Is It Possible To Clean Cut A Giraffe

Alpacas and Giraffes are Kosher?

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Alpacas and Giraffes are Kosher as they appear to chew the cud and have split hooves?

Are there any other more "exotic" animals that are also Kosher?

How do I stabilize giraffe bone for a knife handle

The only stabilizing that I know of for bone is to first clean in extremely well and then to make sure it is thoroughly dry. Cleaning is an easy task. Just bury the bone in an ant bed for a few days. The little buggers will thoroughly clean every speck of meat, gristle, tendon and sinew from the bone and leave it spotless. Then you just dry it thoroughly for a few days (depending on the humidity where you are). At this point, it is ready to do whatever you want with it.

Do u think Giraffe is "halal" for Muslim?

Technically speaking, Giraffe is considered halal as it is not listed in the Haram Items, neither it is Binatang Dua Alam (Animals that lives in two enviroment like water/land - example seashore crab (Ketam Bunga or blue coloured crab is okay as it totally in water), duck (Goverment is encouraging Muslim to take the duckie), Frog, Mud Skipper ..etc.

As for Giraffe, it is and has been on the Staple Diet for the Indigenous People in the African Plains and the Savannah. Some of the people is Muslim by Birth or by conversion.

As to how it is slaughtered, unfortunately have neither seen or heard how it is done.

James C

Is wet wood wood easier to cut than dry wood?

I am carving a giraffe out of a wooden log that had been recently cut off a tree, and left on the ground for roughly a week. It rained a lot, so to prepare the wood for cutting I let the wood sit for a day and when I went to cut the following day (I have an electric handsaw with about an 8 inch serrated blade) the wood was totally dry and what I thought was perfect to cut. The cutting went well, however it was taking FOREVER. So, because of this, I decided to leave the around 1.8 foot tall, 7 inch wide log into a cooler full of cold water to sit overnight, hoping that the water would soften the wood to be cut easier. The log would be in the water for at least 15 hours at a minimum. Would this help or should I remove the log and just use it dry? The project is kinda on a time constraint. What should I do? Is it easier to cut?

Is it bad to use clippers for haircut?

Scissors usually offer a cleaner cut which will in the long run help the hair maintain shape; Clippers can lead to split ends in the future.

Guess it's OK for dudes since they get thier hair cut monthly or more ... but if you're a girl who wants long hair ... use the scissors.

When a Giraffe Dies at a city zoo, What is done with the body?

Dead zoo animals are incinerated. With a large animal like a giraffe, the body is cut into sections so that it will fit into the incinerator. No zoo would feed a dead animal to carnivores in its collection, at least not here in the UK - this would not only be illegal, but potentially dangerous. If the animal died of disease, you could infect the animals you're feeding it to or spread the disease to others in moving the carcass around. It would also be upsetting for the keepers involved to see the animals they have cared for being butchered and fed to other animals - if your hamster died, you wouldn't feed it to your cat, would you?

It's also unusual for zoos to bury their animals, since this would take not only time and money but would require somewhere specific to bury them, but it does happen occasionally with smaller animals. In the past, bodies were sometimes donated to museums to be stuffed or to have their skeletons mounted, but this rarely happens these days. Today, most specimens in museums are many years old, though some are acquired from animals which have died being illegally smuggled into or out of countries.

As a quadriplegic octogenarian double amputee, how can I kill a violently approaching giraffe with both hands?

so you are paralyzed, old and paralyzed with no limbs…? I would say, since you are probably constrained to a wheelchair, as the giraffe approaches you, hobble out of the chair, try to fall on your head so that your can break a cervical bone, which would cut your nerve, in capacitating your respiratory system to suffocate you. That’s your only choice, Anonymous.

Why do so many religions ban pork products?

The pig … poor guy eats too much and can’t be found a neck.They become a neckless animal. In order to kill animals, some of the religions need to cut throat of animals.Since they can’t find a neck of a pig, they give up eating on them.Giraffes on the other hand is opposite of it. But, shall we cut giraffe’s throat from the beginning, in the middle or at the end?Wait a minute … we don’t eat giraffe.P.S. Mongoloid people’s staple food is pork. The least Islamic followers can be found in Central Asia, East Asia and mainland South East Asia where Mongoloid people live.The pigs are hard to move around. The nomadic people can drive lamb, oxes etc. and travel one place to another. The pig doesn’t like to walk around afraid of losing weight. Jk.For Mongoloid people, they grow paddy and don’t have enough land to share with oxes and lamb. Pork is more affordable for them to eat.Further thinking, the cattles - cows, goats and lambs have four chambers of stomach. That’s why they can spit out and chew the food again. The pig … poor guy has one stomach like human. It is quite discrimination and unfair to blame the pig why he doesn’t chew the food again. It is totally not his/her fault.Further further thinking, is it necessary to feel sorry for those who don’t eat pork, lobster, shrimps etc? I don’t think so. Many people eat the same food, the price will go high.And there will be more “South China Sea” problems.Keep believing whatever you believe. Thanks. We don’t need pork, shrimps, lobsters, unscaled fish, crab, mussels prices become sky rocketed.