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Is It Bad To Let My Kitten Playfully Bite Me

Why is my kitten so playful?

aw that was my kitten when I first brought her home. I'd beg and pray that she'd sleep because I hardly saw her sleeping. She was full of energy! I was exhausted running after her. You should be very happy! A active kitten = healthy kitten. Enjoy these moments with her. When she grows older you will beg for her to get up and play.

When she bites or scratches you either hiss at her or gently tap her on the nose. That's how a mother cat trains her kittens to stop any improper behavior. She will grow out of it, if you reinforce proper behavior. :) Mine grew out of that habit as she got older.

When she is playing let her play, don't stop her from playing. You don't want a sad, lazy kitten but stopping her from playing. But when she bites or scratches tell her to stop.

You can expect her to calm down when she is around 8-9 months. Spaying also helps calm down :p well in some cats.

P.S please keep her indoors forever and spayed if she isn't.

My kitten wraps her arms around my arm/leg/ and bites on it playfully, but it hurts?

Zeke, my furry feline used to do the exact same thing. I sought the advice of a trusting vet and was told to lightly spray him on the back side with a water bottle when he became too stimulated. It worked......and only after a few times. But you do not want to squirt a steady stream at them and you do not want to spray them in the face. And dont chase after them to spray. Thats where traumatizing the poor thing comes into play.

Is it a big deal if your pet bites you playfully?

It is not a big deal at the moment. But because you are allowing it to happen, they will continue it and become comfortable with doing it, so much so that you could end up with a much larger wound if they get excited and overstimulated. If you want it to stop, simply find other things for them to chew as well.But if it does get bad, or the bites begin to hurt, here’s what you can do:When you play with your dog, let him mouth on your hands. Continue play until he bites especially hard. When he does, immediately give a high-pitched yelp, as if you’re hurt, and let your hand go limp. This should startle your dog and cause him to stop mouthing you, at least momentarily. Praise your dog for stopping or for licking you. Then resume play. If your dog bites you hard again, yelp again.With a cat, you could growl at them in the same manner and again find them something else to scratch rather than yourself.Personally, I think having pets is just one of those things that causes scratches or wounds at one point or another. You just have to make sure your pets know that your skin is sensitive and tell them off when if it hurts or they bite/scratch aggressively.

Is it OK to let my kitten bite my fingers?

As most kittens are, she is being playful, I have 4 cats that I've had since they were kittens and they bite fingers, but if you let it go to long it could become a bad habit as they get older. So if your kitten is playing with your fingers and bites(not if she is licking them) nicely but not to nice, because she might take advantage of it, say "No No" and wag your finger at her, never hit her, she will fear you and be aggressive, and when she stops pet her a lot and say "Good Girl Good Girl" or "Good Kitty, Niiice Kitty" give her the duck to play with and reward her with a cat treat, but not always because she will get fat and she will believe she can get a treat for anything she wants. Also, discourage biting other peoples fingers too, the person might not mind it, but your kitten loses what she knows about not biting fingers. Also if she wants something to play with besides her duck, you can buy a toy that has a fuzzy on the end and it has a rod you hold to swing the fuzzy around, you can get them at Wal*Mart for about $3-$5.
Hope I helped

Mom Cat is biting her kitten in playful manner or are they fighting?

This is normal behavior for a mother cat. Kittens need activity and they need to learn to fight and hunt. Mother cats teach their babies how to hunt and fight, but playfully. You are right that the kitten is meowing because it got mildly hurt. The little squeal is letting the mother cat know that she has either scared or is playing too hard, the mother will ease up on the play.

You can teach the kitten not to bite or claw you too hard by making the same sound when she hurts you. A little nip when the little furball is just a kitten is kinda cute, but a full grown cat biting you is no fun. Don't use your hands to wrestle with the kitten, you are teaching the kitten that your hands are toys and it is okay to bite and scratch hands.

Don't push the mother away from her baby, she may feel that you are a threat to the baby and fight you but she won't be playing.

Bad ragdoll kitten habits?

I have a 9 week old ragdoll kitten he is a male seal point. I'm having a few problems with him. He keeps pouncing and biting me and he will stop at nothing. He also try's eating my hair and he always runs away from me when I approach him. Is he just being a playful kitten or should I be worried? When I try pet him he bites me.

I am a first time cat owner and would like my cat to be a loyal calm cat not a all day and night Phsyco. It would be Ideal if he would be a cuddly cat!

My dog bit my wife's cat playfully and my wife wants me to put him down, what should I do?

That depends. Is your dog a small dog or is it larger than your wife’s cat? If they’re the same size you need to have a conversation with your wife because her reaction is a bit drastic. If the dog is bigger though, I understand her wanting it gone, because her kitty is an eight pound creature who plays in a very different way than a sixty pound dog. Either way, there are a lot of things you need to do. All of them revolve around regaining your wife’s trust back and removing the cause of the issue. Your wife’s cat is a ten pound, delicate creature. The first and foremost is to make sure your dog has a kennel and obeys a command to enter it (every time). If the kitty is indoor only, putting the dog in the backyard for a week or two may help, but if kitty is indoor/outdoor they will interact anyway. You also need to enroll your dog in a training course. This is to instill or refresh discipline, and that biting in any form is not okay. You really can’t let any aggressive play slide - at home it needs to be toys only and lots of tug of war and fetch. You also need to incorporate dog play time. Find a dog park or somewhere for him to interact with other dogs around his size, so that he doesn’t feel the need to rough house with kitty.Your wife’s cat should also have plenty of territory that your dog can’t get to. I completely believe that it was playful because cats play fight, and it looks like real fighting to the unfamiliar. Dogs are enthusiastic, and this is why her cat should be able to avoid him or get away if it wants to. Each of my cats has the top of a bookshelf or somewhere else out of reach that they can retreat to mid-play or whenever they want. Consider creating at least one such space in each room as a preventative matter, and to show your wife you really do care about the safety of her cat and to preserve the playful relationship between your two pets.

How to stop my kitten from biting?

I have a 7 week old kitten. She is the sweetest kitty, but when she's in a playful mood she loves to bite all over my hands and arms. I know if I let her keep biting me she will think it's okay and bite as she grows up. I've been giving her toys to bite whenever she starts to bite me, but she will still always end up chewing on me. How can I stop her biting habit so that she doesn't have this habit as an adult cat?

My kitten wont stop biting! he doesnt even let me pet him, he just lunges at my hands and fingers. what do i d?

ha ha! He loves you! I have 5 of the little monsters plus the mum, and one of them is the same. He's determined, bold and a fighter.
Does he try grabbing your fingers and pulling them to his mouth or is he just always trying to bite you? The difference is that cats communicate in an odd way and grabbing your fingers and pulling them into his mouth can be a sign that he wants to eat a little more or drink a little more, or sometimes a sign of thanks, as he's acknowledging the hand that feeds him. (He won't associate it with being part of the rest of your body!)
If he's biting you using more of a head action than pulling your hand into his mouth, he's playing and doesn't know it's wrong. This can be hard to stop so you need to get him used to a key word such as no and said in a firm voice at the same time as alarming him. I pat mine on the side slightly, it doesn't hurt them, but they don't like it! And they learn after a max two attempts, but you must let them feel your anguish and not just hear the 'no'.
What you're doing wrong is your spoiling him rotten!