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Is It Haraam Watching Filmd From Old Hollywood 1940s/50s Because The Actors Might Be Dead

How hard is it to act in hollywood?

I tell friends who want to act in movies and television that they should only pursue it if they can't imagine life doing anything else, and if they're willing to be poor and frustrated most of the time. Succeeding as an actor in Hollywood requires not only talent and an appealing or unique "look", but also a tremendous dedication to interpersonal politics and networking. You need an incredibly thick skin because you will be constantly rejected, even if you have a talent that surpasses Olivier. And luck plays an unpredictable "X' factor that is unfair, unjust, and impossible to ignore. The solace is that inexpensive digital production tools and social media at least allow actors to exercise their craft through their own ingenuity and investment, something the actors of the last 100 years of Hollywood could only dream of.

How hard is it to make it as an actor in Hollywood?

It isn't the easiest but in the industry they're always looking to cast different roles. A great way to get your foot in the door is to meet people already in the business. There's smaller roles like background, under 5 lines, voice over work but it does pay to know people from my experience. There are union and non union casting calls so I'd try to get work to try to get yourself into Sag/After as it has its benefits. I refer people to Central Casting which was started by a man who first cast me in the movie Witness in a small role, Bernie Styles, who passed away last year. There's one in LA, and NYC and if you're just starting out, I'd recommend going here. I worked with casting agents out of Philadelphia, Las Vegas and California, as well aa NY so be persistent and confident is my best suggestion. There are so many people trying to work as actors so it's quite competitive so I tell people to stand out . You also may want to look into local talent agents, casting calls as well as formal training in it as that never hurts. Hope this helps

Is it haraam watching filmd from old Hollywood (1940s/50s) because the actors might be dead?

there are current actors in recent movies that have died.. I dont think you should not watch an old movie just becasuse the actors might be dead... especially if you like them.. I love old black and white movies, they are terrific... i love the way they talk, the way the apartments are designed, the nightclubs everybody seemed to go to in every old picture... and you're right, there was no nudity and minimal bad language... if a couple went upstairs to bed, that was the scene, you didnt have to see them rolling around in the sheets...

How can foreigner become a Hollywood actor?

In my experience, this usually happens when an actor makes a name for him or herself and is then noticed by producers in the U.S.For a producer in the U.S. to employ an actor from another country, the producer must obtain an H-1 visa for the actor. To do that, the producer must demonstrate that the actor is of such unique ability, that a U.S. actor would not be able to fill the role. This is usually done through press clippings, credits, and reviews.Another route would be to legally emigrate to the U.S., obtain a green card (a permit to work), study acting, and pursue acting roles, all the while working to support yourself with a job that is flexible enough to allow you to go to casting sessions and job interviews during the day. The first place to go for instructions on how to emigrate to the U.S. would be the U.S. Embassy in your country.You are absolutely correct that it is not easy, but if you have the desire and the will to pursue it, there is a chance you can succeed. Some do. Do not go into it because you want to get rich or famous. Go into it because you love acting with such a passion that you cannot envision yourself doing anything else with your life.Despite the rhetoric you may hear, the U.S. was built and is sustained by immigrants (preferably those who come in legally). It’s actually our secret weapon. I wish you all the success that is possible.

Why are the 1920s considered the golden age of Hollywood?

Actually the 1920s are not really considered the Golden Age of Hollywood. Though this is no official title, most people consider this period to be 1930–1955.Why the Golden Age?Movies were just coming into their own, with most sound becoming a standard and filmmakers moving away from theatric techniques. While the three big silent stars of the 20s (Keaton, Lloyd and Chaplin) were making great films which pushed the boundaries. Others like Fairbanks and Valentino usually stuck to the melodramas. In the 30s, as filmmakers became more comfortable with the new normal of movies, they began to tell better and bolder stories.During this period the movie industry was working in a factory system. Everyone who was some one had a contract and had a weekly wage. They made constant money and produced some great work. People often worked with each other and developed great partnerships.America had just come out of prohibition, the great depression was going on. Later Hayes code was introduced. Different external factors added up to creative storytelling. Budgets became bigger and studios began to produce a wider variety of stories. Directors and screenwriters were getting more name recognition and free hand in producing their pet projects.IMO the main reason it is the golden age because the movies from this time had the best writing. Along with screenplays being tight, stories being bold, actors took risks outside their persona and directors pushed the boundaries of what film was.Two great genres the Film Noir and Screwball comedies emerged during this period. They were reactionary too. People needed to escape from the miseries of their daily life and they loved watching screwball comedies. Hayes code and the war made the world seem dark and dangerous place, Film Noir brought out that struggle with the Man and the latent anti hero within.I am pretty sure there are experts who would do a great job at answering this question with more precise examples and reasons. This is my 2c off the cuff.

What is the font for the Hollywood sign?

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There is no Bollywood sign because Bollywood is not an actual place. Bollywood is a name given because it is a "marriage" of the word Bombay (what Mumbai used to be called) and Hollywood. It is not a name that people in the Hindi movie business like. They prefer the term "Hindi films" to "Bollywood." As for the Hollywood sign, it used to be Hollywoodland until an actress jumped from one of the letters and committed suicide. If you are thinking of designing a similar sign, you may consider the font Aachen Bold to design it. That may be the closest font.

Who is the hottest Hollywood actress?

A rainy night and i am feeling naughty !!by god’s grace i came across this question… so get ready to ogle at some of the hottest ladies of hollywood :) :)Natalie Portman4 times Academy Awards nominee, Academy Awards best actress natalie portman is top of the new generation.Léa SeydouxThe bond girl !Brie LarsonShe is the one ! she will save us all. The earth’s fate lies in her hand. The entire marvel fandom and general audience waits for the messiahAMBER HEARDthe queen of atlantis … The royal beautyour very own the princess of Ocean , Mera !it’s sad that Jack Sparrow had to lose her.GAL GADOT …. the wonder woman not just reel but a real life too.Olivia MunnPsylocke .. she is slowly winningover with her beauty and talent.Emilia Clarkethe mother of dragonsMargot Robbie … harley queenMegan Foxshe is the ultimate hotness to go for pg-13 movies :)Mila KunisI would love to have a benefiting relation with a friend like her !Charlize TheronEVA GREENthe queen of crazy roles.Kristen Stewartthe girl who fell in love with the vampire in a very boring movie… well she has come a long way from her starting days.Jennifer Anistonthe Rachel .. well we all envy RossEmma Stonetwo times academy awards nominee, ranked #16 in Maxim magazine's Hot 100 of 2015, #27 in 2014, #21 in 2013, #7 in 2012, #42 in 2011, #49 in 2010, #66 in 2009,my Gwen Stacy .. she is pure class.Scarlet Johanssonaka Black Widow , Lucy , motoko kusanagi she is ultimate wet dream for every nerd out there.Jennifer Lawrencetalent + brain + looks + human , yes that’s what she is. while other stars shine far away in the sky. she has shown time and again she is just as an earthling like us.and the one ,without her no modern list is completeALEXANDRA DADDARIOI don’t understand the case with her. She is one of the brightest emerging talent , she is a real beauty . but her filmography …umm lets not talk about that.. instead focus on the good things.i am feeling too hot , I need a shower !!Enjoy !!!-BongBatman

Is it possible to become an actress / actor in Hollywood without having taken acting classes? How?

It is, but I wouldn't recommend it. I have three university degrees in the field, and over 20 years of training. I was a professional actor in Hollywood, and I met plenty of people who had never acted in a play or movie, and had never taken one acting class. Many of them were pretty, and had the dream of "making it big." It seemed like they didn't want to work for it, but have it come to them instead. This was several years ago, but today, many of these people would probably end up starring on some reality television show. Can you make it into film and television without a single acting class? Sure, I suppose. But why would you want to? :-(Many of the smart ones, realized they had no training, and were at a natural disadvantage. As you can imagine, LA is full of acting training classes and workshops, and they are ALWAYS rightly full. Most people want at least some training. It's nearly impossible to instinctively intuit how to act and move in front of a camera. Classes and training serve many practical purposes and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Why is hollywood called "hollywood"?

There is some disagreement as to who was the first to name the place Hollywood. One account says that the name was coined by H. J. Whitley,[2] the Father of Hollywood. He and his wife Gigi reportedly came up with the name while on their honeymoon (from Margaret Virginia Whitley's memoir).[2] He was called the Father of Hollywood by the Los Angeles Times and many others. His gravesite in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery posts that title. Another account is that Mrs. Wilcox coined the name in 1883; while on a train she became acquainted with a wealthy lady who often spoke of her country home named after a settlement of Dutch immigrants from Zwolle called "Hollywood", and when she returned to Los Angeles she so named her country place.

In movies is it illegal for a older actor to kiss a minor?

When I say older i mean 20's or something, it doesn't even have to be passionate as in tongues down each others through or anything, but if a person over 18 kisses a miner an there characters aren't related or anything ( like a child and dad) is it illegal??
For example in the twilight saga, Jacobs played by Taylor who's in his 20's and he's characters suppose to be in love/Care about rennee ( can't spell her name) well if she was older like 14/15 would it be a criminal offence if they had a scene where they where suppose to kiss?? I'm doing media this yr and was just wondering