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Is It True Not Eating Bread And Sweets Walking 4 Miles A Day Could Help You Lose Belly Fat Forever

How much weight can I lose from walking 2 miles 5 days a week for a month?

Walking 2 miles a week may help you lose some weight in the beginning.Calories burnt by walking - 5 x 30 x 5 = 750 calories. This will help lose 400 grams in a month.However the following walking for weight lose could be better optionWalking to Lose WeightWalking burns 5 calories per minute.There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours.Average calorie consumption is 2500 for a person looking to lose weight.Calories are produced during cellular metabolic process. By exercising or increasing the burning of calories we cannot increase the production of calories during cellular metabolic process substantially. We can at best expect small changes.Calories are used by vital organs and vital processes of the body AND for physical exercises and movements.So if we start spending too much calories all of sudden on exercises there will be shortfall of calories in the body. This will be made good by restricting the calories required by vital organs.So if you keep running for hours we may die in few seconds. But there are defence mechanisms in the body which ensure that we do not run that long which can kill us.Walking for 5 minutes every hour (Around 10 times in a day) will burn 5x5x10 = 250 calories in a day.Resting Metabolic Rate was 2500/1440 x 50 = 87 calories.Net Calorie loss is 250 - 87 = 163.This is less than 7% of average calories that are consumed by a person looking to lose weight. This extra burden can be shared by increase in cellular metabolic rate within few days.How do a person feels by walking for such a short period of time.More alert, full of energy etc. This is indicative of increase in Resting Metabolic Rate. That would mean there will be extra calorie burning without an exercise, if that extra burden can be shared by cellular metabolism.So if a person keeps walking he is quite likely to increase his Resting Metabolic Rate.But if a person walks for 1 or 2 hours at a time, the extra calorie burning will be 60 x 5 or 10 = 300 or 600 calories. That will be difficult to shift this extra burden on cellular metabolism. So the body will save some calories meant for vital organs. That will cause deterioration of vital organs.Walking 2 to 5 minutes every hours means sure weight loss. The chances of regaining this lost weight will also be minimum because there is increasing in Resting Metabolic Rate. So even if you stop walking you will not gain any weight.

HELP PLEASE????? How to get as skinny as a Forever 21 model?

sure Em F!

eating schedule:
breakfast: i bowl of 100 calorie oatmeal (very delicious!)
lunch: a ham sandwich with 50 calorie (per slice of bread) and an orange
dinner: a turkey sandwich with 50 calorie (per slice of bread) and two handfulls of grapes!

workout schedule:
100 situps (at least!) daily
jogging 5x a week (3 miles maybe)
pushups 10 a day
and stretches!!!!!

i REALLY hope this works for you!!! and i hope you end up looking and feeling the way you want! good luck! :)

Will walking for one hour a day help me reduce weight?

It depends on the diet that you consume, the pace with which you walk, your weight etc.Ideally, if you are walking at normal walking speed (4.5 Kmph) for an hour, you'll cover 4.5 kms which means you will burn around 300 calories which is as good as running for 15-20 minutes. at speed of 7+But if your weight is more, say over 100 KG, you will burn more calories whereas if your weight is less, say <60 KGs, you'll burn much lesser calories. I have explained the situation in which your weight is 85 KGs.Also, to lose weight, losing calories isn't enough, you need to make sure you don't consume more than usual diet so that the calories are actually reduced. Suppose you burn 300 calories one day and consume 400 extra calories than your usual diet, you will not lose any weight but its good for maintaining the weight and avoid increasing it. If you stay on balanced diet, avoid fastfood, soda, chocolates etc (calories rich fatty food) you can easily lose weight by 1 hour of walking each day. The impact will be shown on weighing machine in two weeks. (should lose around 1-1.5 KG ideally)

If I run 4 km per day, will that effect my belly fat?

Not really, If you are doing only running then it wont affect your belly fat much. Although ,Running is good for your heart and it will make your legs stronger and give you stamina but it wont give you reduced belly.In order to reduce belly fat you need to combine proper exercises and low fat food.Stop eating processed food like things that you get packed and ready to eat for example bread.Stop junk food eg samosa,subway sandwiches. Eat home cooked meals.Use virgin oilve oil, or peanut or groundnut oil for cooking and reduce the amount of fat you take for example. if you used to make food in one tablespoon oil then use half a table spoon now.Apart from all that stop eating crystallized sugar .Use honey or fruits for sugar intake.Have one spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with one mug of water before going to bed. DONT Take more than 1 spoon a day. It helps cut off fat.Excercises—- Do High Intensity Interval Training to reduce fat. Only way to reduce fat. Only running wont do anything. This all worked for me .All the best.NOTE: Forgot to mention one important point. Stop Drinking Cold Drinks .All Cold Drinks have a lots of sugar that your body cannot process that fast and they mess with your health like hormonal imbalance and increasing sugar level in blood giving you illusion of temporary energy.Give it some time say 2 months . You will see changes.

Why am I not losing any weight even though I work out 5-6 times a week 40+ minutes each time?

Total body fitness, in which fat loss is also an aspect, is the name of lifestyle, although diet and exercise play a very vital role in it, however there is a need for total lifestyle transit for which you have to take into account some additional aspects as well, this will make you able to lose your weight and will work your diet and exercise for your fitness.Weight loss, when happens, show it result on the scale, it is followed by the activity in physical terms, you enjoy the most, and starts eating healthy to fuel your body rather than just to occupy time and feed your emotions.HERE ARE THE MAJOR REASONS WHY YOU ARE IN NOT LOSING YOUR WEIGHT DESPITE EXERCISE AND DIET.You are eating wrong foods: If you are not losing your weight then the first thing that comes to mind is that you are not eating what you should eat. The best options are whole and natural food options for your healthy and natural weight loss. Avoid more starches, sugars, junk food and liquid calories in form of soda drinks and sugary drinks, this will contribute allot in your weight loss.You are doing too much cardio: If you are doing cardio then it is good for your health and weight loss as well. However, if you are doing too much of it, you will lose your lean muscle mass and this will make you deprived of your muscle mass. When you will have less muscle mass within your body, then your metabolism will be decreased and you will be unable to lose your weight.You are not doing high-intensity workouts/ weightlifting: You should be involved in your HIIT/ weightlifting, if you want to lose your weight, in a healthy way. This activity will build your muscle mass and will make you able to boost your metabolism by adding more to your muscle mass.You are too much stressed: If you are at high levels of stress, then your body will boost the secretion of Cortisol, and this will lead to the fat accumulation in the belly area and other body parts as well. In this condition, you will be unable to lose your weight despite your diet and exercise.Related:These are five most effective short cuts to lose belly fats.This drink while going to bed will Burn your Body Fat Like Crazy.How to lose belly fat without exercise and dieting.You will loose weight extremely fast if you drink this natural tea every night.08 Natural ways to Whiten Teeth at Home.

What exercises can i do everyday to lose weight?

After years of watching my weight and trying to lose some of it, I have come to the conclusion that weight loss has more to do with diet than exercise. It is about reducing caloric intake. While cardio and building muscle will burn calories, the amount you consume has a bigger impact. Here are my tips on diet:

Eat breakfast
Snack on fruit
Don't eat anything fried
Eat as many meals at home
Double or triple your portion of fruits and veggies. Half your portion of meats. Careful with the sauce on the veggies though.
Avoid bread, grains, and rice
Drink only water (not even diet soda)
Avoid the late night snack and if you must, eat fruit
Don't eat fast. Eat slow and enjoy your food.
When you get hungry the first thing you should do is drink a glass of water.

This will be tough!, especially if you are the only one in the house trying to be disciplined. I wish you the best of luck!