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Is It Unreasonable Or Insulting If Someone Asks You To Dinner With Them For Only 15 Minutes

How come some people think that it's unreasonable to ask a potential date to submit to a background check?

I would never ask someone to "submit" to a background check but you can bet I've checked out potential dates for myself as well as for friends and family. Often, it's simply to find out whether they are married. A lot of married (or separated but not divorced) people go on these dating websites, and I for one am not going to waste my time with a cheater.Checking things like criminal history and marriage records is easy and requires very little information: their name and the state they live in. Or, you can use a service like Intelius Date Check (at this link Search free to find people with Intelius People Search, Background Check, and Reverse Phone Lookup; if the site still has the video, watch it for an example of my scriptwriting work.) Note that despite what it says, the full background check is not free but if you're willing to do a little digging, all the information is available on public websites. For example, you can search case records in the state of Washington here: Washington Courts - Search Case RecordsThe above goes back to the 1980s. It can be tricky if your date has a common name, but the person can be easy to pinpoint if it's divorce or you're concerned about (it's much less likely that there will be two married couples with the exact same names).I wouldn't, though, ask about this from a date. I actually believe it is more reasonable to do this at the beginning, especially if you have no other information about the person other than what they self-report on a dating profile or tell you in person. It's kind of like googling a date. Most people do it, but it's considered poor etiquette (and creepy) to mention anything you might find. True, a clean criminal history is no proof that the person isn't a slimeball, but a criminal history full of domestic violence convictions or child molestations may be some indication that the date isn't exactly someone you'd want to welcome into your life, especially if you have children.But like I said, unlike health records, a background check isn't something for which you need another person's permission. If you know where to look, it can take under a minute.

What is the best way to respond to an unreasonable and insulting comment on a social media account you manage for a brand and what are some good examples of people who handled these well?

You don’t like to get negative reviews on social media channels but unless you are extremely perfect regarding everything in your business, it will continue to happen. So, here are some tips on responding to negative social media comments in the best possible way.1. Respond as soon as possibleYour competitors are always looking for a chance to grab your client base. They may contact those angry customers and snatch them from you. So, reply and resolve those issues as soon as possible.2. Don’t give any excuseThis is one of the biggest mistakes that should be avoided. Remember the eternal truth, “Customers are always right.” They are already annoyed and giving excuses will make them more irritated. Chances are that they will never return to do business with you.3. Get in touch with the customer privatelyAfter replying to the customer complaint over social media, don’t sit back and relax. Contact that customer privately to open other options for resolving the issue. Here your objective will be to let the customer understand that you are sorry and you are willing to help.4. Customer satisfaction should be your top priorityIf the complaints are really true then you must resolve those at any cost otherwise one angry customer will tell others about it on social media and in a way it will harm your brand image.5. Respond to the original post once the issue gets resolvedIf you are too shy to ask a customer for removing his negative review from the page after his issue gets resolved, you always have the option to respond to his original post regarding the solved issue. It will improve your brand image as the rest of the audience will see that you really care for your customers.To know more on this topic, please click here.

If someone's asking me what salutation I prefer in an email subscription, what do they mean?

A salutation is a greeting, not an ending. It happens in the beginning of the contact - written, verbal or in person.

I believe they are asking you how you wish to be greeted - like "Dear Mr. Smith" or "Hi Jason!" etc. Looks like they are asking you if you prefer a formal greeting or informal. Formal is with a title (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Dr., etc.) and last name. Informal is when they use your first name and no title.

Think of the book/movie Charlotte's Web to remember the meaning of "Salutation".

"Charlotte: Salutations.
Wilbur: Salu-what?
Charlotte: Salutations.
Wilbur: What are they? And where are you?
Charlotte: Salutations is my fancy way of saying hello.'

What is the polite response if someone asks "May I bring something?" when you already have the meal planned?

Tell them they don't need to bring anything,
you are only asking for their happy and joyful presence.
And thank them for their offer anyway.

(I usually bring a bouquet of flowers if they don't want anything edible.....whether fresh flowers from my garden or store bought. They really appreciate them.)

Etiquette Knowledge Base : Social Graces : Tip # 163
Q. We are invited to a dinner party. Should we take a gift to the host?
A. Yes. An appropriate hostess gift could be a bottle of wine, flowers or a small item for the home, such as a candle.

Am I unreasonable about this?

in a way you are dating smart, because i understand completely that in a sense there is really no point to dating someone you dont like because you see it going nowhere. although sometimes it doesnt hurt to date someone casually and not make anything serious and see what happens.i normally wouldnt say that but, i met my fiance in school and had no feelings for them once so ever not at all i didnt like them didnt think they were attractive and they asked me out and i said yes and here we are 3 years later engaged and about to get married. but i do think you are dating smart. what other people say dont matter if you believe in dating the way you currently are then keep it that way. dont go againist wat you believe because other people dont like it or dont think its understandable.

Is it unreasonable to...?

Not have visitors for more than 2 hours after birth? I am pregnant with DS 2. After DS 1 was born, I was in hospital for 2 days. On both days in hospital my inaws stayed from 10am to 5pm BOTH days. Thats my MIL, FIL, 3x SIL and 1xBIL. On the day I came home from hospital they were waiting at my house for me. They stayed for dinner (Which my DH cooked) and then stayed till 10pm before going to their hotel. Then they came back the next morning at 9am and stayed for about 6 hours before going home (about 2.5hrs away). They all kept taking it in turns holding bub, thats all they were concerned about, they didnt help with 1 thing. They would hand bub to me when he was due to nurse or a diaper change then they wanted him back. They said we had plenty of time to hold him but cause they were only here for 4-5 days it was their turn. I was so exhausted and couldnt believe how they acted. I feel like this time telling them to only come to 'meet' this baby for a couple of hours and then not seeing them for a couple of months. Maybe if they didn't camp out at my house and demanding they hold him unless he is hungry or needs a change I would feel different. Or even if they helped out a little with housework, cooked a meal or made their own coffees I would also feel different. They really weren't interested in helping out, only holding 'their baby'. So how do I tell them politely that this time I want to bond with my baby and to only come for a couple of hours?


It means that you are simply requesting to take someone out to dinner and a movie or it could be that they want to be your boyfriend or girlfriend it varies between different people there is no definition set in stone. Simply say hey do you wanna go c a movie and if they say no then they just aren't interested.

Teens: if someone asks YOU if you like them?

I would go both ways I guess because I am shy and don't like being rude even if it makes it more awkward, I would rather it be that than hurt someones feelings. But, telling the truth is good also, but can be hard sometimes.

BQ: I rarely cuss, but when I do, I usually say basterd and damn and hell but that is when I am like playing cod black ops (xbox live) because it is very frustrating and unfair sometimes like how it will only let me play barebones, wager matches, or combat rarely ever lets me play the matches I'm actually good at like in core..It hasn't let me play free for all in over a month..the only game I can actually win at..It always says "Error: No available sessions found, please try your search again.." and that is when I cuss and get pissed off especially just having got xbox live and spending oodles of money on xbox 360 and I also do when my wireless internet randomly switches to 1 bar and my guy jitters around everywhere and it won't let me shoot and I get killed...multiple times...And I also cuss at that game when somebody cowardly knifes me in the back..And also getting killed instantly after respawning...WTF!

Anyways, sorry for getting off topic, just had to share that with the world.

What is it called when someone asks you a question but ignores your response?

The problem with people who ask questions on top of questions or interrupt your answer before you finish is that they are not living in the moment and are jumping ahead of themselves. I am not sure there is a specific word for this type of behavior, but it sure is annoying.

I have a family member that does this exact thing you mention. She asks a question and before I finish answering, another unrelated question is asked. I finally got fed up and said "Well, you asked me (repeat question here) and I am answering you. If you don't want an answer to a question, stop asking and stop interrupting me or I will not communicate with you." That is how I deal with times like that.