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Is It Innocent Or Inappropriate For A 19yo Girl To Act With Her 15yo Brother

My dad likes to put his hand on my lap when he drives, is this weird (I’m a 15-year-old girl)?

Take this into consideration as well: there may be other factors that you haven’t considered.My dad did something to me when I was about twelve. He was driving, I was in the passenger seat. He reached across me to make sure that I had either locked my door or to help me with my seatbelt - I don’t quite remember which. When he was done, he drew his hand back and in the process dragged it across my lap, seemingly touching me inappropriately.Nothing like that happened before or since, so I tried for years to figure out what could have happened there; my dad and I had a loving, if not always terribly close, relationship, and abuse would have been the last thing I would have accused him of. So for a long time I tried to rationalize what had happened, to see if my mind could come up with another reason for it.And suddenly, one day, I did - and it all made sense. My dad had a withered arm - a remnant from a bout of polio when he was a child. It destroyed the muscle tone in that arm and it never recovered. He had some minimal function with that arm, but he was never able to raise it very high or control its movements very well. When he was retracting it after having checked the lock or the seat belt, it wouldn’t have been impossible for him to lift it, but it would have been relatively difficult, and his only other option would have been to drag it across my lap. After this revelation, I began to remember numerous other occasions when he had had to awkwardly move his arm or drag it around - it was a very familiar motion to me, as I had seen him do it many times. But since I was only twelve at the time, none of that immediately occurred to me.I’m not saying that what happened to you was definitively because of something you hadn’t thought of, but I think you owe it to yourself - and your dad - to at least find out.If you do determine that what he is doing to you is actually abusive, please don’t hesitate to speak up and do something about it immediately.

Is it normal that my husband still allows our 14 year old daughter to sit on his lap?

This is a question that has many nuances and a lot of baggage that comes along with it.When I was growing up, my brother and I sat on my dad’s lap, but it wasn’t a clingy thing…just when we were goofing around being silly. There was absolutely nothing “sexual” about it on either side and I swear that if someone had suggested that it was inappropriate, all of us would have been flabbergasted. I’d like to point out that we sat on my mom’s lap from time to time, as well. All of that stopped when we got too big and heavy for them, but it was a joke at that point. We’d sit on their laps just to get pushed off. We were just that sort of family.Still, things have changed, society has changed and neither kids nor parents are as innocent as they once were.Is is normal for her to sit on his lap? That all depends on their relationship. What makes you think that it isn’t? Is your mother radar picking up on something, or are you simply watching too much reality TV, which is rife with fathers who have been or are being inappropriate with their daughters (or sons!)If it’s the latter, then you should take a deep breath and understand that MOST men do not molest kids. Good fathers have strong bonds with their daughters all the time without there being anything abnormal or questionable about their behavior or intentions.If, however, you don’t watch that sort of thing and aren’t glued to the news, yet you still have a sick feeling in your gut, go with your gut. There’s no better gauge as to how inappropriate it is than your intuition, unless it’s concrete knowledge of misdeeds.I hope this helps.

13 year old dating a 19 year old?!?

When my daughter was 13, she started dating an 18 yr old. He was the son of friends and they had known each other since she was 8. It wrenched my gut because there is NO WAY an 18 yr old guy who has good intentions would date a 13 yr old girl. If he had good intentions, he would have waited for her to grow up!!! She was not a woman, she was a child!

Understand that your sister is in 7th Heaven at landing herself a 19 yr old boyfriend. That is SOOOO cool! To a 13 yr old those of us who see no better than a pedophile closing in on an innocent child, well, we need a pail handy! It makes me sick.

It's going to be really hard to get your little sister off this rocket. She is too emotionally immature to know that she is not special, just an easy target for manipulation, abuse. I hope you're right and they haven't had sex. Thank God my daughter didn't consent and she never saw him again after the good-for-nothing almost raped her. She is 22 now and just graduated nursing school. I shudder to think of all her dreams that would have gone up in smoke if things had gone wrong. Thank God and I send your sister my hearfelt prayers that she will be lucky like my daughter.

You need to stay close to your sister and be careful not to lose her trust. Your parents have to know but she can't know that you gave her away. Is there a way for her to "get caught" without anyone knowing you set it up?

My older daughter was amazing at helping her sister see the warning signs but as her parents, we were the ones with the power to limit her time with him. Sometimes, it takes the whole family to save a child. Don't deprive your sister of all the help she needs.

You have to stop this - this is serious and can hurt your sister her whole life. She might have the body of a woman, but she is just a little girl. Don't take chances you might regret.

Should I let my 15 year old daughter smoke weed?

Sir, or ma’am, first I want to say, it is totally 100% up to you whether YOU are OKAY with her smoking weed. But now I’m going to tell you, you have 100% no control over if she does or doesn’t.I’m 16 y/o now, and started smoking at 14. I’m a bright child, get straight A’s, have a good home life, and am not a bad child.I didn’t ask my mother if I could smoke weed, I knew there was no reason cuz the answer would be no. But I did it anyways. I didn’t do it to run away from my problems, or escape reality, I did it because I wanted to experience weed for myself at least once. but I wanted to do it with friends, and people who would be fun to do it with.Smoking weed does have it’s side-effects, but nothing bad. yeah, once in a while if you smoke too much, you might get paranoid, but I’ll tell you know, too much weed can also make her feel sick to her stomach and make her stop herself before she gets that high. Smoking weed can be so helpful to a person, no matter what age. I have trouble concentrating, anxiety,social anxiety, and insomnia. When I smoke weed in small amounts, I sleep better, and can communicate better, concentrate so much more, especially with school.And who is she smoking with? More than likely friends that care about her. She wouldn’t do it alone unless she was at home or out back in the yard. As long as she is with friends, nothing bad will happen. I’ll tell you now, all stoners look out for other stoners, especially first time smokers! as it’s said, “A stoner never lets a stoner get stoned.” meaning they never let a friend get harmed. they’ll keep her fed, and give her a place to sleep if she is sleep, take her out to do fun things while she is high, and watch her to make sure she doesn’t do stupid shit.In my opinion, let her smoke. At least then, you know she is doing it, and she will be honest with you about it. Smoke with her, so you know what it is like, so you know how she feels. For all you know, you might end up liking the way you feel high, or maybe even realize it helps you in some way.Just remember, you can’t stop her, she is 15. you can only talk to her, and understand.P.S if she is smoking after you said no, and you find out, yelling atop your lungs won’t help at all. I should know. it will make the situation worse. just sit her down and talk to her like a normal person.

Is it ok for a 15 year old to hang out with 12/13 year olds?

I go to my school’s Go club and there are a fair few 12–13 year olds there. I’m 15 and I often play a couple rounds of Go with them, and often they teach me something about the game. They also have great personalities and somehow act more mature than some people my age. In which case it’s perfectly fine. I get along well with them and at the last tournament we were all in the same group for fast games (since we’re not as strong as some of the others) so at break times I made sure that they didn’t do anything stupid (as a lot of 12 to 13 year olds end up doing because they’re younger) and stayed where they were supposed to be.As a result it’s good because the 15 year old can look out for the younger ones and act more as a guardian.I’ll also add that my brother who is 11 hung out with people aged 13–14 on the school bus, and got along really well with them.