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Is It Haram To Not Get Married Or Have Kids

Would it be haram to never get married?

Dear sister,

Marriage is OPTIONAL. Hence, it is Entirely YOUR CHOICE whether you want to get married or not. If you don't get married, you won't get any sin AS LONG AS you stay Chaste and do not commit any illegal sexual acts e.g. fornication etc.

Islam is an easy way of life, and Allah understands that many people prefer not getting married (as they can resist evil 'urges' better than others).

Salam alaykum~

Is it haram if I never want to get married?

Ramadan, I changed my mind. I think marriage is just an excuse for Muslims to have sex without committing adultery. I am a religious Muslimah, and I think I'll just devote my life to worshipping Allah (SWT). I just don't ever want to get hurt. It makes me sad that men are allowed up to four wives and have high libidos. And if they go to heaven, they get all the virgins they want. I don't want my heart to be broken. I already had my ex fiance cheat on me with three different women, and I don't want to be unhappy if I go to heaven and watch my husband sleep with all those virgins. It's not fair to me. Astaghfir Allah, I don't mean to sound like I'm against Islam, but my heart is breaking, Ramadan. Will it be haraam if I don't want to get married?

Islam: Is it haram to don't get married?

No it is not.

Is it haram in Islam to never marry?

I'm' not just some dumb 16 or 19 years old, I'm a 24 years old muslim guy and an actual virgin not the bs virgin who do other stuff or sow their oats then "repent" I never even kissed a girl I been asked out before by a few but always said no because it is haram and they were non muslim but they were pretty! When I see muslim committing it turns me off to the idea of marriage even if they repent no one is perfect but sex cannot happen on accident or mistake you knew what you were doing you just did not want to stop so there is no excuse even of your family was not religious it's basic knowledge. Next year inshallah I will be promoted to a Job where I can live an excellent lifestyle travel the world and invest more in the stock market but my parents keep trying to get me married but I don't want to I don't crave companionship, I do have a high sex drive but getting married just to have sex is not worth it so can I just stay an unwed virgin my whole life?

I just see marriage the way the Quran defines alcohol There are a lot of benefits but more cons then pros. I thought marriage was optional until I read this.

In Islam. Is it haram to marry some one that you have dated?

I have seen no reason to believe it is haram in and of itself for you to marry a person you have previously dated. Of course, the person can’t be a mahram. If you are Sunni, the religious qualifications are different depending on your gender. If you are male, your proposed partner must be a Person of the Book; if you are female, he must be a Muslim. If you are Shi’ite, your proposed partner must be a Muslim in order to contract a nikah with them, regardless of your gender.That said, it is haram for you to be ‘dating’, unless all of your interactions meet the following requirements:if you are male and your proposed wife has never been married before, you have the permission of her family (in particular, her father, unless he is a non-Muslim and she is a Muslim, in which case she will be under the care of her mosque and it is with them that you will need to consult if you wish to court her); if you are female, ensure that you have the appropriate permissions as detailed above;any time you spend together is chaperoned - you never spend time alone together;you do not touch;you do not view any portion of each other that is part of your awrah - so if you are male, you only view her face and hands; if you are female, you never see any portion of him between his waist and his knees, and preferably nothing from the neck down except his hands;you do not make eye contact;you do not flirt;you keep the conversation honorable and purpose-driven - focused on deciding whether or not to marry.If there is a problem with permission, find out why. If it is not a good reason - for example, because you are known to engage in sinful behavior - but rather because of such things as your financial or social class, see your imam for advice. In principle, her parents do not have the right to prohibit you to marry her if she wants to marry you and there is no reason to suppose you won’t be a good husband.If you are courting, you need to immediately ensure the family is either on board or cut out of the picture through sound advice from your imam. She would then come under the care of the mosque for marriage purposes. Then you need to ensure that all of your interactions meet the above-listed qualifications until you are married. You need to make your decision as quickly as possible in order to avoid leaving each other hanging.If you are not ready to marry, you should not be courting anyone at all.

Why is sex before marriage haram?

I mean, it doesn't make sense. What if you fall in love with a person and marry them but they suck in bed and you're not satisfied? How will you know if you don't experience what works best for you before marriage ? Sometimes I question things about Islam.

In Islam, is it haram for a male to never have any offspring and to never marry a woman?

Of course it is not haram!But you can't have your cake and eat it too.You can't be with women unless they are Mahram to you, if you do not intend to marry.The benefits of all things in Islam comes with prices for abstaining from the halal just because you refuse to enjoy the mercies afforded you by your Creator including his most magnificent creation, woman and her sub-creation, children!