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Is It Ok To Call Your Dream Employer Instead Of Mailing Him

Do employers call back after interview?

I disagree with the other 2 people who answered. At this point there's no way to tell if you'll get the job or not. Many times employers have more applicants lined up for interviews and they want to wait to make their decision, but that doesn't mean you don't have a chance. If the end of the week comes and you don't receive a call you can call him and say you are still interested in the job and wonder if he's made a decision yet. That will let him know you are serious about working and could give you a better chance of getting the job. The ones not hired won't get a call.

This morning I had a dream that my ex had called me. What does it mean?

-It means that you are bothering your mind so much with your ex lately and you are heartbroken thinking constantly about him,whatever you think you basically reflect-The Law of Attraction.This means that the things that you live in the day you will reflect them on the night basically there is a high chance that you might dream about him because you constantly bother your mind with him.-As sad as it sounds it’s a reflection of your emotions of loss,sadness,anger,sorrow and grief. At the end of the day it’s just a dream an Illusion it has nothing to do with the reality.-You will dream for the things that you bother your mind mostly or the things that you want to happen the most or have but you don’t possess them.For instance when my father died the first few weeks i would dream about him constantly that he was with me and he was never gone since i would bother my mind with him the whole day being unable to accept my lose,when my Narcissist girl friend left me i would dream with the hope that she will return and everything will return to normal dreaming all the good memories,when we were on the first weeks of our relationship with her i would dream about happiness and the best memories that we shared like she was close in here even if we were far away from each other for 2 hours.-Dreams are a mix of the things that you feel,the things that you want to feel,the things that you want mostly and the things that you miss mostly.It’s a mix between your own feelings of reality and your imaginary feelings and combined with your desire of the things that you want to happen.

Help getting out of a weird mood after a bad dream?

I just had the worst dream that I've ever had.....I woke up and of course I know it's not real but I can't shake this feeling that only a bad dream could give me. In the dream I felt more sad than I knew imaginable and that stayed with me when I woke up. Do dreams do that to anyone else, give them really weird moods/ feelings? And if so, how do you shake it off? I'm trying to think happy thoughts but it doesn't seem to be working right now...

I had a disastrous first interview with my dream job (SVG co.) They sent me home, should i call them?

i just passed cpa board exam last may07, and i believed i belong to top 30 because i had a good rating. my grades in college are impressive, I think the HR personnel who intervwd me was disappointed because of d way i ansered the interview. I WAS SO NERVOUS I DIDNT ASK INTELLIGENT QUESTIONS!!!!Would they reconsider my application if i call them? should i ask for a second chance? the succeeding intervws i had wERE fine, they want to hire me because i did my homework.But SGV is my dream. I REALLY WANT TO WORK WITH THEM.

If your old employer puts your file as non-rehireable is it possible to get the job back?

i had an old boss that was a total jerk and picked his favs,which i wasn't one, i never kissed up to him! we nerver got along...iwas one of the best workers they ever had and have been awarded for it,(i wasn't a bad worker). so i put my two weeks in two yrs ago when i had to move when i got married! so i recently moved back and went to apply for a job at the same place. one supervisor called me back and explained that the "jerk" put my file as non-rehireable!! so they are trying to pull the file to find out his reasoning. to see if it was legit or some lame excuse, cuz they are all suprised by it...(oh and the "jerk" was FIRED cuz of fraud a week ago too!) so do any of u know if its possible to get a job back if he was being vindictive? and if theres anything i can do to fight it?

How long after a job interview should I wait before I give up?

As a current HR Mgr., my first question would be to you, is this your dream job or just a good job, but not really a long-term commitment? If it's your job of a lifetime, then you need to be a little more assertive in your attempts to contact the hiring manager. Don't use the phone, go in-person. It's alot harder to avoid you if you're waiting in the reception area.

Also, the hiring manager may be waiting for you to contact him after the 25th. So make sure you make every attempt possible to make contact. As far as the recruiter, you need to contact his/her direct supervisor and discuss the difficulties you have experienced with the recruiter. They are there to provide both you and the business where you interviewed staffing support. It doesn't sound like they are fulfilling their end of the deal. Good Luck!!