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Is It Weird For People Of Different Ages To Treat You Differently

Do you think different groups of people are treated differently?

Yes, of course. I can recall you slurring insults about a fat kid/smelly kid in our school last year so you would be the prime example of someone who treats someone differently...;)

For ex-glasses wearers: Did people treat you differently after you stopped wearing glasses?

I wore glasses until I got contacts, (obviously), and you could tell that there was a HUGE differnce in the way people look at you. I got lots of looks from boys and felt comfortable. I was told I looked great with glasses, but spectacular without. Maybe you should consider trying contacts first and see the reaction for yourself, and maybe get used to not wearing glasses before you take such a big step, but good luck with whatever you choose. =]

Why do people treat different people differently?

Not knowing your age, the answer may come out wrong or hopefully right. People are usually concerned about a few things in life. Are they safe? Are they part of a group? Are they able to get everything they need to live happily? When people treat others differently it usually isn’t because they don’t like them, it is usually because they are afraid of losing their place within a group of friends, or they may be afraid of being hurt, or they might be afraid something they need might be taken from them. People treat each other differently until they begin to know and trust another person. When we trust others, then we invite them into our group. We share what we have and we know they won’t hurt us. We all treat each other differently until we get to know each other better. Not everyone is trustworthy and our own instincts make us a bit cautious at first, this is for our own good. Not long ago, some people felt it was okay to steal away a young girl for a bride because in there culture that was how they got married. It was acceptable in their culture to do so and a huge compliment for the young girl. But, not every culture believes that to be a good way to find a wife. So we treat each other differently until we realize we are the same, and then we become friends and realize we aren’t so very different after all.

How do people of different ages view movies differently?

You identify more with different characters.When I was a young man, I identified with the young, ambitious, rebellious, male protagonist. Typical in sci-fi, fantasy, and action. The Luke Skywalkers, Neos, etc. Talented but unproven, with big dreams.Now that I'm older, I think those guys are idiots.

Do people treat you differently if you?

I know how you feel. Ive had acne since Year 5, I am now in year 12. Its not fun at all. No one has treated me differently, but when it comes up in conversations one or two of my friends stop the conversation. As I am a girl, Luckily I can moisturize and cover the most of it thanks to a good old friend called foundation :)
I am very very self conscious of the way I look, but I have been told, Girls with more spots when theyre younger, have more oil in their skin, makes the skin more supple when your older, so less wrinkles. So thats a nice thought.
Seriously dont worry about boys, if your not getting a boyfriend because of your 'skin' then theyre not worth it. Trust me. I didnt get a boyfriend for yonks! theyre only worth it if they Like you for your personality :)
Chin up chuck :)

Do people treat you differently after you lose weight? How did you feel about that?

I used to be a size 22. I'm now a size 6. When I first lost the weight, I noticed people responded more postively to me than they did before, especially men. Once in awhile I get dirty looks from heavier women, which I still don't understand because it's not as though I'm drop dead gorgeous or anything. It was a weird thing to get used to.

It made me feel kind of angry when all of a sudden I was receiving smiles and attention that I hadn't been receiving before. I'm the same person inside that I was when I was fat, and it saddened me that being fat was that big of a deal to people. I too felt the "invisible" feeling when I was fat, but I didn't realize how severe it was until I was thin.

Now I just don't care how people perceive me. I enjoy being healthy, and I don't pay any mind to the people who once bothered me. After's not ME with the problem right?

Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way for you to avoid what happpened. Go ahead and lose the weight anyway though. Be who you are, and don't let people get the best of you.

Good luck!

In what ways do people treat you differently now that you're older?

When I was dismissed from Scouts as Leader here in Australia at a review of my protest, it was argued, because a high percentage of my age group (55 +) had heart attacks already, I was overdue and had become a health risk for the group. On hikes and other strenuous activities more Youth had given up than me.When that argument didn’t seem to impress too much, it was pointed out, that my efficient workstyle did put other younger leaders indirectly to shame and they felt depressed about their commitment. Strange enough, I never complained, except when it was justified, but most of the time I praised younger ones and encouraged them, even trying to take some workload of them.To stop killing you with boring facts, what I am trying to say is, that in the beginning, October 2010, NOBODY requested any medical certificates and everyone was full of praise of having another leader on board. By November 2013, I was suddenly such a risk factor, that the group should be congratulated for “saving my life, running aground with ruined health.”Non of this garbage was manifested in any minutes, at least nobody at Scouts ever supplied me anything in writing about any reasons for my dismissal. Instead I was declared on house arrest by not being allowed to contact anyone at my former group, I was ignored by some others and in general the honest word (not that pre-formulated rubbish on PC file) of “Thank you” was not pronounced too often - except from a lot of parents, surprised by the “in the middle of the night Gestapo style” removal. A lot of procedures happened against my will, such as being shifted to another district and being placed as a down graded adult helper at a remote camp site, eventually achieving that I gave up in disgust about such bullying tactics.Today, nearly 5 years later, I am still fit as anything with no major health complaints. I still haven’t been told the real reasons for my dismissal and seriously, I have my doubts, that Scouts is caring too much about departed leaders, even when they have launched a protest, being interested to find a mutually compromising exit and new strategies to manage conflicts within the association.I guess to stay on, long term, it is more important to have a name and connections, than creative ideas, a genuine interest to advance the Youths and commitment to move Scouts into a consolidated future with a solid and satisfied pool of leaders.“ … no longer required … “

Why do people treat me differently?

One thing they teach you in science is “the observer affects the experiment”.That is, the very existence of someone observing a situation makes that situation different than it would be if no-one was observing it.So - try this - observe the situation less. Stop caring (or stop caring so much) about what other people are doing, thinking. Stop obsessing over your perception of what their perception of you. You can’t really know, so stop worrying about it.You may find, after a week or two of really just just relaxing and being yourself, enjoying doing your own thing, independently, that other people may start to interact with you differently - with a bit more respect and interest.

Do people really treat you differently if your blonde?

People don't treat you differently because your blonde. I've been blonde almost my entire life (I dyed my hair recently for the second time). It's not true. I think the only real hair colour that you could get treated differently is red, which is weird because every one in my family besides me and my sister have red hair.