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Is Brook Brothers A Good Clothing Brand

Is Brooks Brothers a reputable brand?

For casual stuff like t-shirts, polo's, shorts, etc.

I know Polo's pretty classy, and everybody knows it, but I don't see many people wears BB much. Is it reputable? Do you own something from them? What's your opinion of them?

Is Oscar De La Renta a good brand of clothing?

i am surprised noone has answered this yet, but YES Oscar de la renta is a very good brand.
It is mainly worn not only by rich people, but also fashion lovers. ^__^ It is not as well-known in the U.S. however.
It is MUCH better than Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren lol. Much higher class, although I am surprised they are selling it at Macys...are u sure this isn't O Oscar de la renta? (it has an O in front of the name lol)...that wud still be a good brand tho so I wud def. recommend the sweater if u like it.
Good luck!

How is the quality of the the Brooks Brothers 346 line?

For those who don't know, the 346 line is basically the outlet store line. I would say the quality is equal to the brands you'd find at a typical mall store like Macy's. As good as Tommy Hilfiger or Lauren, better than Eagle, definitely better than Van Heusen (which owns Tommy Hilfiger and several other brands by the way), but not quite on par with regular Brooks Brothers or J. Press.I have a couple that have been given to me as gifts by people who see "Brooks Brothers" on the label and assume it's all the same. They're fine for wearing to the office on a day when you're in a hurry and you're just throwing stuff on. 99% of people aren't going to notice, much less know the difference. Of course the price is cheaper, which is the biggest attraction for most people. For example, here's one I found just by doing an amazon search, and it's less than $60.00: Brooks Brothers 346 Pink White Stripe Non Iron Shirt Supima Cotton (Medium) at Amazon Men’s Clothing store:

Brooks Brothers vs. Abercrombie?

brooks brothers is way more expensive and much better quality abercrombie and fitch is **** i used to work there most of their clothes are for highschool kids

What are some old money clothing brands?

For example expensive, elegant, fashionable and stylish, yet discreet and quite.

I know for example that Luis Vuitton, Gucci, or D&G would hardly be considered old money brands, because they are associated with nuveau rich show offs who care more about showing the fancy label of their outfit, rather than preserving a discreet and elegant style.

Are Brooks Brothers shirts worth the money?

Have you tried on the slim-fit shirts from Brooks Brothers? I can’t answer whether they meet your desired slimmest fit. Personally, I don’t find their fit to be as slim or flattering as Italian made shirts, or their quality and value to be much higher than J.Crew alike, considering where they are manufactured, choice of fabrics and designs.The brand exemplifies all American in the conventional sense. Nothing about it says innovative, individual, and inspiring. As the Italian counterparts have continuously solidify the value in each product through combining traditional craftsmanship with technology, the American heritage brands are still making the same generic looking shirts they were selling 10 years ago. It’s not my brand, neither is 4/$199 or $50 a shirt good value. There are great Italian made shirts you can find at better sale price online.Some say value is subjective. Absolutely. But subjective to what? To your needs (style, color, fabric, fit, etc.) and your knowledge about what’s available. The better you recognize your needs and the more you know about products and prices, the higher chance your purchase will bring you greater value for money.

Is Burberry A Good Brand?


I was thinking about buying a couple of nicer shirts for special occassions/a nice blazer, and I really like burberry's style. No offense to anyone that enjoys these brands, but some of the higher end stuff like D&G, Versace, are too flashy and really not my style. Burberry seems to be like a higher-end Ralph Lauren/Brooks Brothers: Simple and classic vs trendy and flashy.

The thing is, I hear that a lot of people associate Burberry with "chavs" or something like that. Therefore, I was wondering if shelling out the extra money is really worth it if Burberry isn't even seen as being nice clothing anymore. I know that brand names aren't the only reason to buy clothes and that confidence is more important, but in general, would buying a few Burberry shirts/suits be worth it, or would I be better off sticking to my Ralph Lauren stuff and opt for Black Label (I can not afford Purple Label at all)?


PS: I'm a male that lives in the US in case that matters.

What are the best items to purchase at Brooks Brothers?

The Classic Two-Button BlazerNo one makes blazers like Brooks Brothers. This Classic two-button and single-vented 1818 cut has exactly the right length and with its golden buttons it can be worn at a great range of occasions - up to morning weddings.The Classic Solid Oxford ShirtA lot of companies make this shirt yet no one manages to strike the perfect balance between impeccable quality and great value. Once you find your size it will feel like an old friend, as it will last for a very long time without ever losing its form. As a bonus, the Red Fleece iteration does have a discreet yet handy breast pocket.The Elliot Advantage Chinos:Not only does it sport perfectly sized pleated front (a rarity nowadays that most clothing companies have turned miserly with every inch of material) but it also sits just right, avoiding any hint of bulkiness because of the pleats. One can comfortably walk with his hand in his pocket without the pants losing their line.Moreover, the cloth is of top shelve quality, easy to care for yet never losing its form and creasing. In all honesty, I usually buy them a bit longer and then have my tailor remove the cuff; yet the classic preppy look requires a cuff.