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Is It Bad To Leave My 1 Month Old Baby With A Babysitter

Can i take my 1 month old baby to the movie theater?


You know.. My husband and I did this with our daughter at 2 months.. we were desperate to get out and were afraid to leave her with a sitter so we took her...

I spent the entire movie in and out of the theater.. her crying,..others looking at me in disgust for disrupting the movie..oh it weas miserable...
Buy a DVD and weatch it at home or hire a sitter

PLUS you will expose your very YOUNG child to every thinkable germs or viral infection currently going around in that nice recirculated air!

Good Luck

Babysitting a 10 month old that is VERY needy?

I babysit a 10 month old girl 3 days a week. I feel that the neediness towards me is beyond any other situation I have ever heard of. I have a 3 year old, so holding her constantly and not leaving her line of vision ever is not something that is possible. She does not do this to her parents like she does to me. And if we are all at the same place she will grab for me even if her mother is holding her. I literally can not walk past her for any reason. I can not go to the bathroom. I can not go into another room. I can not hug, hold or kiss my child. I can not set her down. I can not turn my back to her. I can not do any of these things with out her crying hysterically. ( most of the time without tears) aside from all of those things there is no way I can think about trying to clean up the house without her melting down. I just really think this is a little much. My poor child says"be happy baby" and is starting to act out. I don't know what to do to stop this cycle. I don't understand.

Babysitting a 3 month old?

Omg, first off, pls don't' listen to the first answer!!! A 3 month old baby should NOT be having ANY solids at all!! Solids should start at the earliest - 4 months, but you can wait until 6 months even, but never before 4 months!!!

Ok sorry =) I'm sure the baby's parents will leave you instructions as far as what his or her feeding schedule is like. However, generally: if the baby is formula fed, expect him or her to eat every 4-6 hours. If the baby is fed breast milk that mom pumped - he or she will likely eat more often as breastmilk is digested faster. If the parents don't leave instructions - ask! Find out what time the baby usually naps, what does he or she like before a nap - rocking? singing? some babies have routines that they really like (my 1 year old still does! haha). Also be sure to check/change the baby's diaper frequently. If the baby is a girl - be sure to wipe front to back. Make sure to find out from the parents if they use any special lotions/creams on the baby's bottom.

Now for the fun stuff! At 3 months old, babies are becoming more alert and the baby will enjoy playing with you. You can read to him or her, shake a rattle near him/her - show the baby colorful pictures, talk to him/her.....have fun with it!

Good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine, and as I said, I'm sure the parents will leave instructions...when my boys were babies I always left VERY detailed notes for the sitter

Parents: have you ever caught the babysitter doing something bad?

If yes, explain. And you know what "bad" means... anything you know they shouldn't have been doing while you weren't home.

I don't have kids yet but I was just curious :)

Should a 4 month old baby attend a funeral?

Yes it's okay to take your 4mth old and your 9 1/2year old.

Be sure to take quiet toys (e.g a plastic spoon) for your baby to play with, and stay at the back near the exit so if baby makes a noise you can discreetly leave until baby is settled.
You're 9 1/2yr old will be perfectly fine, be sure to educate the child on what to expect at the funeral, how others will be behaving and what behaviour is expected of the child. Many children who attend funerals are surprised (and over whelmed) at the viewing, and with so many loved one's being sad at the same time. Best to help the child adjust to this idea before attending the funeral. Also its good to have both parents available to tend to the children at all times, so if the baby cries the mother can escort the baby outside, and if the 9 1/2yr old isn't coping, the father can take him/her outside.

I was very reluctant and nervous about taking my 6mth old to a funeral. He was silent the entire time until the music started - and thats when he started cooing to the music happily. I led him away from the gathering as i didn't want to be disrespectful, but afterwards many of the elderly people attending the funeral told me that our son had helped them cope with their loss.

At the wake, he was cuddled by all the relatives, many whom had not met him before, and most of the people remarked that seeing someone so young helped them deal with their loss.

Things to remember when babysitting a child 6-8 months old?

Babies are really pretty simple to care for, you feed them, put them down for naps, change diapers, and play with them. An important thing to remember is that if you are keeping the baby in your house you should def baby proof everything. Get down on the ground and look at things from that level and you will probably see tons of stuff you wouldn't normally notice.

By 8 months it is highly likely that the baby will be mobile..most likely just crawling, but maybe pulling up on furniture and "cruising". Never EVER leave them alone on ANY high surface. Also by 8 months it is highly likely the baby will be on solid foods as well as breastmilk/formula so ask the parents to provide food to ensure you don't give anything they are allergic to. It's not likely that you will be giving them a bath, but if you must just make sure to hold them at all times and never leave them alone.

Ask the parents how they usually get the baby to sleep, it is important to keep routines as close to it is at home as possible.

Most of all just have fun with him/her. Don't be afraid to get down and play. Well, I am not sure what I missed since it is late and I am half asleep but I think I got most of the main points. I can help with any other advice you need! I have a 9 month old baby girl and I have been a childcare provider for 5 years!

We're leaving our 5 year old dog with a dog sitter while we go on a 2 week vacation. He's never been left alone before. Will he be okay?

I'm always wary. My JR was the love of my life. We carefully vetted a sitter for her and my sheltie. The woman seemed lovely. We weren't away long but when we got back Holly seemed very subdued. I put it down to the fact we'd left her. We then had a long weekend trip come up so booked them in. As soon as we turned into the woman's street Holly became very agitated and then refused to leave the car. We left her in there, went and paid the lady came home and cancelled the trip. Something had clearly gone on. Since then we've always found people we know, or through people we know to come and stay at our house. Holly was a different dog when we came home, much happier. My Sheltie, Flurry, lovely though he was, was nowhere near as sensitive.So I would advise. Try it once and then listen to your dog. I now have a Chinese Crested, Acer and he's joined at the hip to me. Again if I have to go away people stay here. It's bad enough for him to lose his mum without being in a strange place as well. But again my other dog, terrier Dill, would happily go off with a stranger! They are all very different.

How can a babysitter impress parents?

I'm meeting the mother of a 3 month old baby boy tomorrow morning about a possible babysitting job. She has three other people coming over throughout the day who are also interested in the job. I don't know anything about the other people, but could some current mothers and experienced babysitters give me some general advice about what to wear, what to bring, questions to ask, etc. that would give me a leg up? I really want the job.