideration! I wonder how good she’ll be in 5 years, I have very high expectations…PS: I suspect they used a tiny bit of Pitch Correction in the video. But no worries, you can find tons of Autotune-less recordings of her on YouTube.

I don’t think anyone except her and the people that actually know really provide a good answer to your question.I do however think I can give some type of answer to you. You see, I used to be one of her biggest haters. I thought she was a selfish, self-absorbed, spoiled brat-diva-who wanted everyone to carry hear around and treat her like a princess. That’s what I thought for maybe 1 and a half year?But then, approximately 1 year ago, I heard one of her songs - Why Try. That song really hit me in the heart (If you haven’t listened to it - go do it. NOW.)After that, I started listen to a few more of her songs, and I learned that she has more songs than these bubblegum pop generic music. I was kinda ashamed at the beginning (now I am ashamed to write this, haha. I was so childish!) to admit that I started to like her, because I had made it wildly known that I “hated her”. Produly, I stated, that among my friends at that time, I was the only one who didn’t like the new pop-fenomen “Ariana Grande”. (This was i 2014, when she got her big break) But oh well, I started watching interviews with her, and Oh. My. God. She was such a sweetheart! Always nice, but always ready to go against the interviewer if she thinks him/her is being wrong. Blah blah blah Elin - we get it. Sorry! To the point:To me, she’s the sweetest person ever. She has a big heart, but she’s human, and makes mistakes. Only difference is that she has a whole world watching hers. I can’t tell what you should think about her, no one can. You’re entitled to your own opinion. I do, however, suggest that you keep in mind that the maker of the list - The Talko - “lives” of clicks. Clicks is views, and views is money. The bigger celebrity, and the more controversial topic, the more money they get. To me, the list is extremely biased, and most things is taken out of context.If you want to spend your time hating, or even disliking someone, make sure you have a good reason. Give her a chance - watch some interviews, listen to some of her less popular (eg: less generic) songs. Maybe you’ll change your mind (or you already have?), just like I did?P.S Some songs: Why Try, Be my Baby, Just a little bit of your heart, Sometimes, Thinking bout you, Quit.Edit:watch this.

In Brazil, at least according to the vast majority of the population, she would neither be considered white, nor black. Most people would probably agree that she looks morena or parda, that is, in literal translations to English “brunette” or “brown”, but the true meaning behind those terms is basically not white like stereotypical Europeans, not black like stereotypical Africans, and probably (in the context of Brazil’s demographic formation) a miscigenated/mixed-race woman who descends from inter-racial couples in previous generations.We don’t feel the urge to classify people in clear-cut, dry, categorically and strictly defined racial labels, so a huge number of people aren’t either seen as white or black, black or Native American, white or Asian, but as something-in-between/who-really-cares.That’s because we acknowledge that all those racial labels have a lot of internal diversity from one extreme to the other (so, there is no one defining look), they have very spongy boundaries between any two of them and are and, finally, have always been perfectly capable of mixing extensively among themselves, thus giving rise to people that don’t fit into any stereotypical pattern of features.So, instead of classifying people based on their “race”, here assumed as some kind of objective, definite and very ancient reality, a kind of primordial group, Brazilians in general acknowledge that any of those racial labels’ characteristics are pretty easily changed along the generations, and that one’s looks do not necessarily correspond to one’s main geographic, ethnic or genetic origins.Hence, they just decided to go for the easiest classification: they classify the skin color of people, not their “race”. Thus, morenas can be European-African mixed women, European-Amerindian mixed women, brown-skinned Arab women, Northern Indian or Pakistani women, tanned Sicilian women, etc.Since many Southern Europeans and Middle Easterners have a quite “flexible” skin color, with a very high ability to either lighten or darken according to their levels of exposure to sun radiation, the way they are seen can range from “white” to “light brown” (moreno claro, morena clara).If they need to know their exact origins, they’ll ask about their ancestry, but that does not necessarily define who you are, it’s just about who the majority of your ancestors were, period.