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Is It Normal To Feel Empty When I Wake Up

Is it normal to feel empty at a young age?

I am 14 years old.
Latley I have felt completely worthless.
I feel empty. Like there is no spark in my life what do ever. I wake up every morning feeling nothing. And that is also how I go through out my entire day.
I don't think it is depression.
I have recentlly been trying to be risky as well I have pierced my body with out my moms approvell. Having thought of stealing. And have cut my hair extremely short. But I still feel nothing in my life at all.
What is happening to me and how can I fix my problem?

Is your stomach empty when you wake up in the morning?

yeah, I usually eat more for breakfast then dinner lol.

I have an empty feeling in my chest?

So ever since we broke up I've just had this terrible empty feeling in my chest and it won't go away. Sometimes at night I'll wake up and cry mourning the pain of not having her. Just tell me, should I move on from her? Or should I try to get back together with her? Or should I just stay friends with her and wait a while until I mature more so I can have a more serious relationship and just have friends as girls for now?