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Is It Legal To Fire An Employee In Nc Because Thy Wont Move

Is it legal to fire an employee for missing work for a doctor appointment?

Providing you told your employer of the date and time of the appointment, or you went to see your doctor that morning for an urgent appointment, but had telephoned in that morning to say you were going to be late in, then no. This would be supported by a Doctor's certificate to say whether you were well enough to go in to work that day or not. If this is the first time you have missed work for any form or sickness, whether you were seeing a GP or not, I would suggest that the employer is out of  line and you should proceed through the grievance procedure. If you have already been ordered off site, then write to the Managing Director or the most senior person in the company and advise that you are taking legal advice for wrongful dismissal if you are not re-instated.

Can the board president of a non-profit fire an employee without the executive director's approval?

Quite simply the new board president doesn't like several employees because they have questioned her unprofessional behavior. She is looking for ways to get rid of these employees. The executive director of the agency has no issue with the employees but has stated "She can come in here and fire all of us if she wants." Is it possible for 1 unpaid person to have that much control over a non-profit? This is in North Carolina.

Can an employer fire you without telling you?

My friend was listed on the work schedule for two weeks without any hours. Then, on the third week, they took her name off of the schedule. Her boss never gave her any warning and never even told her that she was fired!

On top of that, the manager put her as "Non-rehirable" within the company. It's also possible that she wrote the reason for termination was "no call, no show," which isn't true. Either way, it is interfering with her getting another job.

Is what that manager did even legal?

Can an employer lagally make you work a double shift?

my employer has told me if i didnt stay a work the next shift because they were short of workers they would fire me, that makes me working 16 hours straight, can they legally make me do that? i live in nc

I was fired after having a medical emergency. Is this even legal?

Starting on March Friday the 13th I began having a reaction to a new medication. I called the doc about it, but didn't receive a call back. The following day (sat), as the side effects got worse my husband took me to his parents 3 hrs away so that I could be monitored. I e mailed my job early monday, to let them know something medical was going on, and that I was not going to be there. I asked "what should I do?'. The HR rep just said "Take Care of Yourself". I finally got a call from the doc Tuesday saying to "hold tight" as the side effects would subside in time. I came home the following Sunday after the side effects of the meds had subsided, to find a termination letter in the mail stating after 3 "no call/no shows" (which is policy) I was no longer employed. Is this even legal?

During the week I was out, I received no calls, no e mails, no contact from anyone at this place of employment. And I was not aware of the 3 day rule.

I called the doc's office and they have everything on file, all my calls, symptoms, and med info. They are willing to give me documentation.

Can I concealed carry in a fire department in NC?

You're right, it does say that.

-personally I would say yes but this is an instance where you need to consider the opinion of those who would prosecute you. Namely the District Attorney.

Go to

and search District Attorney Opinions. I'll quickly scan it over and if I find something.......

EDIT; no, it IS a State building or rather it receives both state and federal funding.

4. a building housing only state or federal offices;
5. an office of the state or federal government that is not located in a building
exclusively occupied by the state or federal government;

Well now we all know that if we want to kill a bunch of firemen then all we have to do is walk right in and have a turkey shoot now don't we? NICE huh?

Can you get fired for missing a day at work because of a death in the family?

I once fired a worker for this reason. It was a beautiful summer's day. The guy called me to say that he wouldn't be able to work the next day as his grandmother had just died and her funeral was the next day. Funerals don't generally happen that fast but I gave him the benefit of doubt. Two days later he came into to work on crutches with his leg in plaster to tell me he'd broken his leg and couldn't work for a few weeks. "What happened?", I asked. "We were at the swimming pool and I slipped and fell"."The funeral was held at the pool?""Funeral? Oh yes. No, this was afterwards. My grandmother loved swimming so the whole family went to the pool after the funeral to celebrate her life"."You all went to the pool after the funeral? Your whole family?","Yes","Andy?","Yes?","There was no funeral, was there?", "No. Should I look for another job?","Yes". Andy's brother was a friend of mine and was very impressed with this incredible show of intelligence.

Can a store deny my purchase for condoms if I'm not a legal adult? (Age 18) ?

I don't believe any state forbids the sale of condoms to minors. This is a common misconception that minors hold, and along with the embarrassment factor contributes to the high theft rate of condoms.

Just go into any retail or drug store that has condoms (I prefer drug stores, they actually tend to be cheaper at them), and purchase them. I wouldn't suggest getting them from a gas station cause they are overpriced, come in small packages (like only a package of 3), as well as they might sit on the shelves longer than they would in a retail or drug store.

Basically, just go and buy them, if they ask how old you are, ask if them if it is illegal for a minor to purchase them.

Alternatively, you can always go to your local Planned Parenthood ( Location Finder: ) and get some for free.