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Is Fox News Becoming To Liberal

Why is news becoming more partisan?

The Republicans have Fox News. Now the Democrats have MSNBC. It seems that network news is becoming increasingly biased. What do you think are the reasons for this trend? What affects will it have on American culture? Do you think it's good or bad for the country?

Does Liberal hatred of Fox News show how narrow minded they are?

I never want to generalize so this isn't about ALL libs but it is about the vast majority who feel the need to attack Fox at every turn. You see all day about how Fox is "propaganda" and how it's viewers are idiots but not a peep about left leaning networks like CNN or MSNBC. I'll admit that Fox definatly has a right wing leaning but it most certainly isn't propaganda. Anyone who thinks Fox is propaganda needs to get a dictionary and look up the word. Fox's reporting is completley fair and balanced, it is the commentators who are right leaning. I don't watch Fox much, but when I watch any news outlet it isn't what the commentators say that allows me to make up my mind. It is the reporting on the issue that gives me the info to make up my own mind.

So my point here is that Fox reporting just reports on the issues and then the commentators are vastly conservative but even have some liberals mixed on. Does left wing hatred of Fox prove that they just listen to what the commentators say and not about the actual reporting?

And if you are going to say that Fox reporting is bias then you need to get your head out of your *** and go watch a simple youtube video of an example. A reporter will say it exactly like it is and then a right wing commentator might give his right wing opinion. That is where the right wing comes in at Fox, not in the reporting.

How do I become a complete Moonbat drone liberal?

MSNBC is a good start.

You could wear a shirt with the picture of Che on it.

You could refer to all tea-partiers as "tea-baggers", and claim that they are all racists who don't care about anyone but themselves.

You could think that America gets the majority of it oil from the Middle east (not even close)

Is CNN centrist or leaning liberal?

Leaving 2008 behind when they were very much left of center as far as politics go .
They chose Obama a Jr. Senator and pushed him straight into the White House by giving him free passes on very important questions that voters should have had answers to.
They showed how bias they were when it came to covering McCain and showed him in the worst possible way no matter what the issue was about..
They also treated Hilary Clinton the same way and were very bias towards her and her supporters.
As Lou Dobbs says "Why Can't we have Honest News Media Coverage " of the 2008 Campaign and all other news issues.

Why do conservatives view CNN as a very liberal biased news source?

Because CNN is a very liberal biased news source (and I am no fan of Trump and watch CNN everyday...) In fact, I don’t think CNN would disagree that they are biased. I think it’s actually very obvious to everybody. What isn’t obvious is exactly why. Why is CNN so biased? The answer may surprise you. It has everything to do with Google —and ratings AND advertising sales.The days of the news just being watched on TV are long gone. People now get their news over the internet, usually after conducting a search. Further, each news source has a well defined market. Gone are the days of a news station being generalized. First, I’ll discuss Google…How a news station ranks in Google will determine over half of the eyeballs on a story and a substantial portion of their advertising revenue. After all, the internet is world wide. Cable TV is highly localized and with Google Adwords, advertising revenue is worldwide.Make Google happy, you will be happy.Google has adjusted their algorithm to favor liberal news sources and PUNISH conservative news sources. After all, Google is a very liberal company headquartered in one of the most liberal areas of the country: Mountain View, California. If you’ve ever been to Mountain View, Palo Alto, and/or the surrounding area, you know what I mean! Everything about how Google works has been intentionally and systemically built to lean liberal. By being so liberally biased, CNN has become #1 on Google. In fact, CNN even higher than BBC and other sources that are much less biased and have higher journalistic and ethical standards (BBC is tops in the industry.)If you don’t believe me, check out my search engine,, and see all the news out there you’re missing because Google shoved it to the bottom. You’ll see many of these news sources are actually not fake news and even conservative news sources can be critical of Trump (and often are…) rebalances the algorithm to level the playing field. You will also see news from CNN and other top liberal sources, but you won’t miss the top conservative sources.—Michael LevyI’m the founder of | The Conservative Search Engine, one of over 2000 search engines that let you search by topic and interests. Search more accurately, without tracking. Try out a search engine today!