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Is It Okay If When Using A Rubber Band As A Dampener The 2 Middle String Came In Slightly

What is the purpose of a racquet dampener?

I would highly recommend getting a vibration dampener. Not only does it eliminate the shock that would have eventually gone to your arm, it creates a more solid sounding shot when you swing. I would recommend the worm dampeners, I've used those throughout my entire college tennis career and they're great! The donut ones work alright, but they occasionally fly off of your tennis racket and then you don't know where it went!

How do i keep the shock absorber thingy on my racket on?

You're right, it's really annoying having that constantly happen during a point. However, if your shock absorber keeps falling off you definitely need a new one.

There are many different types of shock absorbers to choose from. Depending on how much width they cover along the bottom of your string bed determines the extent of the shock absorption.

For example, some of the wider ones, like the Head Smartsorb Dampener - - an easy to install dampener that hooks onto your strings, the Prince Silencer -- a 100% secure dampener that is the most secure dampener there is, which also reduces string vibration by 70% (but is difficult to install), and the Gamma Shockbuster, cover almost the whole width of the bottom of the racquet face.

Here are examples of each dampener:

Head Smartsorb:

Prince Silencer:

Gamma Shockbuster II:

At the other end of the Vibration Dampener spectrum, you have much smaller products like the original dampener, the Gamma Red Eye, which uses a ball bearing suspended in a viscous dampening liquid to absorb more vibrations over a broader range of frequencies.

Gamma Red Eye Dampener:

Various Dampeners:'-fun-vibration-dampeners.html

Unusual Dampener:

If you like a large dampening effect, choose a wide dampener, but if you like less of a dampening effect, get something smaller. As a general rule, the wider ones are more secure.

Hope this helps.