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Is It Good To Be Awkward Or Bad

Is being awkward good or bad?

i'm indian so there are so many formalities between us it's not even funny. but all my friends are turning into those types who punch each other in the boob or kiss each other and think nothing of it, only from a view of strong friendship. and they told me they don't wanna do it to me or in front of me cuz they feel awkward only cuz i'm acting like i'm uncomfortable. which is the truth. i don't understand how they can be so weird in a dirty physical sense sometimes.. and all the "popular" people at school are doing it... but i feel like the way i have been raised (to be always polite and still liberal but not dirty) is keeping me back from participating in their friendly love. i don't even know if i want to. i know times have changed and what not UGGHH i'm soooo confused. do u think i'm right or that their ways are a little too vulgar?

Is being awkward a good thing or a bad thing?

So I just went to a comic con near where I live and I went with my best friend. My best friend is a bit smart mouthy and makes sarcastic comments a lot. There was a lot of people dressed up at comic con. I was dressed up as aradia from homestuck and my best friend wa dressed as Laxus Dreyar from Fairytail. Anyways, so I noticed someone dressed up as Venom from Spider-Man and Venom is one of my favourite superhero villains so obviously I asked them if I can get a picture with them. My freind was taking the picture for me and As I was standing for a picture, she(my bff) comments and says "omg your so awkward when it comes to pictures Casey."
I felt a little embarrassed when she said that and I felt down if you know what I mean.

Is being awkward a good thing or a bad thing?
Should I embrace my awkwardness or should I feel embarrassed/ashamed?

Is awkward silence good or bad?

There is always a difference between a comfortable silence and an awkward one. I can sit with my friends or my boyfriend and we aren't talking but it's comfortable. I would say since you guys are good friends it just means it was a comfortable silence, like you are easy enough around each other without having to try to fill the time with small talk constantly

Is it bad to be socially awkward?

I am a very awkward person. Everything I say and do is horribly awkward. But normally it doesn't bother me. Normally I wouldn't consider myself shy, either. But lately a lot of my friends have been calling me shy, and I was wondering if that is prohibiting me from getting close to people. I live my life in my head- I am constantly thinking. So I normally am not paying attending to what's happening around me and often miss things people are saying. And I stay away from most social situations (like parties and things with a lot of people) so people have all these inside jokes that I'm not apart of, which causes me to zone out and become even more out of the loop. Again, normally I don't mind, but I'm going to be going to college soon, and I don't want this to prohibit me from making friends. Even when I am with my friends now, I refrain from saying things because what I'm thinking might be a little mean, and I don't like saying mean/hurtful things. Or I simply won't have anything to say in return. Also, when I'm in uncomfortable situations or with people I don't know, my brain shuts down. I don't know what to do or say, so I don't say anything. I don't know if this has to do with anything, but I have been known to have anxiety attacks, and new situations and crowds have been known to increase my anxiety. I like who I am, and I don't exactly want to change. I mean, I'm not fond of 90% of the people I meet (which might just have to do with the immaturity of high school students) and would much rather be by myself than around people I don't like, so that pushes me even farther from people. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to be alone forever, but will my actions keep me away from people? Or are there people out there who are like me, or can love me for who I am? My little sister is a lot like me, and we are best friends, but we can't be the only people like this.

Is being awkward a bad thing?

No, it's not "bad", it's normal, a lot of people are awkward. I am sometimes, but when I realize it, I joke about it openly. Being awkward in a social situation makes other people feel awkward in turn because they can tell you're uncomfortable for whatever reason. It's like the cold, if you got it, someone else close by may catch it therefore they have to avoid you.

Is awkward silences bad?

Dont fret, sometimes just because there is sometimes some awkward silences dosnt mean that you guys aren't great together!

Common interests are a good place to start... but sometimes it helps to think of some other things. Talking about awkward silences is always fun, and breaks the tension. Or maybe try playing a 2 player video game while your on the phone.

Ask HIM lots of questions about life, look at things in your room for ideas. Do you see your old stuffed bunny? Ask him if he ever had a favorite childhood toy, if he still has it. Guys also like to give advice, so ask him some questions about your life.

Besides that, be happy you have someone like him in your life, he sounds like a great guy!

I hope everything goes great with you two, and you have a AMAZING Christmas and fantastic rest of your life!


That Random (and hopefully somewhat helpful) Girl on the Internet (who should be doing her Algebra homework right now) :P

Is it okay to be awkward?

The real root of an answer lies in the question: is it socially acceptable to be awkward?Truth is, that will depend greatly on the social circles with which you’re involved. I find more geeky, nerdy circles where more people tend to be more awkward themselves or have awkward moments are very accepting of other awkward behavior. That said, a room full of bankers is likely less tolerating of awkward behavior and would frown upon it.From my experience, a lot of awkward behaviors seem to stem from people who overthink a situation and/or are suffering self-esteem issues. One aspect of self confidence is not being concerned with what people think that much which in turn makes the person less likely to be awkward so its a self-reinforcing situation. Same with the overthinking and over-analyzing, the more a person overthinks a social situation, the more distracted their brain becomes and the more likely they will do or say something awkward.Overall, I find if its not really hindering my life in some tangible way, I don’t worry about it or what other people think.

This girl feels awkward around me, is that a good or a bad sign?

maybe she got overwhelmed, I mean, good scenario- she was interested, but she thought about you, and now she's nervous, and having trouble communicating her feelings.-if you like her back, then say something to her, don't say you thought she was interested, but that you enjoyed talking with her, and want to go out or something. its only good scenario if you like her as well. bad scenario- she saw you do something, or you said one thing that wrecked everything, or she was interested, though about it, and now that she keeps seeing you around, she thinks you are interested, when she's over it, so she is trying to push you a girl, so it sounds like scenario one would be taken in my opinion as a sweet gesture either way.:)
good luck!

Is it a bad thing if I like being awkward and weird?

Not really. At the end of the day you are who you are!I'd rather a person be naturally awkward and kinda weird but is being true to themselves than someone who acts like someone they know they aren't.Everyone is weird in some way or another. I know I am so embrace who you are. Its all that counts!