Is It Bad That I Am Annoyed By Old Women

Annoyed for NO reason?

okay so is it weird for me to be really annoyed or irritated with someone for no reason? im a 16 yr old girl & today my mom is just realllly getting on my last nerve but shes not being mean or anything shes just being annoying. by annoying i mean like asking me a million and a half questions & i dont feel like talking right now & she was in the car singing and whistling & i felt like i was going to go crazy. i dont have a reason to be mad shes just bothering me today. is this just normal teen behavior? anyone else do this sometimes? & how do i tell her i dont feel like it today & just leave me alone without being rude?

I’m 23-years-old, I’m shy and I’m unable to talk to any women because I get nervous and “freaked out” around them. What is a helpful solution?

I've been where you are and can totally relate!  I help guys in situations just like this, and here's exactly what I invite them to do to transform themselves:Make a 31 day plan to slowly become more social.  Social confidence, luckily for you and I (I used to be awkward and timid as heck!), is learnable!But as opposed to trying to immediately be suave around women you find attractive, I'd follow thru with a 31 day plan that incrementally increases your exposure to new social situations.Example: Day 1 - Chat up 3 old women and ask them each a simple question.Day 7 - Chat up 3 random people and talk to them for a minute or so each.Day 14- Chat up 3 women and talk to them for a minute or so.Day 21 - Chat up 2 women that you find attractive for a minute or so.Day 28 - Chat up 2 more women you find attractive, and chat for a few minutes.Day 31 - Chat up an attractive woman, and if you feel there's a vibe, ask her out.I did something similar to this and it worked tremendously.  It's all about getting little daily victories.  Now obviously, this roadmap isn't complete.  I'd fill in Day 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. and make each day get just a tad bit tougher, so that you're always slightly pushing your comfort zone, but not at such a rate where you feel you can't handle what's happening.And here's the last point I think will serve you well my friend...Place your self worth as a man, not on how each social interaction goes, but rather, how committed you are to taking action each day.  Pat yourself on the back for taking action, not, for having a great conversation.This sounds paradoxical, but in fact, by focusing on the process goal of going through a 31 day challenge like this, and by rewarding yourself for taking action vs. judging yourself on the specific outcome (i.e. she laughed at my jokes), you'll find that 1) you'll feel far more control of your confidence level2) you'll actually improve faster socially, and around women, because there isn't pressure to perform, but rather, simply the task at hand of becoming more social.This plan works wonders if it's tackled my man.  I blog a lot about this very thing and even lay out a free training series that goes way deeper into how to cultivate social confidence in a month.If you're intrigued, feel free to cruise over to:   peak under pressure dot comBest of luck champ!Jason

How to deal with annoying old woman co-workers?

I have met many middle-age women at work who are so extremely annoying. When you see them in the presence of other co-workers, they are very gentle and nice. But, once you see them alone for example in the restroom or lounge areas, they would look at you up side down and sometimes say nasty things to me for no reason. I am in my 20s, those women are usually the age of my mother. I am so afraid of them. What is wrong with them? Even I greet them properly and smile every time. I really want to know how to deal with them, I can't stay away from them all the time. Please help me.

Why do only older women hit on me?

I'm 21, and it seems like women 35+ are always hitting on me, and some of them are really creepy too. Why don't women in their late-teens or early-twenties ever flirt with me? Here's a pic of me: (I've put on a couple pounds since then that makes me have a lit bit more of a build, but not too much)

These older women are shocked when I say I've never dated anyone before. Am I just not the type of guy women my age go for? I'm also kind of shy, so very rarely do I ever approach women due to being bullied by girls middle school, and I've always felt they'd be annoyed and wouldn't want anything to do with me. Am I wrong to think this way? Also back to the original question, does this mean if I want women my age to notice me I have to make the move? Thanks!

Is it offensive to call a 20 year old woman a "girl"?

well, im a guy but...I dont think guys are men until theyre like late 20s, early 30s. I might take some offense to boy. I prefer guy. I guess it depends on the tone they used. Also, its probable you look young. I know a lot of girls who are in their early 20s who look 16. What pisses me off is when someone calls me bud or buddy. THAT feels like they think im a little kid who theyre trying to make feel cool or something...

Also, I guess im not trying to be mean when I say this, but when a 20 year old female insists on being called a woman, it makes her seem... childlike I guess.

Why do older women call me hun or sweetie?

Thanks guys that's what I thought it was a term of endearment and I'm a guy btw. It's just not everyone does it but a lot of times when I'm out older women will call me that and it's cool. I wasn't saying I didn't like it but just wanted to know why some women do it. Oh and my name is Aaron but I wasn't talking about when someone can't remember your name but when you go to the store or other places and the older women that work there call me hun or sweetie. Oh and I agree that when I'm 30 or older women won't call me hun anymore but I don't mind right now but it's just because I'm young and look young that some women call me that. Thanks guys!