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Is Female Foeticide A Social Necessity

Why female foeticide is harmful for the soceity?

No i can assure you that i am certainly not anti-female and i certainly dont hate all women cause some women are smarter than most men but the more I know about the average Jane, the more I find women (in general) disgusting. Probably the one thing I hate the most about women is their lesbian leaning and the idiotic superiority complex that allows them to link such a thing to "objectivity" or "art". And I'm not talking about open lesbians but the stupid ones ("straight" women). I mean, they are lesbians and yet most of them date men, it is really disgusting. It is obvious their narcissism is more important than their "SO"'s feelings ( they wouldn't proclaim their "women are easier on the eye", "women have more to look at", etc. if a guy's self esteem meant something to them) and yet they consider themselves empathic, romantic and emotionally connected?. And I don't believe an adult person could be naive enough to ignore the psychological abuse present in their bashing or the intellectual myopia existent in their "I'm straight but I find the female body more aesthetically pleasant and I prefer to look at women" homoerotic mantra. Nobody is pointing a gun to their head, if they find women so attractive, why don't they date women instead?. IMO, the answer is narcissism and necessity.

There are two kinds of evil people who commit female infanticide. One small group lives in cities and metro's. This group is well educated and knows about laws, and that it is a criminal offence. They also know how morally incorrect and dark it is. They do speak alot in support to prevent such acts. But are total hypocrites who do the same immoral act within their homes.The second but larger group lives in the less developed and rural areas, they are usually not educated about laws and do not know about it being a criminal offence. They are not educated enough to understand the real world consequences of this act. They do however know that this is morally wrong and dark.But frankly our traditions have placed women in darker places, that being a parent to a girl is frightening, at least in the rural scenario. Dowry, rapes, not educating the girl child, domestic abuse and many more of such dark practices that do happen! All because of incompetent law and order in rural areas. This image of chaos instills fear, killing the child before its born seems to be easier than to bring her up in such a social setting. What can we do? For the first group there is not much that can be done. Other than reporting such acts and sting operations on doctors and hospitals that allow such practices.While for the second larger group, we can do alot. We need to do a lot! Firstly educate them, show them the consequences. Tell them what sex ratio is and how skewed it is going to be due to this act. Enlighten them enough that they can make an educated "choice". Take the fear out of having a daughter in the house. Tell them about kalpana chawla's and kiran bedi's. Tell them how a daughter can empower them.Make social campaigns that actually reaches up to them, and is not just a social media fad. Movies wont work, Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other fancy movement won't work. Don't expect them to understand us, unless we speak their language in their land. Not in far away cities,not over the internet. We can use the internet to fund tour groups, college students can go to villages and perform acts and plays. We need to improve the law and order situation in rural areas, which are usually run by dabangs(power hungry goons) and scumbags who own the largest land or have the most wealth and usually have the law in their pockets! Make an environment that is safe for his daughter, show him how valuable his daughter is.

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You already have 2 daughters. Congratulations. You have seen two beautiful miracles in life already. Even though, with this mentality of yours I am not sure if you deserved those two angels. By the way, did you take your wive's permission to fuck her for this third child, for this boy you want?? Oh also, your wife is someone's daughter too. And do not try and spread female foeticide or your son shall be forced to be a gay. And if truly have a heart, go through these pictures below and you will probably feel ashamed!I hope I could help clearing your brainless head! For more enlightenment on other such issues, visit @The Stupid Design

Female foeticide is the abortion of a female foetus outside of illegal methods.Female infanticide is the killing of newborn girl child.Female infanticide is a serious cause of concern in countries like India , China, Pakistan and some other developing countries. The low status of women are viewed in patriarchal societies creates a bias against women.In India , according to the census of 2011 average sex ratio is 943 females per thousand males which is very less as compared to other developing countries or developed countries.In India people get gender check for the unborn child . If it's a girl the unborn child has a reason of feel unsafe because of this reason some people just abort the child. Born of a baby girl child is seen as a sin in some part of India. According to the recent dataIf I take example of Rajasthan , Bihar , Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra , the sex ratio is more worse in these states. According to the census of 2011, sex ratio of Rajasthan is only 928 females per 1000 males. Which is below than the average sex ratio of India.According to the recent data , some parts of Rajasthan the sex ratio is only 800 girls in the age group of 0–6 .These data's show the alarming rate of increasing female infanticide as well as female foeticide.Government should start awareness programs to decrease these alarming rates. women's are far ahead of men , now women's should not be seen as burden on men shoulders. Women's have their own role in the growth of society.Now womens are taking part in every sector , like medical , engineering, aviation , science etc and they are doing very well in their respective fields. So we need to aware people having a girl child as a gift .

Slogans on female foeticide??

'Raise your voice against female foeticide' ,'Stop female foeticide’

the cause for female infanticide is poverty as well as or society. our society has always thought a boy to be the heir of the family . it is usually considered that a son will take care of the family as well as the family business and bring riches to the family.Upon marriage, a son makes a daughter-in-law an addition and asset to the family providing additional assistance in household work and brings an economic reward through dowry payments, while daughters get married off and merit an economic penalty through dowry charges.A woman is considered a financial obligation, as money spent on bringing her up, educating her, marrying her will not be repaid – as she will go to her husband’s house after marriage, and the benefits of all that ‘investment’ shall go to his family.A boy shall grow up to be the head of the family, and he shall offer a sense of security to his aging parents – take care of them, serve them and take over the responsibility of running the family. He shall also continue the name of the family (whereas, the girl shall take up her husband’s last name). A male is considered to be a producer, whereas a female is considered to be a consumer. All this is mainly due to the patriarchal form of the Indian society. One simple assumption that can be made is that this preference is based on the form of society and families, a couple of decades back. Back then, a male was expected to work and earn, whereas a female was supposed to sit at home, cook, and manage the house and children. This made a male child desirable, as he was, then, the only source of income and respect. This system was abolished – today, females work nearly as much as men – but the thinking remained unchanged.

Return on Investment(ROI)Female Foeticide is very common in rural regions. It is now reducing drastically in urban areas. This is the mentality of people in uneducated parts of India- A girl child is a liability and a boy is an asset in the eyes of an Indian parent.This can be seen by one of its consequences- female foeticide. The biggest responsibility any Indian parent have after a girl is born is to start saving for her marriage. Even if they wish not to due to societal pressures they are forced to.In villages , parents don’t spend on their daughters education so that they can save for her dowry. It is true that dowry system has diminished in the recent years. But it continues in a different form in urban cities.Let me delineate the situation:When a girl is born to parents in an urban city parents have to spend for her education – schooling fee, College fee, Food, All other luxuries. This is pretty much the same as that spent for a boy. No discrimination or privilege.But when it comes to marriage, they need to save up some dowry for her. Dowry is used as a barter to buy a ‘well qualified’ groom.Dowry is no longer asked directly, but given by parents in order toProvide security for their daughterA tie breaker in getting a nice groom for their daughterEstablish statusIn addition to providing her education, they need to save for dowry and seer (things parents have to give for setting up her household after marriage). As far as a boy is concerned, they provide him education, he can work for 4 years after his college and he has the opportunity to pay back to his parents by working. Whereas a girl is either married off early.There is no return (ROI), but they have to make up their minds that a huge investment has to be made when a girl is born. Others who can’t just do this go for female foeticide