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Is It A Coincidence That Feminism Really Took Off Around The Same Time As The Birth Control Pill

Responsibilities of ''sleeping around''?

Plenty of women are unhappy of the double standard that males can sleep around without fear of being called derogatory terms, yet males hold a much greater responsibility when it comes down to it. Let me clarify:

If the man gets the woman pregnant and she decides to keep it, he will have to pay child support. Now imagine this happening to 5 women! Alternatively, she could just have an abortion and too bad so sad for him if he wanted it (not saying it's fair or unfair: this is another subject).

Now let's analyze the woman's responsibility(ies):
If she sleeps around and becomes pregnant she can abort et voila! End of story. If she decides to keep it, she receives child support money from the father. Sure, she might have a tough time raising it but if she was really worried about raising a child she'd have aborted it (or get the grandparents to babysit the baby).

So it all boils down to my question, what do you think now? Have I changed your mind? Why or why not?

What are your views on feminism in India?

I was a feminist. However the goal post has changed. I don’t know where we are aiming. This is a hard stand, let me explain…. rather narrate.11:30 PM; Delhi(NCR) :A single working woman steps into a nearly empty bus, with few men. She looks into the empty seats; the bus starts moving. Her heartbeats keep getting faster. She takes the seat nearest to the door. Throughout the journey, she keeps her attention on those men. She has to be cautious…..This is FEAR. This is what we have to erase. When her journey ends, that suit is almost drenched with her cold sweat.11:30 AM; Delhi(NCR):A young clerk, ambitious yet poor boards the same bus. Now it’s almost full. Mostly ladies. He finds a seat, but the lady beside, yells its for her friend. As he moves to the middle, the driver applies a sudden brake. He tries hard but fails to stop himself from colliding with the girl in jeans. “WTF, you ***********. Tharki ******”Everyone is looking at him, he could defend but, he thinks of his job, his unmarried sister. Begs sorry to the girl, she keeps abusing.His journey ends with the conductor catching him by the collar and throwing him out the very next stop. He walks to the office, and his shirt drenched with sweat.I asked the bus, what did it learn from the experiences. It replied “FEAR, true fear in both cases”.I thought we were removing a fear, but we initiated another. So what do I feel now ?As long as we address men and women differently, we will raise issues, not solutions. Also, there are other genders here. In fact, gender is a fluidic concept. Lets dissolve this and give one another what they deserve as humans.Note:I am a terrible story teller ( I may not deserve that), but hope you got the point.I over explained the second story, because I had seen a close encounter.(Also many won’t empathise with him this readily).My answer is my answer, none of your answer.(ignore it if you don’t like)I love to have critical reviews but polite and with logic.Photos are from Google images.Thanks for the edits and suggestions.

Has Feminism Gotten Out of Control?

Ring0Rosie: You've made good points. I was aware of the religious aspect, although I failed to mention it.

Amber: No, I would not be offended if a female looked at me like that. As for your second the past, trivial and simplistic clothes (ex: animal fur) were worn for protection against the weather (ex: severely cold weather), not because society brainwashed us into believing that for some stupid reason it is unacceptable for members of the opposite sex to see each others' genitals unless each member of the opposite sex was involved in a relationship. And thirdly, written records obviously came about at a later time than when the modern human species ORIGINATED (by the time written records came out, the modern human species had already been around for a while and progressed in terms of intelligence). So yes, of course in the written records, men and women may not have had sex just like that. That's simply because humans started coming up with ideas of their own that of

Could flu symptoms be caused by birth control?

on monday i was prescribed trinessa this is the first birth control i have ever been on. I started my period on monday so i took my first pill. Tuesday morning i woke up and had many flu like symptoms i felt nauseous my body ached and i had a cough. i continued to take my pills at regular time thinking it was just the flu. could there be any chance this is caused by me taking the pill or is it just a coincidence?