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Is It Safe To Dye My Hair Or Will I Badly Damage It

Does Hair Dye Damage Your Hair?

Not for life, because new, uncolored hair will grow in. She wants to go lighter which has the potential to cause some damage, but she won't be drastically far from her original color so if she goes to a good salon there should be no noticeable damage. But colored hair does require more upkeep--conditioning and sometimes color protecting shampoo to preserve.

How bad can bleach damage hair?

yes bleach does fry and kill your hair.

however if you deep condition once a week and don't straighten your hair that much, it wont be as bad as ppl make it sound like. and considering it'd be your first time, your hair won't be that fried. however your hair def would not be as silky as before.

i think you should go for it as long as you take care of your hair afterwards. its always fun to do extreme changes :) you shouldnt hold yourself back, especially if you're just gonna do it once.

oh but dont forget about roots. its a ***** to constantly rebleach and you're not really suppose to be bleaching your roots anyways.

but...other than that..go for it! haha

Does dying your hair really actually damage your hair that badly?

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What every household needs to be safe. Dyeing your hair can cause some really bad damage, especially harsh dyes. If you are going more than three shades darker or lighter, do it in steps. (For example, don't go from deep brown hair to bleach blond in one day. Instead, lighten your hair to a chestnut brown. After a few weeks, go to a golden brown. In another few weeks, lighten to a rustic blond, then follow in a few weeks by a true blond, and then in another few weeks go to your bleach blond.) Doing so allows your hair to repair a little bit, won't kill it as badly, and gives you time to make sure you like what youa re doing! After dying your hair, you can keep it healthier by getting it treated. Also, use shampoos and vitamin-enhanced conditioners for color-treated hair. Eat a healthy diet, good nutrients results in good, healthy, strong hair. Once your hair is dyed, be kinder to it. Ease up on gels, hair spray, blowdrying, straightening, curling, perming, ect. it.

Will dying my hair once every 2 months damage it?

I know colouring your hair is bad for it, but is dying it every 2 months damage it and make you loose much hair? I use to dye and bleach my hair a lot, and I had thin hair from loosing so much. I stopped bleaching it and dying it so much, and started to look after it properly, and now my hair is nice and healthy, and thick. I put black hair dye in my hair too keep in black for my hair extensions, but it has faded. The last time I dyed it was 2 months ago, is it okay to dye it again? Will it make my hair un healthy and fall out if I just sick to dying it when it fades? (Every 2 months)

Thanks, in advanced.

How badly will the decolorizing ruin my hair?

Well, it actually depends on many factors. First of all, your hair. Is it coloured? Is it natural colour? Have you ever coloured it, or do you have other permanent colour in your hair now?
Second: what's your hair type? Is is smooth and thin? Or maybe very dry? Oily? Curly or straight?
All theese are very important, even they might not seem.
And also important is WHY you want to do this? do you plan to colour your hair after?

ok, I am coloring my hair for...about 8 years now, and 6 months ago I wanted to bleach it to go back to my natural color. unfortunately, I have a very thin and smooth hair, falling very bad, and my hairstylist adviced me not to do this. He said bleaching weakens hair....and a hair already weak after so many colors will suffer badly. So I took his advice...
Now, if your hair is curly, it might be a problem...Curly hair is usually very very dry. Well that's no good in your situation, 'cus bleaching dries the hair even worse. You can try moistures, but...I wouldn't take the risk.

How bad is hair dye for your hair?

There are a few key things that will help determine how damaging the color will be for your hair.First off is how far of a jump you want to make and in which direction.  The further you go from your natural, the more damage you incur.  Also, people who are trying to go lighter will, by nature, be damaging their hair more.  In order to lighten a hair strand, the color has to open the cuticle (the outer part of the hair strand) and pull color out.  If you are going darker, the cuticle is opened and color is put in.Secondly is the speed at which the product says it will do the job.  The shorter the processing time (the about of time the color stays on your head), the more damage you will have.  This happens because instead of slowly prying that cuticle open and depositing/removing color and then slowly putting the cuticle down, faster colors blast your cuticle open.  Many times they don't close your cuticle down either, which allows the color and moisture to seep out over time.Last is the price of the product.  With hair color, you almost always get what you pay for.  Cheap colors are so because they utilize less pigment, are harsher on your strands, and are often lacking rebuilding agents.  A lot of times, these will be quicker processing colors as well.  More expensive lines will use appropriate pigment amounts, contain proteins and moisture to help keep your hair healthy, and are typically more gentle since they do their work slowly and steadily.There are other factors as well, but these are in my opinion, the major three.  In order to repair the damage, I would recommend a professional-strength treatment done immediately after your color at the salon.  There are over-the-counter treatments available at Sally's Beauty Supply and other public beauty supply places as well, but they won't be near as potent (and therefore, repairing) as the ones your stylist will have available.Hope that helps!

How many times can you safely dye your hair in a month?

No its not safe as doing it frequently will ultimately damage your hair badly. Your hair will become dry, coarse and damaged. If I talk about myself, in case if I need to re-dye my hair I do it after 6 to 8 weeks and it is recommended. Do not dye or re-dye your hair before this recommended time period otherwise you can face severe consequences. The only thing that I liked about your approach is that you always got it done through professionals because try to do it this all by themselves and ruin their hair.On the other hand, whenever you go for hair dye insist professionals to make use of GKhair Juvexin hair color as I have personally tried this product and the results were literally astonishing.

Is it ok to dye my hair twice in one day?

I just tried to dye my hair brown, but for some reason, it turned out a light almost yellowish/orangeish blonde. I'm naturally light blonde, and i've dyed my hair before, but it's never turned this color. Anyway, is it ok to re-dye it again with a darker color now?