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Is It Normal For My Ankle To Pop

Is it normal for ankle sprain to pop?

Well usually when you sprain your ankle you injury a ligament or some cartlige tissue but with good rest and ice it should heal, I would recammend you buy a ankle support only cost a few bucks to protect it from further damage. And yes it is normal for your ankle to pop when injured. Trust me I know what your going thru.
I broke my ankle in two places and had to get surgery on it got two screws into my ankle and a cast for three months, yeah sucked. And its been a little less then a year and it pops about every 5 minutes.
So yeah just take care of it.

Every time I rotate my ankle it cracks or pop is that normal? is something wrong with my ankle?

Hi Shydria, cracking and popping of any joint is not a problem. It happens because of the fluids and gases in our joints. In cartilage the gases which forms bubbles and when we rotate the gases comes out and that makes cracking and popping sound. So no need to be worry about this.


Cracking my ankles, is it normal?

For as long as I can remember I have been able to crack my ankles pretty much on command by flexing my foot and pushing it up. Is this normal/okay? It's not like cracking knuckles where after you crack them once you have to wait a while to do it again, I can continue to crack my ankles and it won't stop. It's both of them too (one a little harder to do than the other). They don't crack on their own though, it's only when I do it. It also does't hurt at all, nor does it give any satisfaction like cracking my back does.

Is it normal for my toddler's ankle to pop going upstairs?

I would get her ankle checked out as soon as possible by a doctor (even if it's not hurting her). It may be nothing to worry about, but if she needs to see a physical therapist it would be better for her to do it now, than for her to wait till she is older.

Is it normal for an ankle to crack every time you weight bear after a fracture is healed?

Yes it's normal to hear popping after you have healed from a fracture. Some people always have cracking and popping in the joints of their feet. Any injury, or being immobilized in a splint or cast , will cause cracking and popping in a joint. It's typically a result of lack of full movement and poor lubrication in the joint.Our joints are typically self-lubricating, meaning that the more we move the more lubricant is produced. The less you move the last lubricant is produced and the joint is dryer. An injured joint is immobilized and becomes stiff. lubricant production is very limited. The good news is you want the cracking. Most of those sounds are your bursa snapping when you move into range you haven't been in for awhile. We believe that it stimulates increased lubrication. That is the sound when people are “adjusted". The bursa are getting a rapid stretch with a sound effect that increases lubrication.So no worries unless they are painful. Then you've gone too far. Let them happen naturally and don't force range without anatomical understanding of joint kinematics. Not all pain is good pain. Leave that to licensed professionals.

Is it normal to be able to crack your ankle constanlty after you have sprained it?

one day i was playing on a trampoline and when i landed i sprained it completely backwards like under my leg..i didn't break it though. and then when i got home it was the size of an apple..i think a little larger..the next day it was completely down like nothing had happened.i didnt even feel hardly any pain the next day.and after tht day i have been able to pop my not how you crack your knuckles or etc.but like when i move it around in a circular motion"counterclockwise" it pops everytime.and the bone itself is bigger than the bone on my left foot. i was wondering if that was normal or not.please answer. :)

Broken ankle with hard cast on, is it ok for my ankle to pop some times?

You should not be able to move you ankle in a well-padded, well-molded cast. You should only be able to wiggle your toes. If this is not the case, then you may need to be seen earlier for a cast change. This is not entirely uncommon as the cast can be a little loose as the swelling subsided in the second week. Good luck!

I hear cracking (pop) sound in my shoulders, knees, ankles, elbow. Is it normal? Why is this happening?

Whether or not it's considered normal depends on the qualities of the sound.  It could just be gasses being released from the joints, or it could be crepitus due to deterioration of cartilage.  Please discuss your concerns with your doctor.