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Is It Dangerous For A 13 Year Old To Drink This Much Coffee

Is 13 year olds old enough to drink coffee?

Why not? Not lgiving coffee to the kids just don't make any sense. In countries like Belgium, Germany, Neetherlands, we don't see any problem with giving coffee to young kids. Studies made about cafeine show cafeine is ok even for young kids. Taken in a reasonable way, cafeine has no more effect over kids than over adults.
Under 12 years old, doctors recommand no more than 2.5 miligramms by kilo. So, 5 mg by pound.
1 small cup of coffee = 150 miligramm of cafeine. That means if a 5 y.o kid weights more than 30 pounds, he can drink one cup of coffee a day.
After 12 y.o., the limit is 3 cups a day.
1 coffee (regular size) = 3 cans of DrPepper = 2 expresso = 1.5 mcdomald small coffee = 3 cans of coke light = 4 cans of regular coke = 20 cups of milk chocolate (there is cafeine in chocolate) = 1/2 pound of chocolate.

Safe to drink coffee 13 year old?

i do not drink coffee all the time. like i had one to day. I will drink it like 2-3 a mouth. But is it safe for me to drink coffee. i bin drinking it since i was like 11 years old. I have heard it does help with how long you live.

Should I let my 14-year-old daughter drink coffee?

I started drinking caffeinated beverages at age 13. Here's why and how it has affected me:At 13, I needed to be at my bus stop by 6:15 am every weekday morning for school. I usually had 1 hour before this to get up, shower, do my hair, apply minimal cosmetics, eat breakfast, pack my lunch, and walk to the bus stop. I usually did homework until at least 10 pm, and frequently past midnight. So, throughout high school I subsisted on about 5-7 hours of sleep per night. Teenagers are optimally supposed to get 8-10.I was not a morning person, and I hated coffee. My parents drank pots of coffee every day, but I couldn't stand it. So, I went with soda. I drank a Pepsi Max with my breakfast every morning, and I still do every single day.The effects I've noticed are:Migraines: if I skip my morning caffeine, I almost always get a migraine. I get them occasionally regardless, but not having my Pepsi every morning is a trigger.Dependency: I actually feel relief when I take my first sip of soda. I would buy Pepsi instead of food, if it came down to that. It is less expensive than a Starbucks addiction, so that's a plus. I can now drink coffee (with lots of sugar) or use an caffeine supplement to get my "fix," but I prefer Pepsi.Growth: I'm the shortest person in my family. This might just be genetics or other factors, but I am the youngest caffeine consumer among my family members. I stopped growing at about age 13-14.School: I just graduated college with highest honors. Again, lots of factors were present that helped me to do that, but it might be good to know.Best of luck to you and your daughter!Edit: Guys, please don't criticize my personal dietary choices online. We're all strangers, and none of us will likely change our minds on this. To be honest, I wouldn't change my behavior even if my mom told me exactly what the commenters are saying. And she does, with slightly less condescension.

I'm a 15 years old boy and I'm drinking coffee for more than 7-8 years twice a day. Is it bad for my health?

It's actually probably healthier for you than if you were drinking a liter of soda a day.  I wouldn't worry about it too much at 15.   Now if you were still SEVEN and you asked if it was bad for you I'd send you off to your parents to talk about it, but as far as I know, the nutsos out there in ControlVille aren't yet pushing for minimum age laws on coffee.- MJM

Is coffee bad for a 13 year old?

Not really, as long as you don't drink a lot. Coffee has more good things than bad things. The caffeine and antioxidants it contains may prevent Parkinsons, diabetes, cavities, improves immune system and does a few other good things as well. If you look at it, coffee is actually quite a healthy thing to have in your diet (gourmet coffee is a lot better since it has more antioxidants). But, only in moderation. At your age, I would not drink more than a cup a day (that means 8 ounces, which may not necessarily fill your cup). Having caffeine does not automatically make it bad for you. Its only bad if you are taking in too much caffeine (and that coincides with what was mentioned about drinking in moderation). Its actually the caffeine suggested in studies that helps prevent diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

Is it ok for a 13 year old to drink coffee/lattes?

Caffeine stunting your growth is a myth. 5-6 cups a month has been proven to improve brain function and alertness, which has been linked to higher intelligence so I would say it's fine. Too much is bad for the heart, for anyone so as long as it's not overdone it is actually good for him. Yes cappuccino and frapuccinos have caffeine and milk.

Should a 13-year-old boy drink 1 to 2 cups of coffee every day?

I would not. Coffee has almost as much caffeine in it a a glass of Sprite. A boy that age is already wired up tight enough. Additional stimulation is not needed. A glass of orange juice would work as well, and has the additional value of being nutritious .

How much caffeine can a 13-year-old drink?

It depends on how responsible (or mature) this 13-year-old is. My brother used to have 2–3 Mountain Dew’s in one sleep over with friends and he’d usually be fine, besides crashing at the end of the night. But his friends would get extremely hyper and more active with just one soda. Though it did eventually catch up to them in the form of weight gain and being inactive to the point of not wanting to leave the bed or chair. I guess that depends on how the child is in-taking the caffeine though. I’m no expert, but I would say caffeine is okay in small portions that are some what spread out from each other.

Is it true that, if a 13-year-old starts drinking coffee, his/her growth stunts, assuming he/she is still growing?

No, not really. I’ve been drinking caffeinated drinks since I was maybe six, and I’m taller than my own mother (I’m 5′7′’ ish). I’m pretty sure adults just say that so that their kids don’t get hyped up on caffeine before they get to that point in their life that caffeine doesn’t make them goofy and loud. Now, lack of sleep from drinking coffee too late can put a damper on your health, but that’s less from caffeine itself and more of improper scheduling (don’t drink it in the afternoon, I mean).