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Is It A Bad Thing To Be Innocent Minded

Is being innocent a bad thing?

Being "innocent" is a misnomer in this world Nicole. No one, including us is truly "innocent" in our life. But being a virgin is not a bad thing. I am a virgin myself and I am a guy. And yes, it is very hard sometimes, because when I see a beautiful young lady, my heart pounds and I get all quiet and rushed in my body. But that does NOT mean I have to go out and sleep with her, and this is also because there are other ways to deal with the release of a sex drive. You don't need to have sex simply because this guy acted all negative and mean towards you. Most girls should NOT be going out with guys like that anyways, and what I have seen in most girl's reasoning for attraction is all backwards. So I would advise staying away from him completely and looking for someone else, like myself who will not look down on you for being a virgin. Peace! Ernie

Is it a bad thing to be called "innocent"?

I've been called "innocent" by many people. Once a guy told me that I shouldn't watch Borat because i'm too "innocent" and it won't have a good effect on me. Though I guess I am a bit, I do enjoy kiddy things. eg watching kids television and usually making jokes that don't involve any "sick" stuff to them. But it may be a bad thing, like today the guy I'm interested in leaned in to listen to what I was saying, he was a bit close and I automatically took a step back. Not only this, but I tend to not watch movies that involve anything form of adult scenes. I'm just not a fan of that kind of stuff.

Is this a bad thing though? Or a good thing? I've heard guys like innocent that true?

Is being open minded a bad thing?

It's not always a good thing. If you're too open-minded, your brains will fall out.

"The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it." - Terry Pratchett

I pulled the following off of a forum, but I agree with it:

Can we ever be too open-minded? That's a good question, and I don't think that you'll find a common consensus. My first thought is, yes, we can be too open minded sometimes.

It's great to always be open to something new and better. Why hold yourself back?

But then, sometimes, it might be more advantageous to stick with what you already believe. If you don't firmly stand for something, then you stand for nothing... maybe.

I often think of it this way. If you encounter a problem where you need to make a decision and you end up making the wrong one, that same problem will come back to you again in another form and give you another chance to make a better choice, and it will continue to do so until you've made the decision that's right for you. As long as you're moving up, being wrong can't hold you back.

Being open minded is certainly a good thing, but I think you just have to believe whatever is right for you at the time. If any new idea doesn't pass your own logic, you can't accept it. I think it is possible to be too open, because then you'd be believing thousands of things that condradict each other, or you'd never be able to believe any one thing for sure.

Whatever you belief is true to you (subjectively), so I say go ahead and believe in the most positive thing that makes sense to you, and if it's wrong, it will be corrected later.

Innocence commonly means childlike, easily taken for a ride. Innocence for adults means not carrying baggage of the past -past troubles, past experiences, past hurt, past enmities. A fresh mind, ready to lead a fresh life everyday - Really an intelligent way of living.

Is being innocent bad?

Okay, first of all im only 18 i will be 19 in May.
I guess you can say im the type of girl that doesn't party, i don't drink or do drugs.
I would rather be at home watching some chick fllick while other people are out getting wasted.
I love to go out with my friends and have fun.
Okay, Is it such a bad thing to not do what most people like to do now a days? By that i mean Hook up, have one night stands?That's not me!!
One of my guy friends, or i don't even know what to call him. He is such an *** to me because i wont do it. Especially with him. Hes had the longest crush on my since sophomore year and we are both out of high school. Okay, yes i do get a lot of attention from guys, but not the dirty kind. My guy friend is always ALWAYS saying how its not going to work out with any guy because they will always want to do more than what i would do. He is always complaining how stupid it is that i havent done anything with a guy yet. I tell him because im just not READY. and he says i should just do it with him. WOW! Is there something wrong with me not being ready for anything further than make out for now? Im just not ready. And i dont know why he is always bitching at me about how i get all the attention and i wont do anything about it. He also says i need to change my look. By that he means dress like a total skank. Which i dont feel its necessary, especially because guys already talk to me not caring how i dress. I like to dress casual. Is it wrong not wanting to follow his orders or demands? When i actually am dating a guy im happy and i want to tell my friend how happy i am. He always has rude things to say. What i also hate is that if it is a guy he knows. He will have something to tell him. I think he tells them im prude or something. I need help. I feel like i dont even need this so called friend of mine since he always has ways of putting me down, and sometimes screwing up what i have with a certain guy.
Please help? Advice? Please be respectful thanks :)

A2A!Hello! It ain’t a bad thing to be innocent. It will never be. You are a good person and that ain’t a reason for people to pester you.Coming to your current situation. Don’t you think you are a reason behind it somewhere? No, I do not mean to be rude. I just want you to understand that we allow people to behave “good” or “not so good” depending on the space we give them. You are smart and intelligent, yes you are. But is it of any value if you cannot safeguard yourself or help yourself in your difficult times?So? What are you supposed to do now? You need not change your good nature, but yes you should speak for yourself. It is high time, if not now? then when? If you never speak back or let them know how do you actually feel, do you think the other person will ever understand something unspoken?Go and tell them straight away that you aren’t comfortable the way they speak to you. Tell them you do not like the way they behave immaturely. Let them know that it has turned out to be headache to you.If nothing works out, you know what to do? On a lighter note, now you start teasing them, you pull their legs, you make fun of the situations. Ensuring you do not demean or disrespect anybody. If someone teases you, they should have that capability to take it back positively, if not they would rather shut their mouth.It is not a very big thing buddy, you need to stand for yourself. You need to raise your voice. Ultimately it is only you, who can help yourself.Thanks!

Is it bad to be TOO open-minded?

Is there a specific scenario that your talking about, because I'm sure there are exceptions, or are you speaking in general? I think you should remain open minded about everything until you have solid evidence; then you can lean one way or another. but even with this favored side you should still listen to what others have to say.

Being open minded is a great thing; being naive or a sucker is not. Being open minded means you explore ideas and think outside of the rigidity of your own experience when meditating on your world view and discovering yourself.  You do not blindly follow the path that your culture has laid out for you - you are open to ideas beyond. You can think about something you don't believe in and try to understand more fully how someone else could believe such a thing. New ideas are essential to growth and development - but why do we want to grow and develop?There is a cycle some of us go through where we strip away everything we have and everything we believe and then we start rebuilding. We use all the ideas and all the experiences we have had and we recreate our belief system by discerning what it means to develop as a person based on what has been revealed to you about God and life. All of us whether we are aware of it or not have a set of core beliefs which dictate some of our most basic values. Its good to be open minded and be willing to consider new ideas and integrate them if they prove true, but open mindedness without discernment is dangerous. You must know and evaluate your core beliefs and make sure they are true and you must learn to recognize when an idea is no good and set it aside and stand firm in your rejection.