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Is It Okay To Be Paranoid About This

Is it bad to be this paranoid?

I've always known that I've been a little paranoid. I'm always worried that a murderer is gonna jump through my window, but who hasn't had that thought? But lately it's been getting worse. I'm afraid to listen to the music on my iPod because I have this texting app on it with all my friends contacts and I usually text them while I listen to music, well I always gets this big fear in my stomach. Like they can hear the music I'm listening to through my iPod, like they're laughing at the songs I'm listening to, like they know. So I'll listen to music on iTunes on my computer, but I have to make sure that my iPod is out of my room and far from my computer so just in case they won't hear the music. I try not to be paranoid about this, but it's too hard. Here's another thing. So I NEVER watch scary movies because they scare the crap outta me. But randomly at night time when I'm awake and I walk down the hall to go to the bathroom (the lights are off because people are sleeping) I always run as fast as I can to the bathroom because I'm scared **** that a ghost is following me, and I actually believe it! Sometimes I'm scared to leave my room cuz I'm afraid that this ghost I made up in my head is real and he's gonna kill me. Is this natural for most people?

Why is being paranoid bad?

Paranoia is just an exaggerated state of worry with one major difference: paranoia feels 100 worse than worry does. It’s bad for many reasons:it feels terrible in your bodyyou can’t think straightit doesn’t ever solve anythingit causes (dis-ease) disease, often terminal, like heart strokeFor me personally, it just feels bad and I do not like to feel bad.

Am I paranoid, or is it fleas?

Okay, this is my issue: I got a dog from someone who didn't want her anymore. She had ticks and fleas, and looked neglected. I had to give her to the humane society, because I know they can take care of her (clean her up, and get rid of her fleas and ticks), and place her in a loving home. Now I've been thinking about fleas, and have been itchy. Is this just me being paranoid? I only had the dog in my house for a day. I havn't seen anything jumping around...and I know I did get some mosquito bites yesterday. I really am freaking out, and want to know if fleas would be noticable, if my apartment did have them. Any insight would be GREAT!


Am i pregnant or paranoid?

Well I wouldn't think your pregnant if you used a condom, but there's always that posability. A lot might have to deal with stress because you feard you would become pregnant. This answer might not be very good so maby you could go to a docter.

Why do I feel paranoid after sex?

Maybe your not as ready for sex as you thought? But if you are ready, Having theses concerncs are perfectly normal. Condoms do break so you have a reason to get scared. Rember Absistance is the only form of birth controll that is guarenteed.

If you are sure you are ready for sex, consider adding to the protection of the condom by getting on birth controll.You can use the pill, the Nuva Ring, depo shot, diphram, or sponge. A sponge is just that, a sponge you push up thats full of spermicide to absorb the sperm. I think a hormonal birth controll would be your best best.

Also try switching to condoms that use a spermicidal lubecrant, so if one does break, the spermicide will kill most of the sperm. What it does not kill, will not be accepted by your body because you are using the pill. Combineing more than one method of birth controll will help to ease your parnoia.

Is she Arrogant or am I paranoid?

Okay, we had this project in Spanish class. One of the things we were asked to do, was describe ourselvs. One of my friends said "Soy muy bonita y inteligente" which is "I'm very beautiful and inteligent." Is it okay to say something like that about yourself? I thought that was a bit snobbyish. I said I was hard-working, and I thought THAT was a little braty! Am I paranoid?

What do you do when you are extremely paranoid? Is there a way to stop being paranoid?

Great question with a multi-pronged answer.Seek to identify specific or environmental causes, and address them appropriately. There may be more than one thing to tackle here, and how to best address them may change over time or across contexts. Also consider if this is a self-preserving reaction.Avoid stimuli and situations I know may make me so uncomfortable that I am not yet ready to interact as constructively as preferred. This, too, can change day by day, or based on states like restedness or nutritional sufficiency or social dynamic.Search for why the paranoia is so extreme, and why the extremity of it is uncomfortable for me. What does the paranoia say about how I define and view myself? Is it expressing a conflict, whether within or from outside? Is it a proportional response?Instead of being swept away by visceral states, ponder what implications I draw from the paranoia being so overwhelming. Is this paranoia something that I should consider my worldview or something acting on that worldview?Actively take steps to de-escalate, or to give myself the time and space to move through the paranoia while not impairing ongoing activities. Sometimes, interventions, support, or riding out the storm somewhere safer is the best approach. It is okay to restore stability more privately.Recognize when there is more than just paranoia going on. There might be multiple concurrent or interdependent concerns in play that should be addressed collectively rather than in isolation. Likewise, other factors can potentially influence how disruptive extreme paranoia becomes.There are assuredly ways to stop experiencing such intense paranoia. However, what they might be for you will depend on why the paranoia is occurring, how you respond to particular manners of addressing it, and what your endgoals are here. There are a variety of potential physical and psychological and philosophical contributors, as well as approaches or techniques to explore.To a degree, each person’s paranoia is unique, and generalizing ways to react constructively will involve intrinsic limitations. Responding to paranoia is ultimately more about the individual than the paranoia itself. There may be overlap with many areas of self, such as health, self-regard, worldview, environment, needs, and priorities. Relevance is as much about perspective as it is about physicality.

Why do I get so paranoid sometimes?

This is kind of a generic answer, since I do not know the specifics of your situation.  But paranoia is generally a result of the fight-or-flight response.  It is a very primal survival mechanism.Here's how it works.  The mind's job is to keep you safe.  To do that, it is constantly scanning for potential threats, based on information from your past experiences--specifically, from past experiences where you perceive that you were encountering a threat.  When it detects even the slightest resemblance to a perceived threat, the mind sounds an "alert."  This alert is the fight-or-flight response.  It causes elevated heart rate and breathing, as well as very focused but limited attention.  Your focus is narrowed to the perceived threat, and toward scanning for and detecting other threats.  This scanning is what you are referring to as "paranoia."  Paranoia means that a person thinks everyone is out to do them harm.  This happens because the person's mind is subconsciously making connections between the person they are dealing with and past perceived threats.  And after this triggers the fight-or-flight response, their mind goes into hyperdrive, scanning for more possible threats.The solution involves many steps and takes time: calm the physiological response, make sure your basic needs are met, and identify and redefine the assumptions that are leading your mind to detect threats.  This article explains this process further: 5 Steps to Creating a New Reality .

Is my heart okay? Is it healthy, or am I just paranoid? Apologies below.?

You need to see a psychologist who can help you with the anxiety you are having. If you don't have time for that, you should at least find a good self-help book about anxiety and phobias, and read it. I wish I could suggest one, but I can't think of a title right now. You could probably find some reviews on Amazon.

You probably don't have a major health problem right now other than being overweight and anxious. There are very few 16-year-olds who have heart problems. There are many who have the kind of anxiety you have though.

What you are describing sounds like panic attacks. You should get help before they become worse and do physical damage. Your doctor should have recognized that you have panic attacks, but unfortunately many MDs don't think about these things.