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Is Bench Pressing 260lbs Impressive For Weighing 170lbs

Is bench pressing 260lbs impressive for weighing 170lbs?

I'm 5'10 170lbs and my 1 rep max out is 260lbs, 265lbs on a good day. so is that impressive, decent or poor?

and how can I improve my bench press to 300lbs for a one rep max?

What are good lifting numbers at 14 years old?

At 14 and you already squatting 245, deadlifting 290 and bench pressing 155? My friend you don't need to worry about numbers, you are already ahead of the pack. The average man can't do what you are doing, never mind the average 14 year kid. First of all I want to say that at 14 you are doing amazing, I don't know about anyone else, but for me I am impressed.Your numbers for a 14 year old are great, granted you are a freak of nature. 6 feet 170 pounds at 14? I can't wait to see you when you are 20 years old! Holy crap! Little dude, or should I say big dude, Lol. Don't worry about your numbers right now, for your age they are phenomenal. The important thing to do is take it slow. Push yourself to your limits, but take it slow. If you trying pushing more than what your body can handle, you will just get hurt.Give it time and put in effort, be tenacious but do it smart. Your numbers have no other choice but to go up. Also don't give up form for strength. If at any time you notice that you can't perform the set with good form then, drop down and keep working on getting it right. My final suggestion is making sure you are feeding yourself right. If that's you on the video then you look like you can put down a few extra burgers and fries. Nutrition is very important, specially if you want to get stronger. Again I just want to say that you are doing an amazing job there and keep up the hard work my friend. At 14 you are well on your way.