Is It Possible To Steal A Persons Sperm Without Their Permission And Is It Illegal To Do So

Is it illegal for someone to enter an unlocked car without permission?

I had recently bought a new car, and went to my friends house. I unknowingly left the car unlocked and while taking their dog for a walk, my friend's sister entered my car. I noticed after leaving, 3 scratches that looked like scratches from a dog in my car. She admits to entering the car, but states the dog never entered the vehicle. I just bought this car yesterday and there was no other way those scratches could have been made before that. Can I legally get the family to pay to remove the scratches?

Is it illegal to go on someones facebook account without their permission?

Is it illegal to break into someones house and steal their 65" flat screen television? YES

Is it illegal to beat your girlfriend or wife? YES

Is it illegal to steal someones ID and drain their bank account? YES

Is it illegal to cross the Mexican/American border without being documented? Only in Arizona.
But in the other states it is only illegal to cross the Mexican/American border without being documented if you are an American citizen sneeking back from Mexico. From these state crossings once you are safely in America if you are from Mexico or destinations further south you may apply for social services at your local Social Services Department. (All you Americans make sure you have paid your federal income taxes/ there are ten million "Illegals" or Im sorry more politically correct "Undocumented Workers" relying on you.)

Is it illegal to impregnate yourself with someone's sperm without their permission?

As Freethinker mentioned, the Supreme Court has ruled that if you take something from the trash, you are not stealing. Because the other person put it in the trash they have no more right to it or an expectation of privacy regarding it. I don't really know what other charges you might be brought up on. What you have done is clearly wrong... but wrong is not necessarily the same thing as illegal. I don't think it would be fraud as you have not lied about anything or attempted to obtain financial benefit. Maybe racketeering if you try to get support from the "father". On a side note, it sounds like you are wanting a baby for all the wrong reasons. To prove you can be a good parent? Come on. Your selfishness and total lack of responsibility so far has shown you are a moron and will probably screw up your kid (PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG). For your sake and the child's, PLEASE seek professional counseling. I can see where the "father" would be uncomfortable with the situation. I would be too. The fact that he seems to be thinking about supporting the child even though he really had nothing to do with the conception is a positive reflection on his character.