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Is It Possible For Me To See On Twitter How Many Of My Followers Are Online

How to gain followers on twitter?

Okay, so I have followed like 1,000 people on Twitter and hopefully they'll follow back! But I still need some ideas that could help me to increase my followers. Thanks.

How can I make money with Twitter, if I have almost 10,000 followers with 64.5K tweet impressions?

Twitter is a key part of any social media marketing campaign.However, you don’t have to have a blog to make money through Twitter. There are several ways that you can make money through the social network without trying to sell your own products or services.Twitter is a powerful platform unto itself, not just a conduit for marketing another site. You can create a Twitter account around a profitable niche — making money online, online education, or motherhood, for example — and amass a large number of followers interested in that niche. Then you can tweet links to interesting content from around the web, offering your followers something of value without ever having to create content yourself.So how do you make money? The same way you do on a blog: Selling advertising, sponsored links, and affiliate marketing. Here are a few programs that can help you make money on Twitter:#1. Sponsored Tweets is a well-known ad service for Twitter allows you to set your own price-per-click for ads that you tweet#2. MyLikesis an extensive ad platform can be used on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and your blog. You get to choose ads from thousands of advertisers, and you get to schedule the time the advertisement will be tweeted from your account. You can earn as much as $0.42 per click, and you can get a payout weekly.#3. Ad.lyis another ad service that lets you send out advertisements in your tweets. However, you don’t get paid-per-click. Instead, you create a profile of your interests, and then advertisers can choose your account to publicize a campaign.#4. Rev TwtIs a Twitter-based advertising service and is a pay-per-click platform. The more followers you have and the higher the reputation you have, the greater access you will have to higher-paying campaigns. A payout is made via Paypal when you have reached $20 in earnings.#5. TwittadClaims to be one of the first sponsored-tweet networks. You can set your own cost-per-click, but you have to wait for advertisers to accept your bid. You will also have to identify your niche so that advertisers can match their products with you appropriately. Payment is made via Paypal when you have reached $30 in earnings.

Can I find out how many followers my Twitter feed had on a certain date without using Tweet Counter?

Visit Twitter Analytics and click on the "Followers" tab at the top of the page. The resulting page will have a large line graph illustrating the number of followers you have. If you place your cursor over a point on the line, the date and number of followers on that date will be displayed.

Is it possible to know who viewed your profile on Twitter?

NO!Sorry for the short and blunt answer. But it is not possible to know who viewed your twitter profile. There might be some extensions available which say that they can help you to get such information. But you should be careful with those. As all major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are damn serious for their security-related concern.You can have an idea of there security concern by having a look at Buffer. Buffer is really a great and helpful tool yet it has to maintain and manage their features regularly. Only because of the security concerns of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etcIn the Twitter API reference too you can have a look at the available parameters from which you can get information related to users.If you are creating or managing your twitter app. This image shows all the information which you can get through Twitter APIs. But none of them can give you exact details of the person who has viewed your profile.For having a general idea of your twitter accounts and followers, you can try followerwonk, tweepi, and twitter’s own analytics.Hope that helps :)

If I decline a follow request on Twitter, does the person find out?

No but they will notice if they aren't following you when they have requested that they could. Like if you tweet and they see it they will know you have been online and you have not yet accepted them.

How do you know if someone is online on twitter?

You don't.. Who ever told you that the check mark means that they are online is totally wrong.. The check mark means that it is a verified account - meaning that it is the real person, and not a poser. So you can't tell if they are online...