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Is It True You Can Only Install Your Games On 4 Different Computers Then Have To Buy Again Or It

Can I install The Sims 3 on two computers?

I really need a new laptop, since my current one is literally falling apart. I have The Sims 3 installed on it, but if I buy a new laptop, do I have to buy the game again or can I just uninstall it on my old computer and install it on the new one?

If I buy a game on Steam in one computer, is there any way I can play it on another computer? And will my game progress be saved?

You can definitely play it on another computer. As long as you have Steam installed, you can re-download your game any number of times and play it again.As for if your game progress is saved: depends on the game.On the Store page of the game, look for this symbol:If it exists, it means that the game uses Steam Cloud service, and that means your saved games are (or can be) saved to the cloud. Usually if the feature is there, it will happen automatically each time you run the game, as long as you are connected to the Internet and to Steam.

Does uninstalling steam on one computer affect my same steam account on another?

I heard that if you uninstall steam, your games will be erased. If I have two computers that have steam installed, then will anything happen to my steam account on my first computer if I uninstall steam on my other computer?

How do you transfer a game from one computer to another?

It depends on the game if you can transfer it from one computer to an other. If the game keeps every thing it needs in its install folder, then just transferring the folder may work (this method works for games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Delta force Black Hawk Down).

Method 1 - Copy installed game (may not work for all games)

Game would be installed into C:\Program files - you will have to look through there for the main folder.

or if you have an icon on your desktop for the game, right click it and choose properties. Look for the Start In field - that most likely will be pointing to the install folder for the game.

Method 2: Copy your installer

If you can remember where you downloaded the game installer, copy that over - this would be the best method as it would be less to transfer, and you would also be sure that you got every thing.

Method 3: Download again

Lots of places will let you go back and download the software again - so go to where ever you bought the game and see if there is any way to re-download it - if so, download and install.

To put the files on your USB drive just open it up in my computer, then drag the files to the usb drive

Which game is this for?

How do I play a game on my Mac OSX computer when the game is on old floppy disks?

I have that game too! Fortunately, I have older Macs to play it on (which I have not done in a long time).

Forget DOSBox. It is a DOS emulator. The game that we have runs on a Mac with OS 7.5 or greater. Sheepsaver (for Intel Macs) requires that have access to an older Mac OS that you can copy the ROM from.

Your best bet is to buy an older Mac. I don't remember if the game comes on 800k floppies or the 1.4MB. I thought the anniversary game came on CD? Anyway, you can get a Rev. 2, B&W G3, a used USB floppy drive, and OS 8.6 (if necessary) for next to nothing on eBay (less then $100).

Its a little bit of an inconvenience, but you will have more then what you will need to play the game. Have fun!

Can you install a pc game on as many pcs as you like or only on one ? ?

I am pretty new to gaming and to start myself off i have just bought the flight simulator game " falcon 4 , allied force " to take advantage of my new quad core pc.
What i would like to know is , , can i also install pc games on another pc at the same time, as i also have a very high end laptop that i would like to install it on as well.
Also, , once i installed the game on my desktop pc, i took out the disc and just start the game from the desktop icon, , , , i thought that with pc games, the disc always has to be in the drive to get it started , , it certainly used to be the case with the old microsoft flight sim 2000.
The game didnt need registering, , and there was no activation code or key needed either.

Could anyone shed a little light on this for me, , thankyou, , , kev

Why would you use Steam instead of buying a real disk?

This is completely from an Indian perspective. I've been having a steam account for quite a while and just like you I was apprehensive before buying it but right now, I am very happy and satisfied.Here are a few reasons:I get to connect with like-minded peopleI have lots of friends but hardly any of them are gamers. So, I am always on the lookout for connecting with people who play/like the same games that I do. And you can't find such people on social media or in your university or at work. Steam becomes a platform for me to connect with such people. The steam forums then become a place to discuss on issues and game techniques and I don't need to go to any other place like IGN or Gamespy.You don't have to worry about losing your disc or damaging it.A lot of other answers have already mentioned this. As everything is on the cloud, you can just download it whenever you want.When I have steam, I have one less thing to worry about when I have to take a local train during peak hours in Mumbai. I would prefer to be more worried about preserving my cellphone and wallet alone.You get to play free exclusive demosAs steam users, you often get the opportunity to play latest games as demo versions and this is a whole lot of fun. You can play the game and figure out whether to spend money on it or not. Yes, you can know about demos of games from other sources too but with steam, you don't have to go looking for it. You log in and you get to know which games are available as demos for a limited period.Cheaper GamesDiscounts. Of course.Steam has great holiday offers and you can get games at very good prices during the holiday season and sometimes even if you pre-book them.I bought Counter Strike 1.6 for 4.99 USD. The usual retail prices in 9.99 USD.Counter Strike isn't a very expensive game, but still that is a straight 50 percent discount. You can resell the accountsFor some reason, you have decided to sell your games. Your girlfriend doesn't like you playing games. Your boyfriend might get depressed if you beat him.Having physical hard disk reduces the value of the games. But with steam you can just sell the whole account with all games in it. You can pretty much get the same value for it as the retail price of the games. A few people I know have already done this. There is a downside here that you may not be able to sell just one game and you would have to give up on your account completely. But still, you pretty much get a very good return on investment.

C: Drive out of space, computer crashing in games, etc.?

If you haven't seen my other posts, I just got a new computer, it has 1TB of space (though for some reason that angers me all of the space is on the D: Drive, not the C: Drive) and it just started having issues as my C: is full. Only 8 GBs left on C: our of 119.

First my computer crashed thrice while playing a game, after the last crash I had to shutdown the computer so it would load, as it was frozen and wouldn't respond.

I plan on going to Best Buy today and asking them to switch space over if it's possible. Though is there anything I could do from home?