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Is It Better To Do Cardio Or Fat Burn On The Elliptical

Do elliptical machines burn belly fat?

Nothing "burns fat." What is burnt is calories, and whether that ultimately leads to fat loss depends on how much you eat vs. how much you expend on a daily basis.

With that said, elliptical trainers are a decent calorie burning form of exercise. It involves most major muscle groups, is low impact, and allows you to reach varying heart rates for extended periods without fatiguing any one area excessively. It's pretty similar to running, which is probably the most natural and effective form of exercise there is, but with less impact. The reduced impact of foot-on-pavement is what I see as the REAL reason anyone should choose an elliptical, especially people with joint problems.

So there is no real advantage or disadvantage to an elliptical in terms of fat loss specifically. Fat loss is mainly dictated by diet and energy expenditure.

Is a treadmill or elliptical machine a better investment for cardio workouts?

The elliptical is almost certainly better for 1 major reason. The elliptical will keep you from getting all kinds of snap action *hodge twin voice*.First, you need to know how dangerous running CAN be.A master statistician named Menno Henselmans compiled the injury data from multiple sports/activities, and found this:As you can see, running has a high rate of injury. Over triple the injury rate of crossfit interestingly.Why? Well I have a theory on this.When people take up a running regimen, they just start running. Most people don’t try to learn proper running technique, because they believe they know how to run.I mean, of course they know how to run. They’ve been running since they were children right?Wrong. You need to know proper technique for any type of exercise activity.Back to the question. the elliptical doesn’t require your feet to make an impact on a surface. This means that there is no force being applied to the joints repeatedly, which is the reason most people get injured.So if you want to do cardio long term, without your knees and ankles exploding one day, go with the elliptical.

Which one is better for fat loss, an elliptical machine or a stationary cycle?

Dear Amrita, my answer may not be the exact reply to your question but still, I thought of writing the same.Elliptical machine and stationery cycle both are cardio machines which used in good intensity leads to weight loss.It is always good to go for outdoor jogs or brisk walk instead of doing cardio workout at one place in the gym. Try once jogging in a green park, with beautiful sky, flowers and place full of oxygen. Target for good 30 mins slow motion jog and followed by 10 reps x 2 sets of push ups, chair dips, squats and crunches.Cool down with pranayam and stretching full body. This workout will give you good feeling and keep you charged for entire day. If you looking for fat loss or weight loss this is the perfect plan which you can practice for 2 months and see the difference.The entire workout consists of an hour, which i guess one should give for self to stay fit and healthy. Sorry, the answer is different but give good results.regards, Vik

What burns more fat, 1 hour on a elliptical machine or 30-40 mins of HIIT like the Insanity videos?

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Does cardio burn fat?

I'm getting frustrated because some people are saying to do cardio to burn fat and others are saying to lift weights to burn fat and cardio only builds stamina. So which one should i do?
also, which is better the treadmill or the elliptical?

Treadmill VS Elliptical for burning fat?

that one person said that the best way to get rid of stomach fat was doing situps. NOT TRUE! you get rid of fat by cardio exercises..not situps. situps will tone and build some muscle, but that won't do you any good if you have fat over the muscle..situps don't get rid of fat.

but I would say that the treadmill is better for burning fat...but what you should do is mix up your workout routine. use the treadmill on some days, use the elliptical on others. you don't want your body to get used to a workout, causing you to hit a "plateau". you'll stop seeing results because your body is so used to the workout.. you need to keep your body guessing. so I'd say your best bet would be to mix up your workout routine.

but to answer you question quickly, the treadmill is probably better for fat burning. the elliptical is better for your joints, but it's also helping you a little, because you aren't quite taking real steps like you are on a treadmill.

2 hours on elliptical?!?

2 hours on an elliptical machine is A LOT.

I do 25 minutes (which turns out to be about 2 miles) and I'm exhausted, 2 hours is crazy.

I suppose if you did it slowly 2 hours wouldn't be so bad but cardio (heart rate of 140 or so) is better for fat loss.