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Is It Normal To Have Size 2 In Shoes At The Age Of 17 And Be 4ft Tall /

What is the average shoe size for a male teenager?

I'm 27 and 5ft9 but still only wear shoe size 4...

In shoe shops they always point me to the 'Junior section'...

What is a junior? A teenager? What age?


I am 5 feet 10 inches tall Male...What is the average shoe size for some with the height?

Your height is average, and the average male shoe size is 10.5.

Is it normal for me to be 5’11” and have size 12 feet at the age of 18?

‘Normal’ isn't really a good word to describe or compare yourself to the image of ‘normal’ to you. It's probably quite rare that someone your height has feet that big (well, if it's the UK size 12) but it's not abnormal or anything.Feet and hand size are correlated usually through genetics so maybe somewhere down the line you could have been taller as usually big feet correlate to taller height as someone with UK size 12 would at least be 6′2 usually. But it's no big deal if you're a late bloomer you may grow even taller no one quite knows.For example I'm 5′11 but only have UK size 8 feet as so does my dad but I'm an inch taller so it's just genetics really.

Is a 11 size shoe big for a 6 feet male?

here is a comparitive shoe size chart. note too that for the same length of foot EU measurements, say eu 43, US womens is 10.5 yet the same shoe size in men sizes is US 9. is your foot size 11 US womens or is it US mens size?

What is the average shoe size for a 13 year old?

Some boys in my little sister's 6th grade class wear a size 11 already! No doubt their feetg are still growing, too!
Don't worry, your feet are fine.
If you want your feet to look smaller, try Sperrys.

Average 5 Year Old Boy Shoe Size?

My son has incredibly small AND thin feet. It's unreal. I'm just now noticing his small feet because we are a household that everyone has socks on unless they are in the shower. I've always had him in socks, even in the summer, since birth.

We wear tennis shoes all year round.

What size shoe does your son have at the age of 4/5?

Also, what's their weight/height if you can remember?

Average shoe size for a 13 year old?

I'm 5'1 and I just turned 13 about a month ago.
My shoe size is 6.5 or 7, I used to think i had big feet up until this year.
Most of the girls at my school are about 5'4 - 5'5, and most of the guys are 5'6 - 5'7 (yeah, i go to school with freakishly tall people :p)
I'm one of the shortest people at my school, and i have the smallest feet.
Most of the girls at my school are a size 8, is that normal?

Are my feet small, or am i short?

What height is a size 14 shoe normal for? I know Kawhi Leonard, who is 6'6″ without shoes, is a 14, and other players of the same height are the same shoe size typically. But my dad had small feet for his height so I might too. I am currently 6'2″, 14.5 years old.

There isn’t really a lot of correlation between big feet and height. But, it is more common for a taller person to have larger feet to support the larger frame.But generally there isn’t a normal shoe size for feet from what I’ve noticed. Kawhi Leonard has abnormally large hands, and I’d guess being 6′6 with size 14 shoes seem fairly normal.I know guys who are 6ft and have size 9 shoes, which is absolutely tiny. I’ve known guys who are 6′2 that have size 14 shoes. I personally am just under 6′1 and have size 12–13 shoes (depending on the brand, because I have wide feet). So it depends, if your dad has proportionally larger feet, than you will likely have proportionally larger feet and the same is true for the opposite, but this is not always the case.My dad is 5′5 and he wears shoes people who are generally 2–4 inches taller would wear. My little brother is 5′6 now, at 13 and has size 9 shoes. So I am guessing if your dad has proportionally small feet, then I am guessing you would likely also have proportionally smaller feet.I believe Chris Hemsworth who’s 6′3, according to his agency profile has his shoe size quoted at 12. Which is proportionally small. Apparently Michael Jordan wore size 13 shoes, he is listed at 6′6, but is closer to 6′5 or a 6′4, same with Kobe, but Kobe apparently wears size 14s.

I’m 6 ft tall and age 14. How tall will I be?

Age won’t help predicting height much, because height is more based on puberty, and parents heights.Your current height likely indicates you starting puberty early. Most males begin puberty at age 12, and grow until age 18. From ages 12 - 14, a male typically is in a growth spurt, and averages 3.0 inches per year for two years. If you’re average, you’ve finished this stage. If you match what I’ve just said, you’re average, and you’d likely grow until age 18. During this time, you’d likely average 6.0 inches. 2.0 inches in the first two years, and then 1.0 inches in the last two years. Your growth rate decreases to finalize adult height, and because your growth plates are closing. Judging by that, you’d be 6′6″, which I’d say isn’t likely for you.If you did start puberty early (before age 12), you’d likely just grow for 3 - 5 years instead of the typical 6 years. This is because early bloomers require less growing time, because they develop faster, so they achieve adult height earlier. If this is the case, you’d have roughly one more year left to grow, and you’d likely gain just one inch within this time. Again, this is because growth rate decreases the closer you get to your adult height, and because your growth plates are closing. If you match that, you’d end up at 6′1″.Other than the above, I’ve had to give a basic answer because I don’t know anything else apart from your age and your current height.Sources:

Is there a ratio of shoe size to height?

I disagree with everyone that says no. I did kind of a study on this in high school based on classmates, teachers, and family members. Smaller males (shorter than 5′8) typically wore anywhere from a mens 7–9. Larger males (6′0 and up) tend to be in the size 10–13 range, sometimes even bigger.There wasn't as much of a variance in females. most of them wore between size 7 and 9 unless they were really short or really tall, in which case their feet were smaller or larger also.This wasn't true in all cases. occasionally I’d find the small guy that wore a big shoe, or a big guy that wore a small one, but this was VERY rare.