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Is It Illegal For My Parents To Withhold Legal Documents To Prevent Me From Leaving Home

Is it illegal for a dentist to not allow parents into the room where their child is getting dental work?

To make a very very very long story as short as possible..My daughters dad took our daughter to the dentist where they told him she had 2 cavities and needed to get some dental work done. Basically he said the dentist told him he wasn't allowed in the room because he was going to make her nervous. He said he wasn't ok with it but went to the lobby anyways. After being in the lobby for 10 minutes he said he "needed" to use the restroom and instead of going to the restroom went to check up on her. He said the curtains were closed (they don't have doors) and that he slightly opened it and saw my daughter had tears, had her hands & legs restrained and that he heard the dental assistant (a guy) telling her you better stop moving or we're going to give you a bigger injection so you can fall asleep and when you wake up it's going to hurt even more. He said when the dentist saw him peeking that he got up and told him to wait in the lobby that he wasn't allowed and my daughters dad said he said no, I will not wait outside, untie her, finish doing what you're doing and I will never come back here and proceeded to tell the dental assistant who the hell he thought he was to scare her that way. So he said again the dentist insisted in him waiting outside, and my daughters dad told him I'll be damned to leave my daughter in a room with 2 men. Which I know was totally uncalled but then again the world is a crazy place. Anywho, he said there was a back and forth of words and that at the end the dentist said he wasn't going to work on her cativities, to take her somewhere else. Fortunately, he had just numbed her and hadn't drilled yet.

I called our insurance but it's already closed. I called the dental office but all the receptionist said was that we would be hearing from the dentists lawyer, that they were going to sue my daughters dad for defamation of character.

I completely understand where the dentist is coming from (I know my daughters dad can be pretty nasty) but then again isn't it illegal to keep a parent out of the room where their child is getting any kind of medical procedure done?

Is it illegal for my parents to withhold my birth certificate from me?

Hi, my sister just moved out of my parents house because of all the drama and fights. She has moved in with me and she is 18 years old. My parents are withholding her social security card, ID, and birth certificate. They also wont give her her tooth brush, shower stuff, and makeup that she wasnt able to grab when she left. Is it illegal for them to keep all her stuff? Can she get a police escort over there to get all her stuff? Will the police force my parents to give her stuff to her? I live in chicago, IL.

I am 18 but my parents are withholding my birth certificate and social security card...?

I would not even bother arguing with them--let it go. Contact the local Birth of Records at the court house where you were born--apply for a certified copy of your birth certificate--pay a small fee and you will have one of your own, in some areas you can do this on line. If they inquire as to why you need one (ie: lost-stolen-etc) --say it was stolen.
Once you receive your birth certificate--go on down to your local social security office and get a new card--if they want to know what happened to it--tell them your original one was stolen. You will want to have the new one mailed to a different address--since they do not issue on spot--they mail to you--you do not want to have your parents receive the new card before you do.
I do not think your "parental units" will go through with their threats for they are hurt at the moment--but just let it go and get yourself your own.

Is it illegal/unfair for a parent to take away their child's belongings that the child had bought? What is your opinion?

It’s a crime to take away someone’s properties without consent. If you bought them yourself, they are yours and your parents have no right to take them. On the other hand, if you bought them with money your parents gave you, they aren’t yours. I have a job, so when I buy things for myself, they are 100% mine because I have a legitimate job and earned the money myself.If you get, let’s say 20 USD a week just to save for something, or to buy a weekly treat at the end of the week or something, that money still isn’t yours. Even if you did clean your room for it, or took out the trash, that money is still not yours. Cleaning your room and taking out the trash is normal things people are supposed to be doing when they live somewhere, some parents just decided to reward their children because then they won’t rush to finish the job, but actually, do it properly.As long are you’re under 18-years-old and you don’t buy things with money you’ve earned from a real part-time or full-time job, the money isn’t yours and your parents have all rights to take away whatever you bought with it. If you’re over 18-years-old, and your parents give you money, that money is now yours. When we are children parents own everything we own, because we can’t give consent, sometimes we make bad decisions and we don’t always know when to stop playing a game etc. When we turn 18 y/o, were considered an adult and we also automatically own everything we’ve been given. You wouldn’t confiscate your friend's phone if they bought it with money you gave them for their birthday, right? Well, you can’t do that to your child after they turn 18 y/o either because they are their own person now and are capable of making own rules.But, we need to think as our parents as our guardians. If you did buy a phone with your own money, but you can’t control how much time you spend on it and you don’t sleep enough or forget doing your homework because of it, they have all rights to take it away, because they are supposed to do so. their job as a parent is to stop you from hurting yourself and developing bad habits. If you’re over 18 y/o and live at your parent's house, I’m sorry, but you have to follow their rules. If you don’t want to you can move out.

Can my mom legally take my car from me when the title is under my name, and while I am currently paying it off to the bank? I am 20 and in college. My mom is taking my car without my consent. My insurance is under my dad's plan. What can I do?

Legally, if the car is titled in your name only, you don’t have a contract with your parents concerning the car, and you are over 18 (age of majority - Mississippi is 21, Delaware and Nebraska are 19, some states are 18 or high school graduation) and in the US, your mother has no claim on the car. The title is the ownership document, not the registration, not the insurance.If your parents are co-signers on the loan, then it is very likely that one of their names is on the title, which makes them co-owner of the vehicle. If your mother’s name is on the title, she has as much a legal right to your car as you do.It gets more difficult (not legally, just within your family) if your car is at your mother’s home, they pay the insurance and they are paying for your college and/or living expenses. While your mother cannot sell your car legally without your signature on the title - if her name is not on the title - your financial ties to your parents may make this a domestic affair that any judge would not touch.You can tell your mother that you will report the car stolen if she takes the car, then you will have to report your mother for a stolen car - she will be arrested if found with the car. You will have to be truthful with the police. You can’t hold back details of the relationship here.Have you actually told your mother that she does not have permission to drive your car? Maybe it’s time to simply remove the car from her access.

Is it illegal to withhold medication?

If you are a minor, yes it's illegal. People have sued the government saying their religious beliefs prevent modern medicine and courts have forced them to administer modern medication to the minor.

It is not your right to endanger your children for any reason. If you can make a case that it's a matter of your (or others) safety, she can be forced by a court to fill the scripts. If she doesn't you can get an adjudication.

Adjudication: she would no longer be your legal guardian, you would be your own unless the court awards custody of you to someone else, such as a father, grandparent etc.

EDIT: Soccerref, I downthumbed you because she has said (as I expected) that she is not 18, the type of meds she's getting are expensive and she probably can't afford them on her own so your whole theory goes out the window.

Is it illegal to hold someone's SS Card, Passport and Birthcertificate from them?

It's a little costly, and depends on your funds, but she can get another passport based on her prior passport issuance - it's at least $60 in addition to the other fees, and takes longer. Talk to an experienced acceptance agent at a local USPS office (they have liaison contacts within the Passport Agency that they can call - make them do it.) She will also need an Affidavit of Identifying Witness - DS - 71, from someone who has known her for 2 years. From there, she can get almost anything else. She might try to see what the Soc Sec office says as well. I'm sure this isn't the first time it has happened, and there might be a solution. You might contact a lawyer - legal aid is free, and some attorneys may have a free consultation.

I am 24 years old and I want to run away and I can't tell my parents. I have a feeling they will contact the police and put in a missing report. If I tell the police I am safe, would they tell my parents that I called them?

If a missing persons report was filed, police, if they find you, will actually ask you if it’s ok for them to let the people who filed the notice know where you are/that you called/anything about you. They are actually not supposed to tell them without your consent - assuming you’re above legal age. At 24, you have nothing to worry about.Since they can’t obviously keep false missing people reports open, they will just say that someone with information / seen you last, called in and let them know you were ok. The police will tell your parents they went to see you as a wellness-check, but they will not disclose your location and they will not bring you in to the station (provided you are not a criminal), and they will inform your parents after they’ve already seen you, so your parents can’t try to follow.I had a concerned man file one for me after I broke up with my ex, and I was actually trying to avoid this man was the reason he felt I was missing(dead)… but he wasn’t a danger so I didn’t let the police know. The police explained the procedure basically, and I said they could tell him I’m ok but nothing more. They handled it.

Parents won't give me my social security card?

No. Your source documents (License, birth certificates, social security card, among other things) are yours. Only yours.
Unless you are under the age of 18, or otherwise incapable of maintaining yourself (emotional, mental handicaps, etc), you are supposed to keep your documents with you.

You can either inform your parents of this, or go around their back and go straight to the Social Security Office. Show two forms of ID (generally, license and BC) and you can request a duplicate card. You're authorized up to 10 duplicate cards your entire lifetime.

However, this card will be mailed to you. So if your parents get your mail, you'll still be in the same boat.

And yes, there are Social Security rules and regulations governing the issuance and maintainence of the card. The office will be able to help you with that.

Hope this helps.