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Is It Normal To Bleed A Little From The Nose

Random nose bleeds.. is this normal?

i have nose bleeds every once in a while, i dont do drugs or anything, i am healthy and i dont have any alergies, they only last a few seconds and the dont gush blood it just feels like my nose is running and when i wipe it it turns out to be blood, after a few seconds it completly stops... it dosent happin offten and today is the first time in a month that it has happened but it happened three times today, i woke up about 3:00 in the morning w/ it and then about 7 hours later i got it again, but i figured it had something to do w/ being outside in the cold, i had been practicing barrel racing on my horse and after i got back inside i blew my nose and it started bleeding, and just a few min. ago it happined again and i am starting to get a little worried about it even though except for this morning every time it bleed was when i blew my noes it still kinda freaks me out and its got mamma thinking thinkin that i am on drugs, is this a serious medical problem? or just somethin about me

Is it normal for my nose piercing to bleed during the piercing?

I pierced my nose today & right after the piercing it bled a little bit & i'm concerned....but my piercer mentioned it was because I kept laughing too much. Is this normal or an infection. Please professional answers only!!

Normal bleeding for nose piercing?

I've had my nose pierced for about a year now and I recently changed the nose stud(this isn't the first time changing it). I'm just a little concerned because it started bleeding and it's been sore since changing it and I'm not sure if this is normal or not? I thought that maybe its just not fully healed yet but from what I've read, it should've only taken 6-8 weeks. Maybe it's just the stud? Any advice?

Is nose piercing bleeding normal after a month?

I got my nose pierced exactly a month ago and it has started to bleed a little. It dries around the piercing but when I clean it it bleeds again. It is not a lot of blood. Is this just part of healing? Or is this not normal.
I have been told by some that this can happen if you have particularly sensitive skin. Thanks.

Is it normal for a nosebleed to last hours, losing a pint or two of blood?

Your friend might be having posterior nosebleeds.Anterior nosebleeds come from the front area of the nose (the cartilage that separate the nostrils) and are much easier to treat. Posterior nosebleeds involve the large vessels in the back of the nose and will bleed longer and heavier than anterior bleeds.I’ve had anterior nosebleeds, usually from dry sinuses, and I’ve had a posterior nosebleed. My anterior nosebleeds took about 20 minutes, at most, to get under control and involved minimal blood loss.My posterior nosebleed was the result of a severely dry and irritated nose (I live in Atlanta where we’ve been getting the smoke from the wildfires) and a massively deviated septum (It’s congenital and has been this way since birth, it doesn’t affect the cosmetic look of my nose, the ENT said fixing it would only partially help my getting colds and sinus infections). It lasted from about 1AM to about 5:30AM and my nose, face, body, pajamas, and bathroom looked the scene from the Shining with the river of blood coming out of the elevator.One of the larger vessels in the posterior section had gotten irritated and burst. It had finally stopped on its own, with what the doctor said was likely about 16oz of blood lost, which is about a pint.I’m not saying it’s definitely what your friend had, and I’m not saying it’s not, but it does happen.

Is it normal for a nose piercing to bleed when cleaning it?

hi, about 2 days ago I got my nose pierced, and it was fine until I started cleaning it. On the day I got it done, the first time I cleaned it there was a little bit of blood on the inside, I figured it was just dried blood from when I got it done. Now, on the 2nd day, it still has blood on the inside when I clean it. Also, on the outside Theres a bit of stuff around the post (im not sure if it's pus or dead skin cells, but it looks like pus) there's only a little bit of it and I make sure I get it off whenever I clean it. Is this normal? Thanks :)

Is it normal for a nose piercing to continue to bleed a day after its done?

Yes it is normal for your piercing to bleed just a little bit while its this new. It shouldnt just start bleeding everywhere, but if you are cleaning it or it gets bumped it might bleed a little. If you are rough with it or it gets knocked it will bleed a little more.

It is going to be sore when its only a day old. Keep cleaning it as you have been instructed by your piercer and consider taking some ibuprofen.

If it is still super sore in a few days or keeps bleeding an unusual amount then take it back to your piercer. If its just a little blood, clean it and let it rest as much as you can.

Should I worry about a bleeding nose piercing?

It sounds like this is either a new nose piercing or it’s an old one that is infected and will not heal.I think you need to use peroxide or rubbing alcohol, forget which, on new piercings to keep them clean and the nose ring clean. Maybe try a q-tip dipping in the liquid to clean the area. You might try removing the piercing and cleaning it or putting a clean one in while the other sits in a peroxide solution to disinfect.You might be allergic to the material in the piercing and it cannot heal because of the allergic irritation. Many metals, even silver and stainless steel, have trace amounts of nickel in them. A lot of metals have a coating on them that wears off and then the nickel is exposed as well, even in hypoallergenic earrings.Never use anything less than 14k gold, preferably 24k gold. I always switch bad to gold when I had irritated ears from wearing earrings, or I would remove them completely until it healed. Sometimes the hole would close a bit, but repiercing was pretty easy since the scar tissue had already formed the hole around the earring.For nose bleeds, applying pressure at the bridge of your nose can help constrict the flow of blood for a full blown nose bleed. Applying a cold compress to the nose and the back of the neck helps as well. This would help the small capillaries in the nose too.

Why is my nose piercing bleeding?

The infection of the nose while it has been pierced can be caused by a number of reasons such as the entry of pathogens, namely, bacteria and fungi into the freshly pierced part of the nose. It can also be triggered in case of one wearing very tight jewelry or having been undergone nose piercing with the help of a nose piercing gun. It may lead to nose piercing staph infection. The improper and unhygienic ways of using the nose piercing gun with non-sterilized nose piercing needles may lead to the transmission of even deadly diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C. Besides, unhygienic ways of living may also be the reason behind nose piercing infections.  Nose Piercing Healing The time taken for nose piercing healing may extend from 15 days to over a month depending on the care and the aftercare measures that needs to be followed after getting your nose pierced. The nose piercing healing time is actually extended in case of the occurrence of nose piercing infections or other complications associated with it. However, if one sincerely abides by the nose piercing care instructions that have been given above, it would ensure the fast healing of the pierced area without causing much pain and agony.Nose Piercing Aftercare and Care The pierced area must be thoroughly but lightly cleaned everyday for at least twice a day with sterile cotton swabs dipped in lukewarm water. But infected nose piercings can be treated only with the help of antiseptic soaps or lotions.  One must also remove any crusty formation on the nose piercing ring with the help of cotton swabs. When sleeping, make sure you do not sleep on the side of nose piercing. Ensure you only use clean nose jewelry.  One needs to be careful while taking a bath as any kind of ignorance may hurt the infected wound and cause the pierced area to bleed and pain.  Strong substances such as tea tree oil, alcohol, betadine, hydrogen peroxide and methylated spirits must not be used on the pierced or infected area as it may promote the development of nose piercing scars or lumps. It may lead to a burning sensation and cause great irritation on the affected area.