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Is It Bad Not Wanting To Draw Realistic Proportions

Artists, what is the best way to learn realistic drawing? Professionally?

There are many ways to learn to draw realistic subject, either by paying for a class or learn it yourself. Also there are many tutorial in the internet that can help you like deviantart and other site.
either way, you do need to have a lot of patient to be successful since you are impatient person. I suggest you try to do easy thing first and than you can do detail work.. since you are new, drawing and painting a realistic subject might take a while and you will easily get bored of it, so I suggest you to :
1. hear music while drawing
2. try to be comfortable
3. try to be in a peaceful environment

Second, if you want to draw with your imagination, like drawing a human, you need to know the human proportion that you can find easily in the internet. Basicaly, in order to draw with your imagionation, you need to know the basic first like basic shape and other.

The most important thing is to keep practice and try to not stop at half way. you should always have your sketch book with you so you can draw what ever you want.

How long would it take a less than average guy like me to learn how to draw professionally? How many years?
learning it self can take forever but. there are no guaranteed time for you to be a professional artist but, after you get to college or university and have some good job and get a high pay, people might consider you a professional artist. you just need to be patient, do a good job and always make drawing an entertainment to you..

the most important thing is to enjoy every work you do, how about play some ..

Why am I not improving at drawing?

Sometimes you're born with the skill an sometimes you learn how to draw - both ways are possible.

If you feel like you're not getting better with just videos and practice, maybe you should take a class or use references when you draw (ex: pictures of people in different poses, mannequins, other inanimate objects that you can look at while drawing, etc.).

If you want to draw humans, you should study anatomy and all of the ways limbs can bend and different viewpoints to draw from with tutorials or books.

It's also really good for your drawing skills if you start out with simple things, like small animals or simple 3-dimensional objects, and everyday take a step out if your comfort zone just a little more with something you want to improve and aren't good at. Like maybe you want to focus on shading one day, so draw a ball and shade it from where the light shines on it to where it lies in the shadows. Or maybe you want to focus on coloring, so draw a bowl of fruit and color it with vibrant colors that you think fit into the scene, but incorporate skills you've already learned alone with it (like shading!).

And practicing DOES make you better, even if it hasn't taken effect yet, you'll notice one day!

How can I transition from anime to realism?

Actually you don;t really need to shade, in fac some of the most wonderful drawing of human faces are simple with few lines and very little shading. I wish I had some examples but I don't sorry. Anyway it's just a matter of practice but I DO reccomend that you draw from life not imagination. Get someone to pose for you and draw what you see.

Also the process of drawing does not matter. Normally you can apply any process such as guidlines for any style. In this case you just have to adjust the guidelines to fit to realism. Normally the difference between manga/anime and realism is more volume and form and less stylization.

Again just draw from real life first then you can draw from imagination.

Why am I still bad at drawing? Is it hopeless?

I really appreciate your consistency and dedication. Eight years !! that’s a real long time to culture an interest. Let me tell you my story first. I started sketching about two and half years back. When I started drawing I didn’t even aware about different grades of pencil. I started from scratch. There wasn’t anyone to teach me as I didn’t have an aim of being an artist. I just started developing interest and started searching for different study materials and online tutorials and started practicing on sketchbook. And within a year I achieved quite a good progress in sketching. Then gradually I started focusing on realistic sketching. Now after more than two years I have discovered a new identity as an artist within myself which I was completely unaware of. Here is one of my first drawingsAnd these are my recent works.Now coming to your point, without seeing your level of work its really difficult to suggest you anything to further improve your skills. However , I would still give you some general suggestions. From the description, clearly you have dedicated your time and efforts to develop this skill. What went wrong?1. May be you got biased from different opinion from different sources. Art doesn't have any formula, applying which you can get a desired outcome. Every artist has his own way of approach. You have to develop your own. Those books and workshops are helpful but you cannot apply every technique mentioned there. This may be one reason that you got lost in plenty of ideas.2. Know your interest: you like art and there is no doubt about that. But you cannot master every technique at the same time. I would suggest that first master one technique then move to other. First try all form of medium (graphite , charcoal , pastel) then whichever you feel comfortable with, go ahead with that. 3. Don’t try to create masterpiece at every trial. Just focus on one part/aspect in each work. (eg. Light and shade, form, proportion, shade, eyes , hairs etc. )4. Give it time: don’t try to just complete it. Go for quality rather than quantity. I’m sure you can do this. Don’t lose hope. Keep practicing keeping in mind the above points. If you need any advice or help, feel free to contact me , I will be more than happy to help you. Good luck!Cheers!!

I want to learn how to draw nude female figures?

I would recommend "Anatomy for the Artist" by Sarah Simblet, this is the only anatomy book I use anymore, it has photos of many different poses and drawings of the skeletal and muscular system to go with it. It has men as well but equal time is paid to the female body, this is probably your best bet, because the best thing: hiring a nude model or convincing someone you know to pose, would probably be really odd if you aren't that good yet haha.

I agree I love to draw the female form, and not in a sexy or erotic way.