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Is It Just Me Or Do I Find Backbones Attractive

Which kind of girl is more attractive for you, the soft weak one or the strong independent one?

Uh? Weak one? What does even mean? Some woman with no backbone? A shy person? A useless woman?I want someone who has enough confidence to own themselves. But I guess I would won’t want a woman who was bossy. Since I am my own person. I would, of course, assume the girl would not want me to be bossy either.I want a well rounded woman who needs to be what she needs to be when the an scenario comes up and it is needed. Do I want her to be feminine? Sure, but I also want her to be able to have my back and think on her own if for any reason, I need to depend on her. Basically, a well rounded person. Which to me, sounds reasonable.The traits you are asking are neither mutually exclusive and it would raise a few concerns o men if men felt very strongly about wanting either extreme in a partner. Since it is not practical and speaks volumes about the preference of those men.

What would you consider to be an “attractive” profession?

Female tattoo artist or male piercer.It shows to me not only creativity and they are fun but they do something out of the norm simply because they enjoy it. Plus imagine all the freebies.Cat shop cashierA homely lady who works in a shop that sells products with cats on them. The kind of girl drinks coffee in a scarf in winter, the kind who prefers curling up on the couch in pyjamas reading a book. The kind of cute but clumsy girl you can see settling down with.Funny enough I bumped into one a couple weeks ago. Aww man you should have seen her, dressed in black with ruby red lips and a rose tattoo on her arm. Began a conversation on my Depeche Mode shirt and I couldn't move the conversation towards asking her out for a coffee (I make it a principal to never ask someone working especially in retail).Man is she is stuck in my head.

What men do straight men find the most attractive?

Interesting question.  I'll interpret this to mean something like:What guys do I, as a straight man, look at and say "man, that's a good looking guy"?  I don't know many celebrities, but of those that I do, the only ones that come to mind are:George ClooneyEthan Hawkethe guy that plays Jim on the Officemaybe Tom CruiseI searched for "best looking men" and got to this page:  Glamour's Sexiest Men 2012: Sexy Robert Pattinson & Men   - from there, I would choose:Matt Bomer (whoever that is)Jensen Ackles? (again, no clue)In general I find most of the guys on that list pretty unattractive (much like the majority of the women I'm sure would be on a comparable list).

What is attractive about serial killers?

During trial, and often after sentencing serial killers receive hundreds of female love letters. In numerous instances guilty murderers have been married to women after their crimes were publicly acknowledged. Why would someone think Manson, Bundy, or Ramirez is sexy?

Why is the iron and steel industry called the backbone of modern development?

Without iron and steel the words globalization would have been impossible, the modern cities wouldn't have been attractive as it is today like Burj khalifa-Dubia such amazing structure could be impossible without iron and steel.

Are selfless guys attractive to girls?

Of course! Selfish, egoistic, self centered jerks (male or female) are not appealing to guys and girls. Maybe if that person is attractive outwardly, you can have a physical attraction but a healthy relationship would never be possible. I've noticed if they're "pretty" and you go talk to them and they're selfish, some of that prettiness fades away...

Why do I keep falling for men I don't find physically attractive?

Probably because physical looks are not what a smart person based their relationships on. Physical looks mean nothing if there isn’t anything behind them. I’m not all that attracted to really good looking people because I have found that they tend to be stuck on themselves and can’t contribute equally to a relationship.I have been in relationships with handsome men but that wasn’t anywhere in my top 20 must have list of virtues. It’s nice to get the whole package but not necessary at all. I want someone who is into our relationship, period.