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Is It Possible To Apply A Visit Visa For My Friend In Dubai

How can i apply for visit visa of usa from dubai and how much it will cost?

Go to the American Embassy and ask for a tourist visa
or visit the Immigration Bureau at:
and buy their application kit on-line.
Price: $ 62.95

B-2 Visiting Visa permits you are visiting the U.S. temporarily as a tourist or for medical treatment. However, if holding a B-2 visa, no business-related activities should be involved. It is forbidden to receive any salary or payment in cash while in the US.

There are no quota restrictions for the B-2 Tourist Visa. This means that the US government can assign an unlimited amount each year. Most consulates and embassies will approve your visa within a day, but there are new security in place that may delay the decision by weeks or months.

Purpose of B-2 Visa:
• coming for pleasure trip to the US
• visiting friends and relatives in the US
• coming to the US for medical treatment
• coming to the US to marry a US citizen or Green Card holder
• Amateur athletes, musicians etc. who participate in their respective activities in the U.S. without remuneration
participate in the conventions of social organizations
• Dependents of alien members of the U.S. armed forces temporarily assigned duty in the U.S. coming to the US to apply for special naturalization benefits on the basis of US military service
• U.S. citizens, green card holders and non immigrant visa holders to invite their friends and relatives to the U.S.

I want to visit Dubai by tourist visa from India along with my family during upcoming holidays. What are the requirement to fulfill?

Required DocumentsScanned copies of the first, last and remarks page of the passportScanned copy of digital passport size photographIn case if a child whose details are endorsed in his parents’ passport, following documents would be required– Photograph of child (scanned)– Passport copy of parents (scanned)– Birth certificate of child in English or Arabic (scanned)You can apply for Dubai visa in following manner:You can connect with any reputed travel agency to get your Visa done. Official site to apply for Visas for Dubai or UAE does not exist. But you can check the validity of your approved Visa on UAE government website You should receive your visa in 3–4 business days (UAE business days).Please read this article to get detailed information on Dubai visit visa for Indian passport holders.Dubai Visa – Everything You Need To Know!

Applying for UK visit visa from UAE?

I need to visit UK for a week to see a friend. I'm living and working in Dubai, UAE and I'm national of Pakistan. Can somebody please advise on the following?
1. They say UK visit visa is usually rejected. Why is that so. What are the reasons?
2. What is the cost of visit to UK for a week including visa (which is 130 USD I guess) travel, food, accommodation etc. Is 100 GBP a day is fine estimate if one lives reasonably (not too high and not too low). I prefer to stay in Eastern London.
3. How long will it take me to obtain a visit visa for UK?
4. Is there any bank statement required? I don't have a very healthy bank statement. Neither do I have funds for 6 months stay (since visa is for min 6 months, I believe authorities will ask to provide financial back for the same period. But I can fund my 7 day trip very conveniently. How do I satisfy the authorities that I won't have any financial difficulties being in UK in these 7 days? Letter from employer or something?
5. Is there anything special I should know before I apply for visa?

Appreciate your help very much.

To get USA Tourist Visa in Dubai?

As H said, the main application is online and is very long (like 12-15 pages if I remember correctly).
Make sure to fill everything as truthfully as possible because they will compare your answers on application with the one you give on the interview and if there is the slightest variation ,your visa will be rejected.
It is a somewhat intimidating process, there is a always a long line so arrive about 90 min before your scheduled appointment so you can be there in time.
I got stumped twice because I didnt have the proper documents to prove my ties to Dubai or India and they assumed I would disappear even though I just wanted to visit my sister. Third time was a charm though.
Furthermore you have to pay the US non refundable visa fee($150) at a National Bank of Abu Dhabi branch, either the one near Sheraton creek ,Dubai mall or maybe Rolla,Sharjah(not sure). No other branches will have the ability.
Salary certificate,no objection letters, three month bank statement,college degrees proving adequate ability to provide for yourself for duration of stay and a rough intinerary of where you plan to stay and visit.
@Nazia ,what a nonsense? It is perfectably acceptable, actually preferable to apply from country of residence than country of citizenship.These are the rules.
I find it hard to believe Canada would reject the student visas on that basis. There must have been something else going on with them
Canada is a piece of cake compared to USA visa, just visit National Mall in Abu Dhabi with similar documents, small line or minimal security. You can pay the fee there itself and if approved they will give you the visa same day unlike U.S where if approved they will return your passport in 3 working days.

Procedures to apply tourist visa to dubai for philippines residence?

Tell your friend to send Invitation.