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Is It Ok To Tattoo Girl Name On You

Do girls like it if you have a tattoo with your mothers name?

Norman Bates much?

I do hope you're kidding. As a girl, I wouldn't step near a guy with a mum tattoo. The chances for boys to have "mummy issues" are always around, but when the guy actually has his mother's name tattooed into his skin... then it's a clear case, and you really don't want to get into that mess.

Some dudes seem to think that girls actually like that sort of stuff. I have no idea where they came up with that stupid idea, but take it from me: most girls find it creepy and disturbing and would not like to remember your mother when they look at your naked skin in bed.

Would you like to be getting it on with a girl and then notice her dad's name on her calf? Or worse, his FACE?

Not to mention the tacky-ness.

Is it bad luck to get a tattoo with your wife's name?

Kids are forever, wives are a different story. With a 70% divorce rate in the nation now, seems he made a wise decision.

Can I get my girlfriend's name tattooed on my penis?


Can you love a girl with a tattoo of 'another boy's name'?

yes, why not?afterall you would be marrying a girl not ‘the tattoo’!!! there must have been a lot more in that girl and you noticed only tattoo??Deepika padukone also got tattoo in the name of Ranbir kapoor who later betrayed her for katrina kaif…So when there are ranbir kapoor kind of people, there exists Ranveer singh sort of personality, who not only loves her madly…but also her tattoo!!!Modernisation means being modern in the mindset…okay lets assume other way round you were in a serious relationship with some one who later dumped you…does that qualify enough that no one should love you ever in life???Love means acceptance in toto…Redefining Love…

I really want to tattoo my girlfriend's name on my body, but she says it's bad luck. How can I change her mind?

I'm a strongly pro-tattoo person, but I have to agree with your girlfriend here. You should not tattoo her name anywhere on your body, for several reasons:It's too strong of a romantic gesture, especially for someone you're only dating. Getting someone's name tattooed on your skin is only appropriate for couples that have been married for a long time, since there already is a real sense of permanence and commitment to the relationship.  She doesn't want you to do it. That should be the end of the conversation right there. I'm sure that she appreciates the gesture, but if she doesn't want her name on your body, you should let it go and move on. It puts a crushing amount of pressure on her. When you make an enormous and permanent sign of devotion, like a tattoo, she will feel like you're obligating her to do the same thing. That is unfair, and may cause her to want to break up with you. Trying to change her mind on an issue like this will most likely make you seem unreasonable. As applies to many aspects of a relationship, this is one place where no means no. Respect her decision. Pressuring her to change her mind will lead to resentment.If you two break up, you will regret getting that tattoo. You'll be stuck with a memory of someone that you can't easily rid yourself of. If you two break up, it could damage your romantic prospects in the future. Some women simply won't date a guy with another woman's name on him, unless he's a widow. Some will not date a guy who tattoos women's names on himself while dating. It'll make you seem like you fall in love too easily and quickly. You'll seem reckless. If you two break up, you will either have to get it removed (costly) or get it covered with another tattoo (costly). Unless you have a lot of money lying around, that's just wasteful.Does she even like tattoos? If someday you marry this girl and you two share a few anniversaries together, then you can consider getting her name on your skin. Maybe she'll even want to join you for a couple's tattoo session. But anytime before then is a recipe for disaster.

My boyfriend has another girls name tattooed on him?

I would be pretty upset in your situation too. One option is to look into getting it professionally removed, but this is very very very expensive. Another option is to add on to the tattoo and try to cover up what it says. I suggest you both go in to a tattoo parlor and talk to someone about options on getting it covered up. Tattoo artists deal with this kind of thing on a regular basis and so they might have a few suggestions on what to do. See if you guys can't get something that you both like. And another suggestion is next time he wants to get something tattooed on himself, say... for you, maybe he should just get something that symbolizes you. Like my fiance wanted to get something for me tattooed on him, but I wouldn't let him get my name. So he had me put on some lipstick and kiss a piece of paper. He took it into a tattoo place and they traced it onto his chest. I got to pick what color I wanted it (Hot pink lol) and I'll always know what they stand for. And in case something were to ever happen to me, he wouldn't be in the same situation as your bf is right now. Just a thought! Hope this was helpful

Is it bad luck to get a tattoo of ur partners name?

Bad luck is just childish superstition. There is no "jinxing" things. Odds are odds and none of this goofy stuff has any effect on the outcome. Might as well believe in spilling salt and breaking mirrors.

Overall I'd say it's a risky idea at the minimum though because most relationships don't last, so the odds are against your, or anybody's relationship.

Although, my parents got each other's names in their young 20's. They stayed together until my father passed away at age 59 and my mother never got into another relationship afterwords, she passed away 9 years later.

One of my friends has his wife's name. They've been married for about 8 years now. Who knows, they could stay together till the end like my parents or divorce next months.

But I know one thing, that tattoo he has will have 0.00% influence on their outcome.

My boyfriend wants to get a tattoo of another girls name, should i tell him not to?

We have been together for a while and i live with him. He had a female friend years ago that he was close to but she died in a car accident. I know it hurt him a lot and yesterday he told me he wants to get her name on his neck. I also went through a tragic event like that with my best friend and her brother passing away. They were my sons god parents and i had known them since i was a baby but when they died, i got her name tattooed on me but not her brothers, for this exact reason. I really dont know how to feel about it. I dont want to see another girls name everytime in kissing his neck or whatever. Should i tell him something about it or am i over reacting? help me please.

What do you think about people with their own names tattooed on their bodies?

I don't see the point myself, but I'm not a tattoo fan. Don't argue, it's just my private opinion and I don't sneer or treat people differently. I do like some really artistic pictorial tattoos or those patterns with a lot of native heritage.Having your own name has to be more sensible than anything you might regret later, like a partner's name or a favourite band or celebrity.