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Is It Ever A Good Idea To Lie To A Modeling Agency About Your Age

Should I lie about my age to a modeling agency?

I want to get signed by a modeling agency but I worry about my age being a dealbreaker. I'm 23, but I've been told by a lot of people that I look much younger, about 17-19. I take great care of my skin and eat very healthy, with the goal of looking young for a long time and I have a strong portfolio from shooting with local photographers.

I recently went to a networking/audition event where I met with a bunch of agents and they were all surprised when I told them my real age. I didn't receive a lot of interested from them, so now I'm wondering if I would've done better if I would've said I was 18.

Even if the agent initially believed me, does anyone know if I'd get in trouble if I lied about my age and then got caught if they did a background check on me? I've heard about other models and celebrities lying about their age to enhance their careers, but it seems like jobs in every other industry require passing a background check before getting hired.

Should I lie about my age to a modeling agency?

I'm taking a trip to New York in a few weeks and I want to visit some modeling agencies to see if I have a shot. The problem is that I'm 24, so I worry about being waaaay too old even though I constantly get told I look 18. I'm really considering lying about my age and saying I'm 18.

I've been modeling locally in a large Midwestern city for about two years and my agency here was shocked when I told them my real age, plus I get hit on by younger guys pretty often. I also am super into healthy living and skin care so I'm doing everything possible to slow down aging.

I know lying is generally bad so please don't give me some generic answer about how "honesty is always best" if you've never been in my shoes before. I want answers about how to handle my specific situation from people in the industry. Thanks! :)

Could i ever lie to my modeling agency about my eye color (contacts)?

i am African american and i was only going to tell them that my real eye color is like a dark green or dark grey would that be okay. what would happen if they found out that i lied to them, i know alot of models lie about their age and i feel like that is wayyy worse than lying about your eye color.

Is Teen modeling a good idea?

your friend is probably lying about being a model...modeling isnt really something people keep a secret. most girls have lied sometime in their young age about being a model...
I would not ask random people,, talk to your mom and dad and see what they think.

Can I start modeling at age 30?

Good question, Very simple answer.The answer is YES, and here is my advice to you.Start by looking in the mirror and imagine yourself as a model. Look at magazines or online, of models. Go and check out agency websites; feel yourself as a model.Don't doubt yourself. You'll get lots of no's and a lot of “no call backs”.Let this motivate you.Put yourself in a model's shoes. Its not an easy job (despite what people think), so exercise some empathy.Find yourself a photographer. There are many that will shoot you for free if you are respectful. Just be careful, use your head.Take lots of pictures! Establish yourself online (social media).After you have some shots and you're online, start submitting to agencies.Every one you can find (that you can fit the look of), SUBMIT.You will learn a lot along your own journey.Hope this helps.

Is 24 too old to try to start modelling even if you look younger?

I just turned 24 last week. I've been wanting to try out for modeling for a while and many people have told me I should since I was 18. Instead I went to an Ivy League and I didn't have much time for anything else but school work and campus activities. My school was also in the middle of nowhere where there were no local modeling agencies only student-organized campus fashion events. I am going to med school in a year, yet I still dream of modeling. Though I am 24, people think I am 18-20 because I my face looks younger than my actual age. I am about 5'10'' and I have a slim/athletic build with curvy hips. So what are my chances?

How much do model agencies lie about models measurements?

Do model agencies lie about models measurements exemple hips measurement because some times some models look bigger than other even they have same measurement and I think thats is almost impossiple that 5'10 hirl have so small hips. I'd like to know how much do agencies lie about measurement and some times Iit's seems like they want some girl just because she's tall but not really 34-24-34

Can a model lie to her agency about her age when signing a contract?