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Is Getting A Part In My Hair Unprofessional

Is it immature or unprofessional for men to have long hair?

I'm 26 years old and I have long hair. Actually, I guess it's not really long but maybe medium length. It doesn't go below my eyes or ears but it does get a it shaggy at times. My hair is like a surfer style, kind of like how justin beiber's hair used to be.

I was just wondering because I would like to look more professional at work. Also, I have been interviewing for a higher level position and was afraid my hair would make me come across negatively. Of course, I just got a hair cut for my interviews and it doesn't look shaggy, it looks more clean cut and trimmed but still about 2-3 inches long.

I have longer hair because I look very strange with short hair. It's very hard for me to control even with jell or other products

Is long hair on a guy too unprofessional?

If you mean the style Justin had when he was a kid, then I don't consider that style to be too long at all.
If you can put it in a pony tail then you may want to consider getting it cut. Or just keeping it tied back.
Your hair shouldn't matter too much when it comes to getting a job. Just keep it neatly groomed.
They should care more about the skills and attitude you have when it comes to getting a job.
If you think you're up for a change then get a hair cut.

Is having long hair unprofessional?

The length of your hair is not nearly as important as the style and condition of it. When job hunting, make sure it's in good shape. If it's frizzy or damaged, you'll look unprofessional.

Also, if your hair has greys, get it colored. It's unfair, but when a HR person sees grey hair, they'll think you're too old.

Overall, a trip to the hair salon is always a good idea before a job interview. You want to look your absolute best when job hunting.

Best of luck to you!

WHY is facial hair unprofessional?

I just spent 12 years in the military and now I am crossing over into a Federal Correctional Officer position. I am 30 years old and NEVER understood the clean shaven grooming standards of men in "society". A mustache is okay, but beard/goatee (even lightly trimmed) is UNPROFESSIONAL? I dont get it, never have. My father is insistent upon a clean shaven face (although he wears a mustache) and he constantly harrasses me about shaving it. However, a goatee very much compliments me according to girlfriend (she loves it), friends, peers, and so on. Even my father says it looks good, but it is just unprofessional because that is they way it is. PLEASE. I mean, I have sat in on promotion boards for civilian counterparts, and facial hair was NEVER a determination on MY part to refuse employment or judge a mans professionalism. Am I the only one? This is highly outdated and firmly trivial. Abe Lincoln, Frederick Douglas? Were these men "unprofessional"? I could name many more.

Why is black hair considered unprofessional?

@ Chocolate Thunder, you my dear, are an utter imbecile, ghetto people have stolen the afro style ? Silly silly silly! It is considered "unprofessional", by this deeply entrenched cultural Imperialism that has a firm grip on many in this world. Some Black people have been truly brain assaulted by this European "ideal", a few Black men have said to me, " you should relax your hair, you look attractive, but straight hair would suit you more" ( actually bone straight hair does not bring out my beauty, fuller afro/ hair is me), , while White ( well, Italian) guy at exactly same time said " love your fro, your style, very beautiful". I know a White guy, well I did, he loves himself only Black girls, his wife is Black, but he only likes Black girls who hide or relax their natural hair. As Chris Rock said in "Good Hair" " when you are nappy, the white man is unhappy" ( by the way, do not like word, nappy, here in UK, It is not used) He also said "When your hair is relaxed, the White man can relax".....true words in many cases.

It is easy for a man to look sloppy with long hair, but it is also easy to look put together. Keep the following in mind and you will never be seen as unprofessional:1. Never leave the house with wet hair.-Take a shower at night, whip out the blow dryer, do whatever it takes to make sure that by the time you leave the house in the morning, your hair is dry.2. Put a little product in it to keep it looking maintained.-Don't use a product that leaves shine or looks greasy.-If you have fine hair, a little bit of light defining cream ran through dry hair will tame it while looking natural.-Medium to coarse hair would do well to use a nickel-sized drop of curl balm while your hair is still damp (even if you don't have curly hair, curl balms are hydrating and won't look goopy). Run it through your hair starting with the ends, then run from scalp to ends with the residue. You can use just a touch for taming once your hair is dry if it is looking a little poofy.-African hair (and similar hair types) requires a humectant to get the nourishment it needs. A little goes a long way!3. If you're on the clock, pull it back away from your face.-Keep it low and loose. The only time I should see a slicked back pony is at the gym (And even then it is smart to tie it up in a knot to keep it out of the way).-Use an elastic band that is of medium thickness, doesn't have a metal clasp and is either your natural hair color or black.4. Get your hair cut regularly!-Many people don't realize that growing your hair out doesn't mean you aren't cutting your hair.-When you go to the stylist, which should be every 4-6 weeks, instead of losing length, ask for reshaping. It will keep your ends clean and keep your hair shape flattering when you let it down. Also, you'll notice your hair is healthier when it can put all of its nutrients into healthy hair instead of trying to feed dead ends.Keep it sexy, gentlemen!

Well this is sort of asking,"Is natural hair unprofessional?" Personally, I say no. As long as the hair is neat and clean, the employer shouldn't have anything to say. One of my friends is a Compensation Analyst in the Human Resources Department for a prestigious university. She regularly wears crochet braids; she says its a flexible hairstyle as she exercises for marathons and 5Ks regularly. Her Caucasian counterparts accept her; most of the derogatory comments she receives about her hair come from other African Americans. "Why do you wear your hair like that?" "Are you going to change it?" as if there was an issue with her hair. With that being said, investment banks, private law firms, etc. tend to have a more conservative atmosphere with less African Americans. Those environments may negatively judge your crochet braids. However, there are plenty of work environments that welcome cultural diversity such as local, state and national government, dental fields, medical fields, teaching field, and hairsalons. You have to find an environment that works for you.

Hair loss at parting?

It's hard to say what has caused your hair loss. There are 4 main types of hair loss that effect women. (see link below) The only time hair loss is permanent and irreversible is if the follicle is damaged or no longer alive. This can happen if scarring has occurred over the follicles. Scarring is rare. Scarring can happen from using harsh chemicals such as relaxers or from scalp infections.
Healthy hair can only grow from a healthy scalp. Regulating the sebum (oil) on your scalp is important. Essential oil scalp massage formulas are very effective at getting your scalp in the best condition possible in order to create an ideal environment for hair to grow with ease. (see link below) It is also important to note that the condition of one's hair is intimately connected with their overall health. Correcting any physical, emotional, nutritional imbalances (if applicable) may also be helpful.