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Is It Safe To Piece Your Own Ear

How do you pierce your own ear?

I did that in my younger years. First make sure that where you are placing the piercings is even. Measure the lobe for placement. I used a stainless steel sewing. needle large and sterilized it by boiling it in water and wiping with alcohol. 90% pure. I used ice cubes front and back of lobe to numb it. Hold them there until you can't feel any thing. Once numb press needle through the lobe. After needle has gone through the lobe insert the earring. It MUST be a high quality earring like 14k gold or a piercing earring from one of the local piercing places. Purchas a bottle of the cleaner used by the piercing places or use hydrogen peroxide and clean the piercing several times daily until it is fully healed. If infection sets in see your doctor for advice.

Pierce your own ears?

First off does it hurt to pierce your own ears? Second if i do how do you disinfect and make sure what your piercing your ear with is clean? And third is it really bad to do to yourself i mean should i just wait until I can get the time to go out and get them pierced? I would like though more answers on like how to do it or if it is really harmful.

Is it safe for you to pierce your own ear with a Safety Pin?

I prefer to use needles. Safety pins are too small.

It's relatively safe as long as you follow these tips.
1. Sanitize your needle. Use an open flame or lighter to kill any becteria on the needle, but be careful not to burn yourself.
You also want to them sanitize the needle in rubbing alchohol, as well as your earing and the actual skin of your ear. This way you can make sure you won't have any infections, they may still happen, but santizing your implements is key to prevention.
2. Numb your ear. I recommend this even for people who think they have a high tolerence for pain. Hold an ice cube to your ear for about a minute before you pierce it, or until it gets numb. I also always take two advil about a half an hour before I pierce just because I find it helps with the pain afterwards.
3. I use a piece of cork behind my ear when I'm piercing it, I bought mine at Home Deopt and just cut it into tiny squares for piercing.
Simply place it behind where the hole will be so the needle has something to go through and you won't have to tug at the skin of your ear, or you can use an apple like they did in the parent trap.
4. Always be sure to use a large enough needle. There's nothing like piercing your ear with a really small needle, then trying to shove a gauged earing through it... ouch.
5. Leave the needle in your ear, and the cork, for at least five minutes. Also have a napkin handy to wipe away any blood. Once your time is up, remove the needle, clean the blood, and quickly replace your earing with the backing into your new piercing.
And be sure to leave that earing in for about 5 or 6 weeks.

Keep in mind that although it is a lot of steps, it can help prevent any horrible bacterial infections that you can get from a bad piercing.
Oh, and one last tip, always maark where you want the hole to be and check it multiple times in the mirror. That way, just in case your ears don't match or anything, you can fix it.

Is it safe to pierce your ear with a safety pin?

First off, NO! It's not safe!
It doesn't matter if you burn the needle or soak it in rubbing alcohol! DONT DO IT!
You're taking a huge risk of your ear getting infected! Plus the earring you use after you've pierced it could very well be covered in bacteria!
Do it for yourself, it's way easier in the long run to have someone who knows what they're doing take care of it!
Trust me, go to a professional and get it done!

Is piercing own cartilage safe??

When piercing any part of your body, be it the leg, chest, or face, there is always a possibility that the pierce you are trying to do comes out wrong, and worse, it can cause injuries and skin disorder, like swelling and bumps.

Professional body piercers use special tools to finish their work, and it takes them a lifetime of experience to get it done. One mistake can cause an injury or a dis formation, that's why professionals keep it safe. Some can't even fully guarantee the outcome of the pierce, so be careful.

Often mistakes in piercing yourself, especially in areas like the face, leg and body can result to uncontrollable bleeding as well as tetanus and bumps in your skin. It can also target critical areas as well as organs in the body that support life. Wounding these areas may be your last. Long term effects are also bad effects in body piercing like skin abnormalities. Internal bleeding can also happen and can even cause your death. Also, you cant have a body pierce if you have a low health status or tolerance level, and if you don't have enough vitamin K to support clotting. Some sicknesses are associated with body piercing

Remember, leave it to the experts what you want to do. And also, listen to your parents advice, for being a hardhead may cause you more damage. Always consult your doctor if it's ok, for some injuries and sicknesses are caused by piercing .And also, whatever crazy schemes your friends do, don't do it too, because likely you might get hurt, or grow up looking like an abnormal wishing you could have just listened to your parents advice.

Can you die from piercing your own ear ?

no.... but you could get infected.
I wouldn't recommend you pierce your ear.