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Is It Unfriendly To Dodge Questions From Co-workers About Who You Think At The Office Is Attractive

How is Deepika Padukone as a person in real life?

Deepika Padukone is highly traditional and family person in real lifeWhen she was asked about 'who real Deepika Padukone is'? Is she like one of the characters of her films? She said:"Who am I? I think I am pretty boring. You wouldn’t want to know who I am."Deepika Padukone is a big foodie and eats a lot"I am a big foodie, so much so that I eat in every half an hour. This is the secret of my glowing skin."She is social and has a big friendly circle"I have a lot of friends, but my biggest fear is loneliness. I miss my family in Mumbai and my biggest nightmare everyday is to go back home alone."She is a big protester“I was 14 or 15. I remember one evening my family and I were walking down the street. My sister and my father walked ahead and my mother and I were walking behind. And this man brushed past me.” I could have, at that point, ignored, pretended like it didn’t happen. I turned back, followed this person, caught him by the collar – I was 14 – in the middle of the street slapped him and walked away. From that day on my parents knew that this girl can take care of herself.”Deepika Padukone is social media fanDeepika Padukone keeps her fans updated by sharing pictures and videos on InstagramDeepika Padukone has a bonding with her teamShe ties Rakhi to her bodyguardDeepika Padukone is a humanitarianShe adopted a village in Maharashtra for a noble cause.Deepika pays back very wellOn remarks against her cleavage show by TOI, she said, “Yes I am a woman. I have breasts. I have a cleavage. You got a problem?”Sometimes she is a private person for her fans“I think my fans understand that I am a very private person and I like to keep a lot of things to myself. I connect with them over work and about my projects but I don’t feel the need to share every detail of my life. Who really cares what I had for breakfast or what I am wearing today?”Deepika Padukone is good human being for her co-starsIrfaan Khan says, "She is the most beautiful person and a good human being. It gives me happiness when I see Deepika.’’Resources:Google imagesUp, close and personal with Deepika Padukone

What are the types of people that you should always avoid?

You’re new in school. So is Jade.You meet during new student orientation. She’s hilarious, spunky, and opinionated. She loves to joke around and that’s what you like about her. You two hit it off right away.Before you know it, she invites you to her birthday party, you’re sitting next to each other in every class, and hanging out together at the mall. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around. You pass funny notes in class and you’re both trying choke back laughter before the teacher notices.As the school year goes on, you start making other friends besides Jade - friends that she wouldn’t really like if she knew. Some are on the nerdy side. Some aren’t so conventionally attractive or stylish. None are among the “popular kids” but then again, you’re not a “popular kid” either.After you get to know her better, you start to notice that many of her little jokes aren’t so nice. She casually makes fun of kids at school behind their backs, including your other friends and some of her friends as well. She plays it off like it’s all in good fun and but you’re not so sure. Her unkind jokes bother you, but you try brush them off.After all, she’s your best friend, your confidante, your comrade-in arms. You always sit together in class, you work together on every class project, and you eat lunch with her everyday. What should you do?Start cutting her out of your life right now.It may seem like her jokes aren’t a big deal but they are.She’s a mean-spirited gossip, plain and simple.It takes two to play the gossip game and you’re becoming her favorite partner.She dishes out negativity and you take it all in. As she makes fun of other people, she expects you to agree with her opinions. Soon, she’ll expect you to dish it right back.Her gossip is like a poison spreading through you, making you just like her.She thinks her gossip makes her look cool and witty, but it only creates an ugly sense of superiority and sows distrust. After all, what’s to stop her from gossiping about you when you’re not around?Your best bet?Move on from Jade as fast as you can.Surround yourself with people who lift others up, not tear them down.