Is It Stil Haraam If I Want To Train Dogs As Security Agents And Sell Them To People Who Are At

My employee brought an untrained dog into the manufacturing workplace saying she had a doctor's note stating she needs an emotional support dog. What can we do?

What do you mean by “untrained”? Does it jump on people? Did it pee on the floor? Even trained dogs pee on the floor if their handlers don’t take them out enough. So that one can be the woman’s fault, but you can certainly start a file on how often her dog has accidents, and if she is not managing the dog well, call her in for a conference.If the dog barks and lunges at other people, and generally does things that make the work environment unpleasant, you can tell her that while she may be entitled to a dog, she may need a different dog from the one she is bringing in.You are going to want to have someone from HR, EO, the shop steward, or the legal department to back you up, though, because you need to be prepared for her to argue, and you need to have your answers prepared.I have worked with disabled people who had legitimate and well-trained dogs. People who try to pass off their untrained pets as emotional support animals make life difficult for everyone. The woman in question may have a legitimate need, but she is not entitled to fill in just any old way. Someone who needs a motorized wheelchair is not entitled to attach a gas-powered motor to his chair, and expect to be able to use it indoors.However, don’t set this woman up for failure. If the dog does not have adequate room to lie down by her workspace, rearrange things, and make sure she has long enough breaks that allow her to take the dog all the way outside at least twice in the work day. Make sure the dog has access to water. And maybe ask her if there is anything she needs for the dog without being confrontational about it. It could be an easy problem to solve.

How does a third world country like Egypt have a strong army?

I want to make a thing clear. What is 3rd World ? As most Westerners think third world means full of Slums, Poverty, Terrorism, Weaker armed Forces etc. Few Examples of Third World Countries .India - GDP (PPP) - 10.385 Trillion. Higher than every European Country.Brazil- GDP (PPP) - 3.85 Trillion 8th Highest in the World.Third World Nations are the ones who do not support the First World Capitalist USA and Second World Communist USSR.Egypt is a regional power in Africa. She has a strong Industrial base and Patriotic population with a experienced stronger armed force armed with western weapons. That’s why even ISIS were not able to defeat the Egyptians.I will show some pictures of the known First World Countries.UNITES STATES OF AMERICAHER MAJESTY’S UNITED KINGDOMGERMANYFRANCESo, there are poor people in every countries. Only the percentage differs. On some occasions a Second world country like Vietnam dared to fight the first world USA. So Westerners kindly change your views and assumptions on Third world Countries. Third world countries too have big economies, powerful armies and nuclear weapons.

Why do some Muslims indulge in drinking alcohol even though it is strictly prohibited in Islam?

What I have gathered from discussions with numerous fellow Muslims suggests that the seriousness of the command is not understood very well. Although I do not drink and consider it a violation of a fundamental order, others seem to take it rather lightly, arguing that it is better to be a good human being and drink than commit unforgivable sins and not drink (comparing bad with worse really).It is also generally believed that the reason behind the restriction is to not harm yourself/anybody else. So, drinking small amounts for good fun is acceptable as long as you're not waking up in a stranger's bed or killing people on your drive home (they seem to know that the chances of them ever ending up in such situations are precisely nill)Since pilgrimage allows you to repent for your sins and ask for forgiveness, it is the ultimate wildcard (usually reserved for your retirement days, when you have enjoyed most of the "good stuff"). Again, in my view, Islam requires you to ponder over your actions regularly, and as soon as you realize that you have committed a sin, you should stop immediately and forever- only then will you be foregiven. So knowing that drinking is prohibited and continuing to drink...erm nope that's not how it works. "God is kind, I'm sure I won't end up in hell just because I drink"! Yeah, let's hope soTo end the thought, let me stress the fact that, in Islam, drinking is not an issue that is open to your interpretation.