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Is Brian Mulroney And Mike Harris The Same Person

What is the role of the Canadian Prime Minister?

The prime minister as similar powers as the president,But is not the head of state.the prime minister holds a seat in the house of commons and has to answer for his policies in the house.The prime minister is interrogated on his policies by the opposition on a regular basis to keep them honest.Lately the mud as been flying every which way. With a majority it does not do much but get some peoples attention.In a minority(what we presently have ) the opposition can fall the government if it does not agree with it`s polices.Then there`s an election.If the prime minister loses his or hers parties trust they can replace him with a new leader without having a federal election.The President has way more job security than are prime minister.
The prime minister is the elected leader of the political with the most MP`s (Members of Parliament) in the house.If they have 51% of seats(seat=MP) in the house they have a majority.If they have less than 51% ,but have the most seats they have minority.
We do not vote for the prime minister,but vote for are local MP`s .
We have many polical parties.Presently we have four political parties with seats in the house of commons.Conservative(the present government)Liberal,NDP and BQ

Why was Brian Mulroney a bad prime minister?

He was not a bad Prime Minister and certainly not worse than Pierre Trudeau. Mulroney put a stop to the government spending more than it took in in revenue but was left with a huge debt that left his government in a deficit position.

That you would be assigned a project worded that way (unless you have taken it that way from the original wording) tells me that your teacher is biasing the project based on his/her personal political views. That should not be allowed to happen.

What is it with Ben Mulroneys hair?

It's his style I guess...

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Who are more Conservative: the Canadian Conservative Party or the Republicans of the USA?

Like night and day

The Conservative party there is more like democrats mixed with a little Colin Powell type republican

There is NO party in the world like the radical base of plain, tea party nation..who run around screaming about the Constitution, guns, bibles and not one other party would say to the World they want DIVINE intervention palin said in her tea nation interview few weeks ago

people around the world seen those signs with hitler, commie and obamacare should die like kennedy...ugly nasty saying about the President all the time.. and the people who call to take back the nation (Perry _T) and leave the states with such hate...the world lying to the people or just NOT informing

Gays in military, abortion is pro choice, free speech laws, free protest but not if inciting or infringes on others rights..

The Conservative, liberal NDP and green party there KEEP religion away from politics they have hate speech laws, and smear ads will not be tolerated...they know who is elected before the person does...elections are short to the point and without the ugly drama the world sees that happens in America every four years..Canada politics bit boring, works...majority rules..period

This happened in a very public case in Canada, some time ago.A former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, was accused of corruption while in office and found to be innocent. So he successfully sued the people of Canada for slander and demanded that we pay him a gigantic sum of money. I’m not sure how he managed to claim monetary loss, given that he personally is one of the richest Canadians there has ever been; but never mind, he got his settlement, paid with money that could have been used for schools and hospitals, caring for our most vulnerable people, and other good things.Some years later, his co-accused came clean and explained just what had actually happened, with documentation (under pressure; I think the charges against him were reduced, or some other bargain was struck). It was quite clear that Mulroney was guilty of all the charges against him. So did he pay back the money? Did he Hell! Did we even ask him to pay it back? No of course not, at least our Government didn’t. Plenty of private citizens did, but this is the Old Boys’ Club we’re talking about; the same one that is still protecting all our corrupt Senators who claim outrageous expenses for second homes they don’t have, and all the rest of it.So I guess it depends on the law where you are, but in Canada, if the person who turns out to be guilty after all of what you claimed they did is rich enough and knows enough of the right people then nothing at all happens.In case the question changes, the one I answered was: “What happens if someone sues me for slander and wins but what I said was discovered to be true later on?”

When can we ever elect someone that is NOT a democrat or republican?

Vote YOUR mind and your conscience. You do not have to vote for one of the two major parties. Both parties work together to tell you that a vote for a third party is like throwing your vote away. This is not true.
Vote in your local elections. They are not as glamourous but can be decided by a few votes.
Read Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Reagan. All believed in small government and individual responsibility. As long as individuals refuse to think, our government will spiral out of control.

Do they really?I dunno, but last I checked most politicians look relatively normal, regardless of gender.Of course, there are some exceptions, but nothing to do with them being female…Off the top of my head, most insane looking politicians are male. I mean, honestly, the president of the USA is an obsese, rotting, orange. Pretty insane if I do say so myself.Actually, there are some insane looking female politicians.Insanely cool, obviously.Senator Tammy DuckworthSenator Elizabeth WarrenFormer Presidential Candidate and Secretary of State Hillary ClintonFormer First Lady of the United States, Michelle ObamaSee, they're all objectively sane, and normal looking. Some of them look objectively, fairly good.Of course some people have less than flattering photos of them, but that happens to all of us. That could be some of the “insane” looking ones.But it has nothing to do with them being females or female politicians.Especially nothing to do with political affiliation.Thanks for my daily dose of bigotry and ignorance, OP!!