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Is He Chubby Or Skinny Picture

Am i fat, chubby, or skinny?!?!?!?

ok so i would say i kind of have the body of kat von d in the pictures below, maybe 10lbs heavier but not much of a difference. so am i fat chubby or skinny????? thanks! please be burutally honest!!!
PIC #1
PIC #2

Why am i so fat but skinny?? pics**?

i feel like i am not fat when i have clothes on but ive been so insecure being naked.. or even in a bathing suite.. id kill to be at least not have these weird rolls when i sit and stand up.. why are they there?? is it like access skin or what? they are there when i stand up and are worse when i sit =( im so insecure. i wont even let my bf see me without a one for that matter =/

this is when i sit

this is with clothes on !!!

=( where do i start??
also im 5'3 19yrs old and 148 pounds
i wish i was fat and my stomach looked like this at least


okay so im a 16 year old girl, im 5'6" and weigh about 140. im not sure what my other measurements are, but i know i have a 27 inch waist. i dont think im fat, but i also dont think im skinny. on BMI charts, im just a couple pounds away from being considered over weight. im a gymnast, so i have bulky muscular legs, and to make it better theyre very short (which im extremely insecure about). even though im a gymnast, im out of shape, so my butt's gettin a little bigger, and my hips are just barely starting to go over the my jeans in the back. my thighs are gettin a little more fat on them than muscle, and im developing a small pouch on my stomach around my bellybutton. i wear medium in shirts, and size 6 in jeans. im still stewing over having to buy size 6 jeans this year (which do not fit loose on me at all), so sometimes, like today, i squeeze and squeeze until i can get into size 4 jeans again, then i just wear a loose shirt to hide my lovehandles going over my jeans due to my circulation being cut off.

but what i cant figure out, no matter how much i stare at myself in mirrors, look at pictures taken of me, or ask friends, i cannot figure out if im chubby or not. what i mean is, i cant figure out if when people look at me, do they go, "she's kind of chubby, she looks like she's gained weight" or do they say, "she's pretty skinny, she looks good in those jeans" or "she's normal size". HOW DO I KNOW IF PEOPLE SEE ME AS SKINNY OR NOT?

here's a couple links, and tell me EXACTLY what your first thought is about my size. tell the truth. dont just try to be nice.…………

Am I skinny? (pics included)?

So, personally, I think I'm pretty skinny, but I just have a little bit of a belly. But lately, people've been saying that I'm kinda chubby, which I don't know if I agree with or not.. What do you think? Think I'm a little chubby? Also, PLEASE be honest. I never get offended, trust me!


Thanks in advance! And remember, HONESTY, PLEASE!

What is skinny fat?

The word ‘Skinny Fat can be quite deceiving. Is it a:A condition?A body type?A genetic disorder?In this answer I will make it absolutely clear what ‘exactly’ is Skinny Fat.The SKINNYFAT term defines anyone who has a relatively higher percentage of body fat VS muscle mass for a given body weight.Consider me at almost same body weight (+- 2lbs)or this one:The REASON I am looking much better—toned, LEAN and more muscular in my After Pics is the fact that I am carrying more muscle and less body fat for almost similar bodyweight.I also had a very slightly pot belly in my before picture as my body fat was around 15–16% whereas in the after picture, the visibility of my six pack is very evident.Here is another pic during the same time without my workout ganji:Therefore Skinny Fat is definitely not a genetics disorder, nor it is a body type!However, Genetics and your body type do play an important role in predicting your chances of getting a Skinny Fat look. (We can call it a LOOK)Plus studies have shown that when you become Skinny-Fat it’s a dangerous condition to be in and should be taken seriously!Let me explain:Body TypeBasically we are all divided into Ectomorph’s, Endomorphs and Mesomorphs.I am a typical Ectomorph categorized by thin arms and legs, thin body frame overall, and weak genetics when it comes to building muscle mass.And when ectomorphs gain fat, we gain mostly on our belly. Here’s me at 26–28% body fat:A mesomorph or an endomorph can also become Skinny Fat but the look won’t be as evident as in the case of ectomorphs.Adam Sandler can easily be categorized as a Skinny Fat Endomorph (however many would call him ‘Fat’ rather than ‘Skinny Fat’):Genetics:Being an ectomorph, I have short muscle bellies, reduced ability to recover from my workouts, less muscle strength, more slow twitch muscle fibers as opposed to fast twitch and this means my overall genetic potentail to gain muscle mass is less as compared to someone who is a meso/endo.Bottomline,if you are an ectomorph,-have body fat above 15% upto 30%,have very less muscle mass to show thenYOU ARE SKINNY FAT.Ladies, everything same, just that your body fat range will be between 25% to 35%.Note: Anything above 30% for men and 40% for females will come into the Fat category.Related Posts:Learn from my mistakes and enroll in my free course:21 Fatal Skinny-Fat & Other Health & Mistakes or/and fast track your results with my paid course:LEAN-The Ultimate Skinny-Fat Solution

Do all Chinese guys prefer skinny girls?

(Edit: The original question I answered was a bit different, don’t remember what it was.)Hi. I think your question has more to do with relationships than with the preferences of Chinese guys. Let me explain.I met my husband online. At the time, he was a 300 pound green orc shamman and I was a 450 pound male cow who turned into trees and sh$@ (we met in a video game).We talked for years before meeting up. Every day for years. I moved to China and we kept talking. We talked about everything from how we felt about having a family to politics to religion. After 4 years or so it was apparent that we were super compatible, so we decided to meet in real life.We weren't big on pictures or video chats, so we hadn't seen much of each other when we did this. We just jumped in. He flew out to where I was living at the time, and I stared the only picture I had of him to make sure I would recognize him when I saw him. When I finally did see him for the first time, I was really excited but I gotta admit, my eyes were confused. I had never seen this moving, breathing human before. It felt like looking at a stranger.We went to a Steak and Shake, and we looked at each other awkwardly for a while. And we talked. The same way we had online. He talked about his job and I talked about my internship, and it felt the same. And it slowly dawned on us: this was no stranger, this was the person we had been falling in love with for years.I suppose my point is, you don't fall in love with a body, you fall in love with a person; a soul.If you guys are really hitting it off, meeting in person won't change anything. If for whatever reason he does decide you're not “skinny enough” (a ridiculous decision in any case, imo) then he was never in love with you as a person, he “loved” an imaginary construct of your body. Even if you do fit that image, it would not work out because our bodies change, and crushing on someone for their looks is temporary at best.Hopefully you'll find what my husband and I did: you can grow to love someone as a person before you ever meet their body… and then you get to fall in love with that too :)