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Is Go To Sleep A Good Catch Phrase

What are all Rick's catch phrases?

This is probably one of my favorite questions yet. I'll go for the easiest first. Obviously a main catchphrase Ricks says throughout the series is "Wubba lubba dub dub!" This originated in season 1 episode 5 titled "Meseeks and Destroy" when Rick first used this catchphrase.In the final episode of season 1 titled "Ricksy Business" we see that Grandpa Rick has a new catchphrase. "I love my grandkids. PSYCH! My new catchphrase is I DON'T GIVE F***!!!" In season 2 episode 4 titled "Total Rickall" Rick has a series of 12 different catchphrases as shown in the video below. They are as follows:"Wubbalubbadubdub!""Rikitikitavi, bitch!" "And that's the wayyyyyy the news goes!""Hit the sack, Jack!""Uh ohhhh! Somersoult jump!""AIDS!""And that's why I always say, 'Shumshumschilpiddydah!'""GRASSSSS... tastes bad!""No jumping in the sewer.""BURGERTIME!""Rubber baby buggy bumpers!""Lick, lick, lick, my BALLS!"That would be all of Rick Sanchez's catchphrases in the series of Rick and Morty thus far.

Where did Navy's "Fear the goat" catchphrase come from?

Do not listen to these clowns.
Fear the Goat came from the term, Old Goat( aggressive and feared animal), Old Salts- the senior personnel on board the ships in the 19th and beginning of the 20th - Nowadays the Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs.
"Goat Locker" the place where the chiefs and senior enlisted personnel sleep and eat. It is very interesting, but even the Captains have to ask for permission to enter the Goat lockers - Chiefs sleeping areas, Mess and etc.
Fear the Goat is fear the Chiefs, the men who run the NAVY, literally!

What is "Jack in the Box's" catch phrase again?

"Jack's Back"

Actually has an interesting story behind it. You can read the story here:

Or just take wikipedia's opinion here:

What is your parents' catchphrase?

I grew up in a military household, and for the uninformed, the uniformed men and women tend to be a bit foulmouthed.When your job involves shooting and being shot at, the pleasantries of language are often circumvented.My dad frequently cursed while working on things around the house.I picked up on this and got in trouble at school for cursing, I think it filtered back to dad at one point and he started toning it down.But he would still curse from time to time, while changing lightbulbs, or doing various tasks, I’d ask why it was ok for him to curse and not me, he’d say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”Which was actually a fairly wise thing for a parent to say despite sounding hypocritical.Funny story, about 3 years ago, I was visiting my folks at their home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.I was still in graduate school, I’d gone into the Piano room, to get some work in.The house was relatively quiet,It was peaceful. The dogs were all sleeping. The sound of a ticking clock was the only thing punctuating the silence.I was able to focus and plow through some chapters.About 40 minutes into my studies, I hear the softly spoken sound of,“Piece of Sh-#, mother f-###3rs, g#* dam#8t…..”I get up and walk to the door and peer into the main room next to mine.It’s my dad. I say, “Is everything ok?”He said, “Oh sorry! Didn’t know you were studying in there.”I said, “It’s fine. Just making sure everything's ok.”Then I look at the stack of papers in front of him,Ah yes.He is paying bills. Nothing has changed.

Any catchy phrases for an excretory system bio project?

ex: Ppl with the circulatroy system, made up "The Place where your heart is..."
something or other.
i dont really remmeber.
but we are doing a brochure typr project, any suggestions?
I came up with "the place where waste is wasted"

Do you have a catchphrase or short sentence you enjoy using?

'What goes around, comes around'.....!!

Many here still remember Rolf Harris' old catchphrase?

She made a bed up in the parlour front
When the stairs had become impossible;
Put within arm's reach everything he could want:
Cold tea, condensed milk, a spitting bowl.

The room seemed smaller and more intimate
Like the enchanted cell where they had courted;
Half unfamiliar and half simplified.
There was less that mattered, less to get sorted.

Changing the sheets perhaps. He was so light.
That made it easier. Emptying the pus.
Or keeping her eyes open as needs must

Night after night after night after night.
Not breathing, listening to the small coal groan,
Until the step he had to take alone.

Help! My friend is "stealing" all of my hobbies and catchphrases?

I had a friend like that when I was in high school. She even dyed her hair the same colour as mine. Then she stole my notebook and i avoided her completely after that. People like that have problems. I wouldn't trust her

Why did KFC change its slogan from "It's finger-licking good" to "so good"?

Imagine, it's 9 o clock in the morning. You are dead asleep in your bed. Your mom tries to wake you - Get up!You don't hear her!Your mom - Get up!You still don't hear her!Your mom - Get up, (your name)! Look at the time!You hear her, but you don't get out of the bed.Your mom - Get up, (your name)! It's 9.30!You hear her and ignore her.You mom shouts - Get up, (you name)! You will be late for college!You hear her, ignore her and pretend to be asleep.You mom (has lost it now) shouts again - Get up now, (you name) or I am going to douse you with this bucket of water. Finally, you feel threatened and you get up!In this story, let us substitute your mom with a brand and you remain the same. (the audience)You mom (the brand) is trying to tell you something (the message). But you are busy in your own world. (Sleep, Dreams, etc)So, what does your mom (the brand) do? (Note the change in content and tone of your mother.)She (the brand) tries to reinvent her message/communication to reach out to you. Because you will get bored if she keeps on repeating the same thing and you will gradually ignore her. Hence, she keep son changing her messages to stay on top of your mind and get you to act on something which she wants (in this case, waking up. In the brand's case, could be buying the product or using its service)Hope this helps!Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!Deepak