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Is It Possible For Your Period To Stay On Longer Cause You Skipped A Month Or Two

I got my period last month but i skipped it this month could i be pregnant?

Your previous months cycle has no bearing on this month. If you skipped a period, you skipped a period. If you are pregnant, you would count the first day of your last period as your first day of pregnancy. But yes, in case you didn't already know-the first sign of pregnancy is a "skipped" period.

HOWEVER-if you didn't have sex at all in the last few weeks, I think it is safe to say that you are having a longer than usual cycle.

Despite how knowledgable the people are on Yahoo are, the only way to tell if you're pregnant is to actually take a test. You can buy one for .99 cents at the .99 cent store or dollar tree.

My period skipped this month...?

Hello,, well since I don't know your age I'll just give you the three best answers. First, alot of women skip a period every once in a while,, especially if your in your teens and haven't been having a period for very long. Second, it is possible you could be pregnant. IF you think that might be what it is , wait a few weeks and get an in home pregnancy test,, doctors will tell you their just as accurate as the ones they give you, Thirdly, if your in your late 40's ,, this could be a sign that your starting to go thru menapause or premenapausal. When you start missing periods, thats a sure sign. And you'll do that for about 2 yrs before it completely stops and you no longer have a period. In any of these cases it's nothing to worry about,, unless your pregnant, then you should set up a prenatal appt with your doctor. If it doesn't hurt don't worry about it. You'll know if you need to see a doctor. Hope this helped

What causes skipped periods in teenagers, except for pregnancy?

No, midol does not impact your era. that's actually Tylenol w. caffeine. stress from questioning approximately your era, or stress from something could reason your physique to bypass or postpone your era. Even a million a million/2 yrs into having a era, your physique continues to be adjusting. in the adventure that your mom or sisters (in case you have them) have their classes besides, your physique will sync as much as their cycles- so it may desire to be that. i does not be stricken (except you're having intercourse) at this element. in case you have not had a era after 2 months, then pass to the wellbeing practitioner.

Is it possible for a virgin to skip her period?

It is entirely possible for a virgin to miss a period. When you get your period for the first time, it can take up to 24 months for your body to get used to being on your period and for your periods to become somewhat regulated. During this time, periods can be skipped (no period one month), occur multiple times in one month (two or more periods in the same month), extra long (last as long as 14 days), extra short (last only a day or two), and many other things as well including discharge only, breakthrough bleeding, etc. It's really possible, and nothing to worry about. It also has nothing to do with sexual activity.

Decreases and increases in exercise and body weight, changes in diet and medication, and many other things can cause skipped periods as well including stress.

Skipped my period last month, but two pregnancy tests are negative??

i know exactly wut u r going through! me and my boyfriend have recently had sex for the first time(we were each others firsts) just a little over a month ago on the 27 day after my last period and still haven't started so it has been like 2 months since my last period.

i have taken a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it turned out neg and i took another one 3 days ago and it again said negative.

i think that that it mite be stress that is causing it to be late though and the fact i haven't gotten my period makes me even more stressed. plus i am very irregular as it is because i have gone 67 days without a period before.

i don't think u have n e thing to worry about if both of the tests came out negative and its been over a month since ur last cycle. weddings can cause alot of stress for many women, especially if ur having major cold feet. i would go to the doctor if u still haven't gotten ur period once u get ur benefits from ur new job.. other than that, just take a deep breath, relax, and i hope u have a wonderful, stressfree wedding, and congradulations girl!!!!!

Is it possible for your period...?

The bleeding isn't that bad. On the second day, I bled through my underwear + pants twice, but that's because my pad wasn't covering wherever it leaked. But, when I got home, I had to change my Kotex Overnight pad (which is pretty thick + long) every hour. Then the next day, I didn't change my pad for 4 hours and it didn't leak or anything, so it definitely improved. I'm still on the same pace. Changing pads every 4-6 hours, but the blood is lessening and no clots. I was just curious if I was doubling up on periods or something.

Is it at all possible to be pregnant and have your period?

It can happen that a woman will have a period when she is pregnant. It is not common, but possible. I got pregnant after taking The Pill for 11 years. I did not realize I was pregnant and did not have any normal pregnancy symptoms. I had a normal period for 2 months and then 2 abnormal periods before going to the doctor. I had been taking The Pill all that time and stopped immediately when I found out I was pregnant and the periods stopped. The symptoms you are experiencing are not typical early pregnancy signs. It would be wise to consult a doctor. Feeling pressure on your bladder is most common in later pregnancy after the baby has gotten large. Frequent urination most often begins about 6-8 weeks after conception. A urinary tract infection may cause frequent need to urinate. Abdominal bloating could be caused by your period. If the pregnancy test says no but you still feel you are having pregnancy symptoms, wait about a week after your period stops and take another test.