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Is Interstate 22 Nearly Finished

I can hear water moving sound inside the sealed battery, what does that mean?

I did turn it off, to be safe. Battery did NOT feel hot, but it was sealed. Tiny vent holes on both sides. Charger was just kicking on at 10A after all day 2 Amps, charge was at about "70%"

What was the battery doing? I want to get it to 100% charged, what were those "water" noises from the SEALED battery ?

Again. it DIDNT feel hot.. was it jsut starting to charge ?

How did the Interstate Highway System change America?

The question is vast; many other discussions in the "Interstate Highway System" topic give clues. I would like to mention a couple of the unexpected drastic consequences.The passenger rail system, which had been the best in the world in the 1920s, had gone through hard times during the Depression and a rise in ridership (but decline in quality) during WW2. It was utterly destroyed in most parts of the country as the Interstates were completed.Although cities were supposed to be linked rather than traversed, the Interstate building spree ended up being a convenient excuse for practicing large-scale destruction on many city centers, which were already going through hard times because of the aforementioned Depression and WW2, and a general lack of interest in urban life in postwar America.Passenger transportation infrastructure finished its transition from domination by private enterprise with public help, to being mostly provided and maintained by governments. Many remaining private companies in the passenger transportation domain were rapidly turned into government agencies, subsidized heavily, or shut down. Why? because the availability of unlimited (almost-)free roads reduced the perceived value of transportation services to near zero. On the other hand, owning and maintaining one's own vehicle more than took up the slack…

When getting an interstate probation transfer, what reason would a state not accept your case?

Basically, there are two types of interstate transfers: mandatory (TN has to accept supervision) and discretionary (TN can accept supervision if they want to, but they're not required to)...

I believe in your previous question, you mentioned that you're on probation for misdemeanor Battery...

In order for your case to be a mandatory supervision, you must:

1. have 90 days or more left on your probation;
2. have a valid plan of supervision (if you have a probation order that lists your conditions, you have this);
3. be in substantial compliance with your terms of probation (no violations);
4. be a resident of TN (lived there for a year or more prior to your sentencing), OR have resident family in TN who indicate a willingness to assist you in complying with your conditions of probation, and you'll need a job in TN or a means of support.

Misdemeanors are a little trickier, but since it's a Battery case, it meets the requirement that your offense is one in which a person has incurred direct or threatened physical or psychological harm (you were convicted of hitting someone)...

If ANY of these conditions are not met, it becomes a discretionary transfer... Your IL PO will have to try to convince TN in the transfer request why they should accept supervision...

It has been my experience, though, that TN does not accept discretionary transfers (neither does IL, by the way, or several other states)...

Sound confusing? It is... I deal with interstate transfers on a regular basis, and I still have to read and re-read the 68 pages of rules (no joke) all the time to make sure I'm putting the proper amount of red tape on everything to satisfy the powers that be... Trust me when I tell you that the vast majority of PO's nationwide loathe the Interstate Compact and all of its bureaucracy... But someone somewhere thought this system was a better idea than your IL PO picking up the phone, calling TN, and asking a PO there to take your case... Your IL PO is not just screwing with you or being lazy when s/he tells you what a pain in the posterior it is to transfer a case...

I am 24, I hate what I'm studying, but I feel very old to step back and begin everything again. What should I do?

For some reason (intemperate living or something) I probably felt older at 24 than I do now at 54.If you are feeling washed up at 24 you are not living right. In my case it was pizza and beer and other intemperate habits.You are not old at 24. But you can feel very old if you are not taking care of yourself. Start taking care of yourself physically.Here's something else. When you step back into school and "start over" you won't really be starting over. In my case I left school for 3 years, joining the army for similar reasons. I had gotten a Co-op position in school and didn't like the field I had chosen, so I took a 3 year hiatus to rethink my life, then head back to school.When I started school again I was a new person. The first time through I just listened to the teachers hoping to get a good grade and get by. The second time through I had enough experience to actively look at everything through the lens of someone who would use this knowledge for the rest of their life. It made it far easier to focus than it had been the first time, and made it far easier to participate.It's funny because I remember specifically feeling very old at 24. I was over weight, out of shape and tired all the time. But I started taking care of myself and I found out that age wasn't the problem at all. It was how I had been living.If you go back to school, it will be far easier than you think to do well. You are not the same person you were the first time.But step 1, as Sophia Wu pointed out, is to begin by doing your absolute best where you are at right now, not because it's your future, but because it's your best life possible with the cards in your hand today. And what is your future is being excellent at what you end up at. By doing your very best (and taking care of yourself physically) you can put yourself in a better position to start over.Don't worry about starting over, and it being too late. It is far easier the second time through. You know a lot more than you knew then.

Most important events that happened in the 1950's to 1959?

1. the hydrogen (fusion) bomb was developed
2. the first man made satellite to orbit the earth was launched
3. racial segregation was outlawed
4. the Korean War started and ended
5. polio vaccine was developed
6. commercial jet aircraft were introduced
7. the interstate highway was started (finished in 2007)
8. nuclear power first used to power a ship (U.S.S. Nautilus)
9. Elvis Presley recorded his first song
10. the first restaurant in the McDonald's chain opened
(not the first McDonald's, the first in the McDonald's chain)

Does Supreme Court of India have authority for interfering in Inter-State water dispute (Article 262)?

Article 262 of the Constitution of India states that the Centre has the power to make any laws regarding the inter state water dispute and may bar the Supreme Court from exercising jurisdiction over such disputes.Now, this section doesn’t itself bar the Supreme Court from deciding on matters related to water disputes between states. The Court is not allowed to decide on such matters only if the centre makes such provisional laws. Section 262 authorises the Central government to make such laws.(Words matter a lot in the constitution)So, are there any such laws made by the central government which makes inter state water disputes out of the jurisdiction of SC?Yes.Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956.It says: “Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law, neither the Supreme Court nor any other court shall have or exercise jurisdiction in respect of any water dispute which may be referred to a Tribunal under this Act.”Note that it is clearly specified that SC doesn’t have jurisdiction over cases decided BY THE TRIBUNAL constituted UNDER THIS ACT, ONLY.All in all, the states have the option of approaching the Supreme Court for resolving the water dispute. Like they did in 1990, 1995, 2013. The states can file special leave petitions in Supreme Court.Also, if it counts, in 1986, a farmer's association from Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu moved the Supreme Court and demanded that a tribunal be formed for the adjudication for the Cauvery water dispute.Conclusion: Despite of Section 262, the Supreme Court still has powers to decide inter state river water disputes if a petition comes to it directly.As per suggestion by Bastele Jhakday : Despite “ARTICLE” 262 , the hon'ble Apex Court does have jurisdiction to adjudicate water disputes , provided that the parties first go to water tribunal and then if they feel that the order is not satisfactory only then they can approach supreme Court under article 136. (This article gives discretion to allow leave to appeal against order , decree, judgment passed by any Court or “TRIBUNAL” in India.). One has to invoke Article 136 read with 141. As 141 envisages supremacy of the apex court over all the courts in the realm.