Is It Cheap/tacky To Use Disposable Serveware In A Friends And Family Garden Party

What is it like to grow up in a middle class Indian Family?

Have never been sat upon the two wheeler’s fuel tank in childhood.Ate lemon rice as lunch in most of the days at school.While people are going after finished the school by paying money to upcoming buses but you are waiting hours for the city bus to get free ride by government’s student bus pass.While other children are enjoying with crackers in Diwali and you are awaiting in bus stop on late evenings for crackers which your father will bring after finished his duty.While your friends buying Text book for every semester and you are just taking full book xerox instead.Have never asked dad gadgets like cycle to mobile to motorbike as he is working hard to run my family.Submitted the documents to bank which will be no-longer-available-in-world to get educational loan.Utilizing the toothpaste 99.9% somewhat like this9. Thinking 100 times before buying anything.10. While people are going race with their two wheeler and you are very happy with GTA on your laptop which has given by government.11. You planned to study for government services exam and ended up on Middle-East as your father is still striving hard to manage his family on this old age.12. While people are commuting in Volvo buses(30 Rs) in Chennai and you are waiting in bus stop with the deep thinking of getting White board(6 Rs) bus or Green board (9 Rs) instead.13. while waiter in hotel asking which Briyani you prefer and you are replying “Parota Please” most of the time and facing his obnoxious smile ahead.14. While people going for Barbecue Nation to eat chicken and you just cook with your friends and enjoy.15. While people are going for Lifestyle, Mega mart for their purchases and you just roaming in T. Nagar for cheap & best.16. While people are going Multiplex on weekends and you just enjoying breeze on a beach walk at Marina.17. Never been into KFC or McDonald, once walked into Starbucks only to take selfie.18. While people are enjoying their weekends on a get together and you are just going to a temple and thanking god for what you deserve.Being an upper class get you whatever you want perhaps but being a middle class will teach you the value of a Rupee or handful of rice.Thank you for your patience with this middle class guy.

When you have parties do you use Paper plates, Plastic Plates or your fine china?

BBq's and casual parties - paper plates, paper cups, paper napkins.

Steak & lobster in the dining room - Holidays etc. - fine china
And if it is truly a formal dinner ( holiday) I also go all out and do the full setting of silverware and all the types of glassware.

Otherwise I just use the normal knife, fork, spoon with my everyday dinnerware.

It all depends on the type of party you are throwing, casual or sit down.