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Is It Unamerican To Drink Tea Instead Of Coffee

Why do the British love tea, and why do us Americans love coffee?

As strange as it sounds:

* The British like tea partly because it was readily available from the far eastern parts of their Empire (mainly India); and also because it distinguished them from continental Europe where coffee is more popular.

* Ironically, after the Revolution many Americans turned to coffee, precisely because it distinguished them from the British!

Why do more Americans drink coffee than tea?

The Americans did compete with the British for tea imports.The British set up plantations in their empire, particularly in India and Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) to grow tea. Tea growing was given priority over food crops because tea was considered a good cash crop. The Americans were basically out-traded by the British.The British also had large areas of India to growing opium to trade that illegally with Chinese merchants to make up the financial deficit they had with China which didn’t really want to exchange good, preferring to be paid either in gold or silver bullion. Of course the the opium wars that ensued because the Chinese authorities tried to stop the opium trade are well documented in the history books.

Why don't Americans drink tea? Do they prefer coffee?

If you’re in the American South, they drink tons of tea. It’s just iced.Anyway, a lot of the reason why Americans don’t drink as much tea as many other countries is because of all the conflict we had with the British at the beginning of America’s existence.Much ado is made about the Boston Tea Party, but it actually wasn’t the American Revolution that really broke America’s love for tea. During the American Revolution, tea became scarce because the British controlled the shipping routes and, clearly, during a time of conflict they weren’t going to be sending the rebellious colonists luxury goods. During this time, a lot of Americans switched over to drinking “liberty tea,” which is mainly made from a kind of goldenrod plant.Anyway, once the Revolution was over and the shipping came back, most Americans actually went right back to happily drinking tea.Then the War of 1812 happened and the supply stopped again.But what happened here was that you had a different generation of Americans - those who had largely grown up during the American Revolution and had spent a lot of their formative years not drinking tea. And they were tired of their hot beverages being jacked around by the British.So, where does coffee come from? South America. So people in the USA could get coffee without reliance on those pesky British trade routes.Ergo, America is largely a coffee-drinking nation.

Is it ok to drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea?

Tea is the drink of the gods. There is absolutely no evidence to show that drinking an excess of tea is bad for you. You are actually doing this the best way by drinking it unsweetened- the way it was meant to be enjoyed. You will be much healthier for it- especially by cutting out the sugary soda.

All tea, regardless of the type, has antioxidants. And the caffeine that is in black tea has been clinically proven to reduce your chance of heart attack and stroke because it gently stimulates your cardiac muscle.(this is a much different type of caffeine than is in cola and coffee which stimulate the nervous system).

Also, tea has fluoride, which helps with oral health, and this type of tea does have a fair level of antioxidants. But, you might find that your taste for tea will broaden and you will start to enjoy green tea and white tea, which are more healthy.

Good job for making a positive change in your health! Bravo!

As a side note, tea has been approved as a substitute for water in your daily intake. So, it is still a good idea to drink water, but you wouldn't be unhealthy to drink 64oz of tea and no water, because there aren't any additives(unless you did take it with cream and sugar)

Do Americans eat or English eat?

It depends on the American, our foods vary on region and cultural background, so I'll just answer for me.

"Bangers and mash" I've had it, but not often.
"Yorkshire puddings" Never had it.
"Fish and chips or battered sausage" Yes.
"Have Worcestershire sauce" Yummy on steak.
"Drink like 5 cups of tea a day" No, only once in a while.
"Do you eat curry? Like Vindaloo and Korma?" No.
"Also, you know you say 'candy', is that chocolate or sweets in England?" Yes, the term candy covers both.
"and what is a 'zucchini'? and an 'eggplant'? " You don't have those there? That seems odd. Anyway, they're veggies. I don't like either one that much.
"do you like English accents?" Sure. I prefer Irish or Scottish, but English accents are nice enough.

I just saw a picture of Mitt Romney drinking coffee! what a rotten piece of Mitt?

Hell, if he "smoked weed & coke", he would be pulling democrat base votes.



whenever i go to starbucks i get a venti iced americano. i always order the same, "can i have a venti iced americano, please?" thats all i normally have to say, but yesterday the barrista asked if i wanted water in it!!! what does that mean??? doesnt it already come with water???? aaaah!!! i didnt know what to answer.... so i said yes... its strong anyway.... so, what does that mean, with water???? and how many shot of expresso are in a venti iced americano??? and i once ordered this at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and the barrista said it was just an iced coffee... whats the difference... if you know.... please help!!!! i dont think i can go on without knowing!!!