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Is It Bad That I Have No

Is it bad to have no fear?

Except for God, my friend has no fear. Absolutely none, I don't want to give examples of his bravery, but please answer using the premise I mentioned. We both live in a bad part of town where violence is rampant, and while I don't consider myself a softie by any means, if I was talking to someone with gang tattoos and a bad attitude, I'll probably be a less assertive than I usually am. He however, can maintain his assertiveness with anyone. He doesn't fear gangs, the mafia, guns or knives. Why is this? He's a perfectly nice guy, and humble -- he's just fearless. Anyone I know would probably be apprehensive if they were talking to a known murderer, or drug dealers who have been known to do drive by shootings, he doesn't though. How can I attain this level of fearlessness?

Is it bad for your car if you do not have hubcaps?

I just bought a 2003 Mitsubishi Gallant and there are no hubcaps on the car, the previous owner took them off and misplaced them. I was just wondering if it would effect the car. I mean I don't care if there not there but if it effects the car I will just buy some stock ones off ebay

Is it bad i have no job at 17?

Having a job is pointless in truth. Most people justify their selling of themselves with an attitude of stoic self importance.

Don't worry about a job so much. They will come and go.

If you want one, go get one, if you don't, then don't.

Temp agencies are everywhere, nationwide, call one, you can work tomorrow for $8-12 dollars an hour depending on experience.

Career jobs are a bit more interesting, but require some dedication as far as educating yourself slightly.

Really however, when most people mention jobs, they are dabbling on the fringes of what they expect out of life, so answer that first.. at 17 do you feel you've really experienced enough?

In your shoes, were I 17 again, I believe I'd worry less about what all the mind controlled retards of the world think and go on some adventures.

Finding yourself, and your true purpose and calling will lead you to much better circumstances than just working at a company until you retire, and will fill you with a great deal of joy and contentment.

You can trust me on that.

I have no gag reflex...good or bad?

Why would having no gag relax make any difference unless you intend to go down on your boyfriend? If that what you are asking, then no its a good thing, for him at least.

Otherwise your gagging is just a primitive reflex that prevents you from swallowing something too big or otherwsie nasty to your body.

Is it bad not to have a girlfriend?

Not necessarily. If you don’t have a girlfriend because you made a voluntary decision regarding this - maybe because you want to focus on your studies or if your religious beliefs keep you away from premarital relationships - then it doesn’t matter.But, if you don’t have a girlfriend because you cannot make one (i.e. women avoid you like the plague or put you in the friend-zone), then it’s a different issue. A man who cannot attract ANY woman has a serious underlying personality defect.But don’t lose heart. You’re young. You have a lot to learn. You HAVE to work towards improving your overall personality. I’m going to tell you how to do so.Go to the gym (REGULARLY)Physical attraction matters. If you were to compare a muscular, fit dude with a skinny/fat dude, the muscular guy always wins in the ladies department. Don’t do cardio all the time. Lift heavy weights. Weightlifting helps you gain muscle while losing fat. Win-win. Eat right. Get to around 10–15 % body-fat.Wear smart, fitting clothes I don’t need to explain this one. If you look like a roadside romeo/homeless/lazy guy because of your clothes, no woman will want to be with you.Stop hanging out with all-boys groupsYou cannot get a girlfriend if you spend your entire time with dudes. Duh. Make some female friends. You don’t have to necessarily hit on them. Ask them to introduce you to their single friends.Talk to random womenYou don’t have to open up to them. Just make small talk with the cute girl standing behind you in the line. Make a joke. Ask her out if she seems interested in you. Even if nothing happens, you will build up your confidence which is going to help you when you meet your special one.Develop your passion/hobbyEver wonder why that gorgeous girl in your class fell for that average-looking guy who could play the guitar? Or the painter? Women love passionate men. In fact, everybody loves passionate people. If you have a passion, even if it is academic or something boring, work on it. Develop that passion into something that makes you stand out from your immediate crowd. Be ambitious. Nobody likes to spend their time with people who have a passive/loser mentality.This is basically it. Getting a girlfriend should never be your “goal” in life. Build yourself physically and mentally. Strive to become the best version of yourself. Follow the aforementioned points. You’ll have multiple women vying for your attention in no time.Cheers.

Is it bad that i have no school spirit?

ok so i am going to be a freshman this year. i have lived in this town for three years, 29 palms. its a desert area in california for those of you who don't know. its hot and sandy and mean. not just the weather but the people too. I miss my old friends still, back in Temecula, who treated me like family. but the people here are far from it. The people i go to school with are military family and usually don't stay for long. that's just a background though.
My real question is is it bad that i hate where my life is now? and that the school that i go to reminds me of prison. the walls are literally stony grey. the teachers are cold and guarded. and the majority of the students are delinquents and whores who talk **** and trap you in their lies. Not that i haven't lived in a place like this before. i was raised in Los Angeles, and have gone to the little ghetto elementary schools before, but this is a different kind of ghetto. its every man and woman and teacher for themselves. it is very much like prison in many ways. i know this because my dad went to prison for three years and has told me the general ways of it. and the two are very alike.
But the few true close friends that i have want me to join in their school spirit. they go to the games and talk about joining cheer-leading (for fun mostly). they start and participate and end drama all the time. but never include me luckily. and they join a few of the after school programs and clubs, urging me to join them. And is it bad that i see in my future already, four years of hell? I don't have any school spirit. if i was invited to a game with someone, i would probably have fun, but i wouldn't care if our school lost horribly in front of my eyes. Maybe its just that i hate my life, but i would rather think it my school than everything that i am. Which is a fifteen year old foster child from all over cali, but who doesn't like to inflict pain like these people do. when i am a mother and my kids ask me about my high school life I want to tell them about what an awesome experience it was. but i know it won't be, and I will probably look back when asked the question and want to only forget about it. Does anyone have the same kinds of feelings? is it normal?

Is it better to have no friends or bad friends?

In a situation like this I feel it is better to have no friends. In fact, even when you mixed with these people you still had no friends - because a bad friend is no friend at all.By staying free of people who are harmful to you, you create space in your life for others to come in. You get rid of the negative vibes that toxic ‘friendships’ surround you with.Yes, it’s difficult to remain alone when there is so much pressure to be in company. But in time things will change. You will meet other people who share your outlook on life, who value honesty and loyalty.Until then, follow your good instincts and avoid your ex-friends as much as possible.

Is it bad that I prefer to have no friends?

Thanks for the A2A.Without a context, from a straight point of view: yes, it is bad.There are many health benefits associated with strong social relationships (refer to the often-cited “Social Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-analytic Review” from Holt-Lunstad, Smith and Layton in 2010). Humans are social animals, and our bodies respond to interaction and physical contact.I do believe that having “bad” friends (i.e. who you feel you cannot trust or have a good time with) is worse than having no friends at all. Also, I am an introspective person myself, and I just cannot stand being among lots of people all the time. I do not even meet my friends on a weekly basis - books and internet pretty much work for me, and I feel recharged when I am alone. However, having a couple of good fellows to hang out sometimes and getting in the stupidest or deepest conversations keep your brain running and give an extra motivation when things go bad.As I told you, it’s an out-of-context answer. I do not know what are your reasons to think about having no friends. Should you intend to discuss further, please do not hesitate to comment. However, as a general rule, I recommend being open to friendships.